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Wien (Austria)

1983-09-04 Development of consciousness within us, Vienna, Austria, DP, 75' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Q&A
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Öffentliche Einführungsrede Urania Wien Österreich 4.September 1983

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

One has to know that truth can be only known through your consciousness. We can feel this thing as cold and hot through our central nervous system. We see the color of this wall also through our nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in our consciousness is in our central nervous system. So factually we must understand, or rationally, that we cannot know the truth through our mental projections. Like if you sit down here and start imagining that Vienna will be like this and like that, it may not be, it maybe. That means, when there are two possibilities, it is not the truth. Truth is when there are no other possibilities, but one that is what you feel it on your central nervous system. Every honest person must know that if he is trying to evade the truth, he is evading himself, because truth is reality. It is not imagination or just a mental projection.

Now, let us see how we have our consciousness as a human being. Our consciousness as a human being has reached us to a point where we can see many things that are gross. But whatever are said in the metaphysics or in the scriptures, that there is an all-pervading Power, we cannot feel it. Even as you know, Jung has very clearly described the universal unconscious within us. That one is unconscious, because it is not conscious on our central nervous system. So we have to understand that if anything has to happen in our search, it has to happen to our consciousness.

So far, whatever we have achieved in our consciousness, has been through evolutionary process, which is a living process of the living force. Like we see the flowers, we see the fruits, we don’t know how to create fruits out of flowers. We cannot do living things. So, the force of life that is manifesting everywhere, we cannot become a part and parcel of that. Apart from that, we cannot feel it. How does a flower become a fruit? We cannot feel the energy that does this job. So we turned to many other things like religion, like philosophy.

Nowadays, as you must have heard, there are so many cries against the cults and sects. We must know that there must be some sort of a movement in the consciousness of human beings that they are taken up by these false faiths. Because we have a kind of an urge to know the truth, we face the possibilities in all these cults and sects. But first we must know that something has to happen to our consciousness. That, through living process means spontaneously. That means, through some inward force within us. At these very unknown areas people play their cards very well.

Within us lies, as you see, in the central path of ascent which manifests the parasympathetic nervous system. And on the left hand side lies our subconscious area. And on our right hand side lies our supra-conscious area, means our future. So if our attention moves from left to the right, we might have an experience of the supra-conscious. Or it moves towards the left then we’ll have of the subconscious. Beyond which lies the area within us, is the collective subconscious which is all that is there within us since our creation. That is our past.

On the right hand side lies the area which is supra-conscious and beyond which lies the area called collective supra conscious, means the area where all the ambitious, futuristic people have died.

If you start moving towards the left side, you get the experiences of the left side. It’s not difficult to move to the left or to the right, because these two are actually manifesting our sympathetic nervous system, which is in our control in a way. When there is any emergency, the sympathetic comes into play. For example, if you try very hard to run, then your heart starts pumping blood more, is the activity of the sympathetic. But it comes to control by itself, by itself, through the parasympathetic, the central path.

So now we must realize that whatever is in our control, whatever we do and what we can achieve through that, is man-made. And thus, whatever we feel through these experiences are also artificial or superficial, because they are unreal. For example, if you try to be very melancholic and sad, or if you try to subjugate yourself with your guru or somebody like that – make a complete slave of yourself – then you enter into the left side. That is where you get caught up and enslaved. You cannot think for yourself.

The other day I was in France in a place called Mulhouse, and I spoke for one hour about the force that gives you your evolution and the fellow who got up, he said, „I belong to a sect,“ and he had done a lot of good; he was shaking. But he said that „What is the force that does this?“ After one hour’s lecture, nothing went into his head. So this is exactly what happens when you get driven by these subconscious forces upon you. Then you start feeling as if you are an animal, or you are some sort of a subconscious personality. Like if you come to Vienna, you start speaking the language of this country.

Then, when you go to the right side your consciousness takes you where you try to be very futuristic. At that time when you try so much to be futuristic, the people who are very ambitious and futuristic come into your own being. So, you become overactive in one part of your life.

If you see a gentleman born as a prodigy, he’ll always have a mental trouble, but he knows, say for example, he can calculate any mathematical thing up to any point, without understanding it. In both the cases you do not know why you are doing it, what you are doing, you are not aware. Some of them start seeing colors or hearing some music in their ear or start seeing some third eye – all these supra conscious experiences. Some see light, some see auras, all kinds of things you start seeing.

But you have no control over the whole phenomena. On the contrary, you are under the control of the phenomena. And these things are very well known to Indians, how to achieve it.

