The New Jerusalem

  • For the first time, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji travels to the Heart of the Universe, beginning Her
    auspicious journey in Mumbai, India (the Yoga Bhumi: the land of yoga and the Kundalini of the
    Universe), where a small group of local yogis gather to wish their fond farewells, knowing that early
    the next morning on the 1st of January 1974, Shri Mataji will land by aeroplane in London, the Heart
    of the Heart. Nearly 2000 years since Shri Mataji last walked in England as Mother Mary with her
    Son, the youthful Jesus; 150 years since the incarnation of Shri Bhairavanath as William Blake; and
    thousands of years since Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya (like Shri Ganesha before him) meditated along
    the banks of the River Thames.
  • WALES, Cymru, the land of the Kundalini power, of Shri Gauri Kundalini Mata, the Maharashtra of
    Britain and the land of the Goddess Rhiannon who rides the pure white horse of the Kundalini. We
    worship Mount Snowdon, Yr Wyddfa, the seat of that Kundalini power, drawing the water element
    from the ocean as purifying rain. We honour the holy Isle of Anglesey, Ynys Môn, the intersection of
    numerous nadis and ley lines in the Mother Earth, and the central point within the British Isles; land
    of abundant fertility and last stronghold of the Druids who worshipped Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya;
    with its Swayambhuh to Shri Ganesha at Holyhead, Caergybi, guarding towards the west. And the
    great River Severn, Afon Hafren, one of the seven great nadis of Britain, winding from the Plynlimon
    mountains in the West, towards the Bristol Channel, the Vishuddhi of Britain and the wide Atlantic
    Ocean. Wales: land of song, rivers and mountains.
  • IRELAND, Éire, [ˈeːɾʲə] the land of the Goddess Ériu, [ˈeːrʲu], the land of the Devi, the Centre Heart
    chakra of Shri Jagadamba, of Shri Durga Mata, who took the form of a blessed Cow [Shri Gomata]
    along the banks of the River Boyne, Abhainn na Bóinne; who as The Paps of Anu, Dá Chích Anann,
    grants all the sustenance of the Mother Goddess from Her all-embracing love for the world with her
    nourishing breasts; and who manifested as Brigid of the Flame, the Celtic Goddess Brigid, [ˈbʲɾʲiːdʲ] at
    the Hill of Uisneach [the place of the hearth], and the Sacred Centre of Ireland from where on 1st
    February each year, they light the beacons to enlighten all the thirty-two counties of Ireland, with
    the light of the Triple Goddess of the Sun: Brigid, the Celtic Athena, the Irish goddess of Spring,
    fertility and life; of the arts, crafts and the spirit of prophecy. We salute the Swayambhus at Skellig
    Michael, Sceilig Mhichíl [ˌʃcɛlʲɟ ˈvʲɪhiːlʲ] to the Southwest and at Ireland’s Eye, Inis Mac Neasáin in the
    East, and the seven hills of Dublin, Baile Átha Cliath and the seven hills of Belfast, Béal Feirste [bʲeːlˠ
    ˈfʲɛɾˠ(ə)ʃtʲə]. We bow to the great River Shannon, Abhainn na Sionainne, the longest river of the
    British Isles, which flows from Shannon Pot in the Cuilcagh Mountains, Binn Chuilceach, near the
    border with Ulster, Ulaidh, [ˈʊlˠiː, ˈʊlˠə] in Northern Ireland; to flow southerly through Loch Aillionn,
    Loch Rí and Loch Deirgeirt, through the cities of Athlone, Baile Átha Luain and Limerick, Luimneach
    [ˈl̪ˠɪmʲ(ə)nʲəx] and into the Shannon Estuary, to the place where in the mid 1980s, Shri Mataji’s Feet
    touched the land of Ireland for the one and only time at Shannon airport en route to America.
