Correcting the transcripts or sending new ones

Jai Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi!

Dear Sahaja Yogi/Yogini, here is a brief instruction on how to transcribe talks and correct existing transcripts on

  1. Please choose a talk you want to transcribe.
    Untranscribed English talks are
    Untranscribed Marathi talks are here
    Untranscribed Hindi talks are here.
    Please keep in mind that the talks marked as Transcription in Progress! are already taken!

2. Send the link with the chosen talk to [email protected]  (the talk will then also be marked as Transcription in Progress! )

3. Where to write the transcripts? There are four choices:

I. Directly on Amruta (in order to obtain necessary permissions please write to [email protected]

II. On the google docs (this is the best way. Especially if you want to transcribe/correct the talk with other yogis simultaneously and see previous changes made by other transcribers).

III. Locally on your computer for example in Microsoft Word or Libre Office / Open Office.

IV. Using your voice to enter the text (English, Hindi):

a) Siri (Mac)

b) Google Docs

c) Dragon Speech Recognition Software

4. Please, firstly transcribe 3-5 sentences and search on amruta if the transcript is unique.

5. Please do not translate the Holy names we are all familiar with (like Shri Krishna).

6. Please translate the names of Deities which are not that common in the following formats: Palan karta [sustainer] or Palan karta [sustainer, adherent, supporter] (in case you can not make your mind on the most appropriate meaning in the context).

7. Please format important Sanskrit/Hindi/Marathi phrases as either Paramaatmaa swaroop [form of God] or form of God (Paramaatmaa swaroop).

8. If you can not translate something (unreadable/cannot be heard/do not know the word), either use [UNCLEAR] or [UNCLEAR text], where text is your best guess, or use [UNCLEAR text1/text2], where text1 and text2 are your best guesses (you are sort of doubled minded).

9. Enjoy it and please take your time! Once the correction or transcription is completed, please send the final version of the info/transcript to [email protected].

10. Read a document: Style Guide for transcription

The transcript will then be updated on amruta.

Do not forget about the headphones!