We have on one side great saints and great incarnations, and on the other side people who are anti god, destructive, satanic. It’s a very good way of making money from people, when you want to entice them and enslave them. That is where so many people are lost today in the wilderness, with diseases and troubles, and I’m not surprised that all the governments are now alerted about it. In Australia, the government officials invited Me and asked Me that „Why not the Indian government do something about it?“

I said, „Your citizens are lost, your people are lost, it’s your headache. How can Indian government take responsibility of anybody, who goes outside the country and loots you?“

They never talk against each other, there’s a fraternity of devils.

Christ has said, „The Satan doesn’t talk against his own people.“

But as truthful seeker you must know that you have to become your Spirit. Your awareness has to be of a higher dimension. As Jung clearly has said it has to be collectively conscious. That means you must actualize the experience of collectivity, you must feel the another person within you, it’s an actualization. And that is what one has to expect, when you are seeking the truth. Of course you cannot pay for it, nor can you work for it, because it is so spontaneous.

Now let us see what happens when you really get the blessings of the Divine. Within us lies the power called the Kundalini in the triangular bone. Now there have been lots of books, which when I saw them, even in My childhood I was so shocked how people could write such false books about Kundalini. The falsehood is so much that every book has the location of also Kundalini in different places. And they have frightened everyone by saying it’s a very dangerous thing to get the Kundalini awakened.

Now, the Kundalini is the Mother principle within you, is the Holy Ghost in you. Now when we started developing in religious ideas, we first talked of the Father and then of the Son. And Holy Ghost has stayed an unconscious thing. Now, as you see today’s situation is that a feminist consciousness is coming. But it is very wrongly directed. It is very misdirected.

The woman or the Mother’s Principle is the principle of the womb. Is the principle of the Mother Earth who nourishes, who makes us grow, who guides us through her magnetic powers. But if the consciousness is to be arrived and has to be manly, we already have a lot of men. If women are trying to become the men it’s a pendulum that is moving from this to that end, that to this end. But the consciousness is of the Mother, who has to come now to manifest. And that consciousness makes a man compassionate, affectionate, nourishing, soothing. But we do not understand this simple thing, that unless and until this completion takes place in our consciousness, we are not yet absolute.

About one hundred years back, or even later up to fifty years back, you can say, an aggressor was regarded as a big hero. But today a man who does work for compassionate reasons, or who feels one with the whole and tries to nourish them, is regarded as the hero. So when these two principles work out, then this Kundalini rises to completely nourish you in a way that makes you really a complete personality.

I’ll try to give a simple analogy to understand. Like in our car we have got an accelerator and a brake. So, supposing the accelerator is the right side and the brake is the left side. So, we start using both the forces to learn driving. When we understand the balance of these two, we become the drivers. Then we don’t think – at that time we do not plan out, we know automatically how to drive. And that authority working within us makes us a spontaneous driving person. But still the master is sitting at the back watching you driving. When the ascent takes place, then this master becomes one with you. Then you become your own master, you become your own guru, you don’t need any guide anymore. This is what it means when Christ said that, „You are to be born again.“

In every scripture, in every religion, it is said that you are to be born again. Churches try to balance people or temples try to balance them, so that they can ascend. Without the ascent, there is no meaning to this balancing. Because none of these try to ascend, all of them are today in a very shaky state. The reason is: they have failed to that achievement of ascent where a human being becomes the Spirit.

The message of Christ’s life is His resurrection. Mohammed Sahib has said also that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. Means at that time when your consciousness will be at a collective level, your hands will show, indicate just like a computer.

In our evolutionary process, we have also evolved many machines and things. They are coming along with our evolution, too. Now the latest one we have parallel to us is the computer. And the computer does what your brain has put into it. And our brain is so limited that it, whatever it has put is also limited. But we are a computer ourselves. Of such a tremendous nature that thousands and thousands of years one may try, you cannot get near the intelligence of man.

Mostly we do things without thinking about them. For example, I see a flower. I see it, I know it’s a flower, I don’t think about it, I know it’s a flower. Or I have some fragrance. I know it’s a fragrance, I don’t have to think about it. Because on the central nervous system it works so spontaneously that it need not go into the circle of thinking.

But when I see something, I cannot act upon it without thinking. Now, I look – just seeing it, I am not acting on it. In the evolutionary process when you become the Spirit, whatever you do, it acts. You don’t have to think about it, it just acts. You enter into a very subtle energy area, where you can communicate without thinking, without saying anything. You can, just have to pay attention and it acts. Is the action of fulfillment, of soothing and of nourishing. That is the need of today. Because a tree has grown too big and it has to have its own source to fulfill it. We have made the instrument all right, but it has to be put to the mains to work.