  • ENGLAND, the land of Shri Shiva, the pure Spirit, the left Heart, the pure white land of Albion of
    William Blake, as expressed by the evocative white cliffs of Dover, the land where the Goddess
    Herself abides as purity and chastity. We invoke Shri Shiva as Shri Nad’īshwara, the Lord of rivers,
    the channels, to vibrate the nadis of England and to awaken the people of this land of Albion from
    spiritual sleep. First with Shri Mataji at Seven Springs in Gloucestershire, the source of the Thames in
    the Cotswold Hills: from the Sanskrit Tamas, the Ida nadi that flows through the Heart of the
    Universe and purifies this universe. We worship the seven rivers, the sapta nadis of the Heart: the
    Thames, the Derwent [in Yorkshire], the Trent [in Derbyshire], the Ouse [in Cambridgeshire], the Don
    [in Aberdeenshire, Scotland], the Forth [Stirling, Scotland], the Severn [Wales/England]. [Shri Mataji:
    This is – we are sort of honouring the rivers; five Rivers that they should get awakened and those
    who drink water out of those rivers should have the Nabhi by which they should seek God through
    all the rivers.] We honour and remember all the Divine Hands that have come before to lay the
    foundations of the New Jerusalem. We remember how Shri Ganesha Himself meditated upon the
    banks of the Thames, and later Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya, whose spiritual followers became the first
    Druids and the builders of Stonehenge. Like Blake, in his poem Jerusalem, and confirmed by Shri
    Mataji Herself, we remember how in ancient time, in the first half of the first century AD, sometime
    between the years 12 and 29, Mother Mary and the youthful Jesus landed in his uncle’s merchant
    ship at Looe on the Cornish coast, and walked all over the West Country of England vibrating the
    Earth for generations to come; how Christ planted his staff in the Mother Earth at Wyrral hill,
    overlooking Glastonbury Tor (Ynys Wydryn, the Agnya chakra of England) and it rooted overnight
    and grew into a hawthorn tree that blooms each year at Christmas. How Christ once built there and
    dedicated a wooden temple in honour of His Mother, that was worshipped and praised by the
    patron saint of Wales, St David, centuries later in 540 AD and even recognised by Augustine (the 6th
    century Bishop of Canterbury), as the First Church, and ‘one divinely built by the hands of Christ
    Himself.’ And how Christ and Mary loosened the stranglehold of Druidic power over the heart of the
    society of Ancient Britons. Those same Druids who had by then become corrupt and jealously
    controlled knowledge and power like high-caste Brahmins, with their secret knowledge and rituals.
    In 3rd century Roman Britain, Shri Dattatreya again incarnated as the soldier St Alban, [from the
    word Alba meaning white] to protect the spiritual from harm. When put on trial for giving sanctuary
    to a persecuted Christian, he declared to his Roman judges: ‘I worship and adore the true and living
    God who created all things.’ In Georgian Britain, from 1757 to 1827, Shri Bhairavnath incarnated as
    William Blake to express through all the arts a complete vision of the New Jerusalem, to show in
    unparalleled detail the spiritual evolution of humankind: how to become the Divine Humanity by the
    awakening of Jerusalem within every human being, the feminine power of the Kundalini. And so, he
    both prepared the way and prophesised the coming of Shri Mataji and of Sahaja Yoga, foretelling the
    laying of the foundation stone of the New Jerusalem in Lambeth’s Vale at the ashram in Chelsham
    Road. We remember all the great incarnations that have worked so hard to lay the spiritual
    foundations we enjoy today; we salute them and honour them and pray to them to inspire us in the
    work of the Divine. More than anywhere else in the world, over 1300 stone circles appear all over
    the British Isles dating back to Neolithic times and the very beginnings of agrarian society. None
    compares with Stonehenge. During visits with yogis in the early 1980’s, Shri Mataji described
    Stonehenge as the ‘Sahasrara of England’ and explained that it manifests the union of the holy trinity
    of the Shiva, Shakti and Ganesha principles. It contains a Shiva Lingam and the heel stone is a Shri
    Ganesha stone, while the inner blue stone circle (more of a parabola) represents the Shakti power.
    Some of the stones were described by Shri Mataji as Swayambhus created by the Mother Earth,
    while most have been engineered by man, some of the large blue Sarsen stones having been
    transported over 170 miles away from the Preseli mountains in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.
