Aim of Seeking Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Aim of Seeking

It is really gratifying to come to Melbourne. I came here because somebody who had come to Sydney said, “Mother, You must come to Melbourne. We need You.” When I came here for some other purpose, I felt the vibrations of Melbourne are really very good and here it is quite possible that there may be many seekers.

It is really gratifying, as I said, to be here among you. It’s a fact that the time has come for thousands and thousands and thousands and millions of people who are born as seekers on this earth to get their realization. […]

Pure Intelligence Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 29 April 1980.

“(…) Even by blindly accepting it you have not been able to solve your problems. We  have to pay attention to this question, there must be some meaning in us and there must be some arrangement within us to manifest that meaning. It is very easy to deny and defy everything intellectually and intelligence gives you the capacity to cheat yourself all the time. Not only that;  it gives you the capacity to avoid facing the Truth. […]