So, now we are at a point where we have to touch the source, so that our consciousness becomes one with the whole, that we start feeling this all-pervading Power of God, the Holy Ghost. Unless and until this happens, you cannot prove the existence of God or existence of any one of these scriptures which are saying that there are the blessings of God available. This over developed civilization has to find out its nourishment. They have to find their Mother.

We are under a shock these days in the modern times, when we feel that „God knows what’s going to happen to the world.“ All the philosophers are printing books after books to shock you, without giving any solution. And you read them and you become more and more melancholic. But actually, the One Who has created this creation is responsible for it. He is anxious that you all should get your reality. He wants you to enter into His Kingdom, to have your right, to enjoy the beauty of reality.

So, it does not matter if we have made some mistake, because of our ignorance. The sun of knowledge is within us and once it is risen you’ll be amazed that all those farcical things of which we are afraid, will turn out to be absolutely mythical. Because we become part and parcel of the whole. We are, but we are not aware – so we become aware. As if a drop becomes the ocean, and the powers of ocean start manifesting through that drop. This should happen to everyone who is seeking the truth.

Those who are not seeking will seek later, when they will find the benefits people have received. Now, those who are lost and do not want to come to the right path, you cannot beg of them. There is complete freedom for you to get lost, to go to hell or to heaven. Your freedom is to be really respected so that you get the ultimate freedom.

Today I have just given you the introduction to Sahaja Yoga, but tomorrow and day after I will tell you all the details of how it works out. Like the lights in this room can be lighted with one switch. And also your Realization may be achieved today. But to explain all the mechanism behind it, the history of electricity will be a headache for you and Me. So best thing is to get the light of bliss, and in that light of bliss, enjoy the deeper side of Sahaja Yoga.

Thank you very much.

I would, of course, like you to ask Me questions, no doubt. But I have to tell you that there is no need to be aggressive with Me. Or shout at Me. If you are identified with any other group or any other thing whatever you think proper, you can go ahead with it, but you should not try to disturb the other people who are seeking the truth. You have to be fair to others and to Me.

Thank you very much.

Please ask Me the questions.

Aside: I’m all right. It’s very hot.

Question: It is normally said that Yoga is something where the individual has to work very hard collecting experiences by personal efforts and merits. How can it be that one can get a higher awareness just given in one moment?

Shri Mataji: His question is sahaj. That is true. But the Patanjali Yoga was written fourteen thousand years back. You have already gained your merits. And I have to just judge them, that’s all. And another thing is that there must be something about Me, that I can do it. And thirdly, if I can do it, why not have it?

Question: How has one identified this system of inward energy (nervous system) which is represented here?

Shri Mataji: You cannot identify, but you should take it as a hypothesis, like an open-minded scientist. And that you will identify as soon as you get your Realization. But you can also, in so many cases, see the pulsation of the Kundalini at the base, rising of the Kundalini. If you use a stethoscope you can feel the throb going up. You can feel the throbbing on the head here. Then you can feel the Cool Breeze coming out of your head like an air conditioner and from your hands also you start feeling the Cool Breeze.

But first of all you should get it, is the point. In some people the Kundalini rises just like a jet, you don’t feel anything. Only you start feeling the Cool Breeze over your head and then the Cool Breeze in your hands. It should happen, but one cannot guarantee it. But that should not make you in anyway nervous. You all have got it.

Now, three more questions – then tomorrow.

Question: In your lecture, Mother, you said that in India the false prophets master the art of giving cheap para-psychological experiences, and then for us it’s difficult to distinguish in what way the experiences You talk about is deep and in which way the other ones are not.

Shri Mataji: Now you see first of all, superficially also, logically you should understand. God has given us brains – nobody’s brainless. So logically we should understand, anybody who is interested in your money, and lives and thrives on your money, is a parasite. Now secondly, that supposing you take LSD you can start seeing sounds, and you can hear all kinds of things, you start seeing colors and all that. There are many of these people, it’s very common. Even if some people start just jumping on their seats. You see, I have seen people jumping on the seats, suddenly, in My programs.

So I said, „What are you?“

They said, „We are Siddhas.“ Siddhas means realized souls.

So I said, „How?“ So I said, „You are jumping like a frog and what makes you think you are Siddhas?“

So they said, „Our guru, we paid three thousand pounds and he taught us how to jump like a frog.“

So I said, „Now, does your guru fly? Ask him to go to the leaning tower of Pisa, drop him from there, see if he can fly.“

Now I’m talking about the living process. And as I said, human beings cannot do living process. So if you can jump, if you can take out your clothes, if you can shout, if you can make all kinds of funny actions and things like that, any human being can do. Somebody says that he can hear some sounds in his head. If, supposing, you take ten antibiotics without B complex, you get it. When your nerves get dried up you can hear all kinds of things in your ear, in your head. Even you can have a thumping headache. And when these people suffer, then they say that it is your sin for which you have to pay, you don’t have the merits, they don’t take any responsibility. So you come out with a headache, or with epilepsy or some sort of a disease, without any money, without any house.