    According to Shri Mataji, Shri Adi Guru Dattareya Himself oversaw the construction. Apparently, the
    cross lintels were added much later and actually stopped the flow of vibrations. Relatively few of
    these lintels remain today. Astrologically, the structure is oriented towards the winter solstice sunset
    and the summer solstice sunrise, and the site is on cardinal ley lines that connect it to other sites of
    great spiritual significance within the UK and beyond. In fact, the greatest points of intersection
    between these channels of energy occur at Anglesey in Northwest Wales, the Lake District in
    Northwest England [with its Castlerigg stone circle], Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels in
    Southwest England and Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain – with the line of St Michael [as aspect of Shri
    Bhairava] [also known as the line of Apollo and Athena], connecting the Swayambhuh at Skellig
    Michael in Ireland, with St. Michael’s Mount (in Marazion, Cornwall), Mont-Saint Michel (in
    Normandy, France), Cabella (in Liguria, Italy), Delphi in Greece, ending at Mount Carmel, the spiritual
    centre of the gnostic Essenes (near Jerusalem in Israel). Near to where Shri Mataji once lived at
    Shudy Camps, in Cambridgeshire, is a hill called Gog Magog, which (Shri Mataji confirmed) was
    created by people of Indian origin who had migrated there during the time of the Mahabharata to
    worship the Devi in England. It was at this time that Shri Anglai Devi was worshipped as the Mother
    of the English, who in addition to Mother Mary, is none other than Shri Mahalakshmi. Shri Samarth
    Ramdas later discovered her murti in the mid-seventeenth century in the Krishna river at
    Brahmapuri and established Her temple at Shivaji’s fort of Sajjangad, near Satara, in Maharashtra.
  • Moving northward through the Pennine mountains, the spine of England, to SCOTLAND, Alba: the
    Sahasrara of Great Britain, the pure white land of Shri Sadashiva, of Lord God Almighty and the holy
    seat of Shri Shiva Himself who resides at Mount Schiehallion, near Aberfeldy in the very geographical
    centre of Scotland [Sìth Chailleann, the ‘Caledonian Mountain of the Fairies’]. Shri Mataji
    commented that as in the Himalayas, Shri Shiva resides in the North, looking southward and
    originally asked the yogis to find an ashram here in Scotland, before eventually settling at Shudy
    Camps in Cambridgeshire in the mid-1980s. Scotland is full of stone circles from Neolithic times, like
    the majestic Ring of Brodgar, in the Orkney Islands, and vibrated holy islands such as the Isle of Skye,
    An t-Eilean Sgitheanach and Iona, Ì Chaluim Chille. Edinburgh itself, Dùn Èidean, has seven hills
    vibrated with strands of Shri Mataji’s hair and includes the Ganesha swayambhuh of Arthur’s Seat,
    Suidhe Artair. For William Blake, Scotland represented Urthona, the mysterious Shiva-like Zoa of
    inspiration and poetic genius, the one who tirelessly ‘Keeps the Divine Vision in time of trouble’, and
    who incarnates as Los the Divine Artist and Craftsman, with his hammer beating out the rhythm of
    Time, taking us beyond the physical, emotional and rational worlds to lead us towards the pure
    realm of the Spirit. • But more than this, as foretold first by Blake and again emphasised by Shri
    Mataji Herself, through the pure love of Shri Shiva-Shakti we celebrate the coming together of all the
    four chambers of the Heart, (England: Albion, Scotland: Alba, Ireland: Éire and Wales: Cymru), to
    form the blessed Integrated Heart that heralds the coming of the New Jerusalem, the Golden Age of
    Heaven on Earth showering the light of the Supreme Spirit manifest through the Spirit of all Beings.
    Bring me my Bow of burning gold: Bring me my Arrows of desire: Bring me my Spear: O clouds
    unfold: Bring me my Chariot of Fire! I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my Sword sleep in
    my hand: Till we have built Jerusalem, In England’s green & pleasant Land. Bolo Shrī Nava-
    yerūsalem-īshwara Sākshāt Shrī Ādi Shakti Mātājī Shrī Nirmalā Devi ki Jai!

Auspicious Locations

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