Shri Lakshmi Puja and Talk before puja Hydra, Stamatis Boudouris summer house (Greece)

Shri Lakshmi Puja. Hydra (Greece), 24 June 1990 .

Today we are going to celebrate the Puja of Lakshmi And I’ve already told you that Lakshmi came out of the sea.

And Greece is the Nabhi of the universe. And whatever Lakshmi they have got, wealth, they have got it out of the sea faring activities there. So it is very apt that we should worship Lakshmi in Greece and understand what is the significance of Lakshmi is. […]

Marriages Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

Marriages – Chelsham Road Ashram, London (United Kingdom), September 8th, 1981
(INAUDIBLE) Hopefully Gregore?!
G:”Yes Mother”, you better announce (INAUDIBLE)
G: Yes,
G: “The brides come in to wash the boys, and every body who is not…” Stand the brides, stand facing. G:”Each bride, if she can recognize her future husband…(INAUDIBLE) please try to make no mistake…
Please move in, move in the circle, all the brides… All right? And now, just place them, and now, […]

About self control, dedication and behaviour New Delhi (India)

Advice to sahaja yogis, regarding self control, dedication and behavior. New Delhi (India), 11 March 1981.

YOU SHOULD BE LIKE A KING SITTING ON HIS THRONE. INSTEAD, YOU ARE SITTING ON THE THRONE AND WEEPING AND BEGGING! WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO SUCH FOOLISH PEOPLE? You are a king and you should order your five organs that you have been tolerating them and now they should behave. When you command yourself like this, bring yourself under control like this, […]

Letter to Delhi yogis London (England)

Letter to Delhi Sahaja Yogis, London, May 1978.

Dear Sahaj Yogis of Delhi

Your loving letters put me in the same plight as after worship, every pore of the body oozes out the chaitanya. It gives me great pleasure to learn that you all are engrossed in your sadhana.A mother only wishes dear children should stand on their own and that her acquire their own wealth. So long as this does not happen, our life will have no fulfillment in spite of (in the midst) all achievements. […]