It is as a by-product of Kundalini awakening, cancer can be cured. So many diseases are cured by Sahaja Yoga. Our President Sanjiva Reddi was cured of his cancer. He’s in Sahaja Yoga, you can write to him and find out. Then many people who were mad, who were schizophrenic, who were disturbed, got all right. They are so many; they gave up all their bad habits. I don’t tell you anything, but as soon as you become the Spirit, it automatically happens, I don’t have to tell you anything, because you become your Self, the glory.

So only to hop and to do all these things which you can do, you don’t need a guru for that. But you cannot get Cool Breeze out of your head, can you manage?

So, whatever you cannot do is done by God’s power, by Divine power.

Question: Do You think You are more than Jesus, more powerful or something like this?

Shri Mataji: What do you think? Don’t create problems. There’s no difference between Him and Me. There’s nothing like that, there’s no competition. There is no competition. This question is relevant also, because at the time of Christ there were no Realization, all right. It’s a relevant question. That was the time He had to establish the great truth that the divine life, the eternal life, does not perish, through His resurrection. That was His job. So, as I said, first the Father, then the Son and now the Mother. There is no feminist movement in the heaven. Everyone is in complete concord.

Very relevant otherwise, but he didn’t follow what he really meant. Thank you.

Question: Where is actually the seat of the Spirit?

Shri Mataji: The seat of the Spirit is actually on top of your head here. But the reflection of that, what is the Spirit in a human being, you can say, is in the heart.

Question: Every ten seconds one child is dying of hunger. Whether we are responsible for this?

Shri Mataji: Human beings are, not God. It is human beings. Now I’ll tell you what is the solution. Only by worrying about it or talking about it you don’t solve. The thing is, when you people get these cool vibrations in the hand and if you give back to the Mother Earth, now you can give back. We have experimented that the food grows ten times more, without putting any horrible manure in it. Cows if they take vibrated water start giving such a lot of milk to the children. Moreover the health improves so much that you don’t need any doctor to pay bills to the doctor. The greed with which we are sucking out our Motherland also vanishes. We become very satisfied. Then the Mother Earth herself comes up in new forms, to help the human kind. The whole atmosphere changes, all the elements help you and you are blessed by God.

All right, one more. After all, I am the Mother, I said.

Question: What is the reason why we forgot this primordial force?

Shri Mataji: Very good question. Firstly, we should ask human beings about it. But the first one was at the time of Christ. In India they have not. At the time of Christ, His Mother was the Primordial Force. At that time He had to play this tremendous role of resurrection. And His Mother was the Holy Ghost. And He has got eleven powers of destruction. If He had directed His attention to the Mother, they would have done something insulting to Her. And then destruction would have been very premature. So He tried to keep it in a very camouflaged way.

Still in the books of Essenes they said that the Holy Ghost was the Mother. Martin Luther, who was a realized soul himself, had to act according to the times. That he thought that if he talked of the Mother at that time, the Muslims, who are against such a preposition, will go away from Christianity and more people will become Christians, because that was a time of men. That means that time there was no feminist movement. It was only the men who mattered. So he played it down, just to suit the time.

When a tree has to grow, it has to see what kind of atmosphere, what kind of soil it has to face and accordingly it imbeds itself. But we can prove it now. This is the only time really we can prove it. They didn’t have the power to prove it, so they had to take little adjustment. As it is, you know, people tortured all the saints and philosophers. It was not possible to have a lecture like this without being beaten up.

Now, how long will it go on? People are getting exhausted, so let us have the experience.
(A lady insists on asking her question.)

„All right. Don’t get angry, what do you want?“

Question: The apparitions/appearance of the Virgin Mary. Today one hears a lot about the Virgin Mary which seems to prove, as You say, that the feminine principle will be more expressed now.

Shri Mataji: I understand. Thank you. What is it now? What’s asked?

So let us have it now. All right?

There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry. It’s your own, which you should have. I don’t want anything from you, nor can you give Me anything. You have to enjoy yourself. Please close your eyes, the happening is within yourself. So, please keep your eyes shut, because the Kundalini doesn’t rise if your eyes are not shut. Also take out your spectacles will be better idea, good for the eyesight. Anything if there is tight on your waist. Be comfortable and sit in a straight way, not pushing your head backward or forward, but no strain.

