Shri Buddha Puja: Gautama, The Lord of the Ego (morning) Barcelona (Spain)

Shri Buddha Puja. Barcelona (Spain), 20 May 1989.

So today we have gathered here to worship Buddha.

Lord Buddha, as you know, was Gautama, the one who was born in a royal family, and then, He became an ascetic, because He was very much hurt to see three types of problems from which human beings suffer. And He came to conclusion [that] all these three types of problems are because we have desires. So He said that, […]

Public Program (Fragment) (England)

Yogi: When Kundalini becomes with the spirit. A person becomes aware of that spirit as silence and as becomes the witness, it’s like when you’re been on the outside of a roundabout, in a kiddies playground whirling round and you feel ill. And somehow, you go to the center of the roundabout and you sit of the axis of the roundabout and then you can watch the whole thing but you don’t feel sick any more, […]