Now, just close your eyes.

Your left hand, as I told you, is the power of your desire, so please keep it on your lap comfortably with your stretched fingers towards Me.

And the right hand is the power of action. Now, only thing you have to move the right hand and keep the left hand steady. And I will tell you how to do it.

Now, put the right hand on your heart and sincerely ask a question now, addressing Me as either „Mother“ or „Shri Mataji“, if you can say: „Am I the Spirit?“

This is a fundamental question and you are the Spirit. So, ask a question as you would ask in a computer, that „Mother, am I the Spirit?“

Now, put this right hand lower on your stomach on the left hand side, where there is the principle of your mastery, of your guru. Press it. On the left hand side. Press it hard a little. And now ask a question ten times: „Mother, am I my own guru?“

Because you are the Spirit now and Spirit is the guru. So ask a question: „Mother, am I my own guru?“

Without feeling guilty, with full confidence. Not to feel guilty at all at this moment, please.

Now, please, ask this question ten times: „Mother, am I my own master?“

Now, again raise your hand – on the left hand side on the heart. Is a very good thing, because heart has to be first relaxed. Now, you can assert by saying: „Mother, I am the Spirit“ twelve times, because this center has got twelve petals.

Don’t feel guilty, please, don’t feel guilty, it’s very common practice. I’m talking of the Force which is the Ocean of Love, Ocean of Compassion and Ocean of Forgiveness. And what can you have a guilt for? How much guilt can you have? So, please, don’t feel any guilt.

Raise your right hand onto the left hand side of your neck, at the base – from the front. No, the right hand, I’m sorry. Left hand you put it towards Me. And right hand to be taken on the left hand side of the neck – at the base. This is the center, at which, when you feel guilty there is a block. Hold it tight. And say sixteen times: „Mother, I am not guilty.“

Aside: such guilt they have.

Now, put this right hand on top of your forehead across. At this stage you have to forgive everyone. This is the greatest weapon we have.

Just say: „Mother, I forgive everyone.“ Sincere.

Believe Me, it is a myth not to forgive. When you don’t forgive others, you are playing into the hands of others and torturing yourself.

Now, put your hand on top of your head and also press it a little bit with your palm and move it in clockwise manner.

At this point I cannot cross your freedom. You have to ask for your Realization.

So, please say: „Mother, I want my Realization, please give me Realization.“ Seven times.

(Shri Mataji blows into the microphone.)

Now, you can raise your hand and see if there is a Cool Breeze coming or you may use another hand. Raise it higher, more, more, little higher. Also you can change hands and see, if you don’t feel in this hand then in the other hand. You go on changing.

Now, those who are feeling it in the head should try to feel it in their hands by putting both their hands towards Me. Even if it has started one has to know, it’s just the sprouting, and it has to be established, and these three days I’ll try to establish it.

Now, please open your eyes and watch Me without thinking. I’ll also tell you how to raise your Kundalini. So, when you go home tonight you can try to raise it thrice and then sleep off without talking too much. And please, watch Me without thinking.

(The Bandhan)

Now, this left hand you have to put it in front of the Kundalini while you are sitting down. Put both the legs straight on the ground. And now start moving your right hand from upward – forward – downward – upward. And take it on top of your head and give it a twist and tie up. We have to do it three times. Again, please put the hand, left hand, try to raise it. Tie it up and give it a knot. Let’s do once more, three knots we’ll have to put: one, two, three.

Now, see in the hands. Now, believe it if you are feeling it.

You can put your hands and ask a question: „Is this the power of the all-pervading Holy Ghost?“ Put your hands up. Ask three times.

So, for the first time you have felt the all-pervading Power. Now, just see.

Enjoy yourself!

Before leaving the hall you give yourself a protection. With your own hands. Put the left hand towards Me and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Now, see again, the vibrations will improve.

How many of you have felt the Cool Breeze? Raise your hands. On the head or in the hands, both the hands, both the hands.

It’s great, so many of you have.

It’s like some fruits are formed from the flower and then some more and then some more. If it has happened not today, it will happen tomorrow, but one should not get desperate. Those who have got it, have got it. It is beyond thinking. And don’t start thinking about it, otherwise you will always lose the vibrations. You’ll feel very relaxed and tonight you’ll sleep very well. I hope to see you tomorrow again, with all your other friends. Telephone to them and tell them. That’s the best way.

„Mother, Can we distribute the picture?“

Tomorrow. Also (sell the) book tomorrow, because we start tomorrow.

Thank you very much.