How to Realise the Self

New Delhi (भारत)

1979-03-08 How To Realize The Self Delhi NITL HD, 40'
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Seminar “How to Realise the Self”. Delhi (India), 8 March 1979.

Shri Mataji: For the very first time? [ Hindi ? ]

First time ? [ Hindi ? ]

Please come. Just come forward. [ Hindi ? ]

Please keep your hands like this.

What are you doing?

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: [ Hindi ? ]

What am I to speak? I don’t know.

Yogi: How to realize Self?

Shri Mataji: [Hari ?] – how to realize Self? [Loudspeaker hain – more Hindi ?].

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: This is a very nice question, “How to realize the Self?” The first word – how. [On this ?] one can say, that Self can be realized and is to be realized, will be realized. But you cannot realize Self. You cannot. You have become a human being from amoeba. How did you become? What did you do? You got it just as a blessing from God. In the same way, Self-Realization is also the blessing of God. It is spontaneous. It is a living thing. Anything living happens spontaneously, by itself. Do you ever say – how am I to sprout the seed? It will sprout by itself. Why? Because all the mechanism, all the energy that is required for it to sprout is embedded in it, is built in it.

In the same way, all that is required to reach to your Self is embedded within you. It is waiting there for that moment when it has to happen. Once you start doing anything about it, efforts about it, you go wrong. As I’ve told you that there is a force, which is sleeping, an energy, which is called as Kundalini, in the triangular Bone. That is the [ankura ?], that’s the primule. That rises, which connects you with the mains – just like this one you can say, a cord that opens out and connects you with the mains. But can it do it by itself? No. The one who has made this instrument has to do it. So it is God who is going to do that for you. Or somebody appointed by God can do it. So how does it come in? Now can you tell me how does a seed sprout? How does a flower become a fruit? You don’t even see when it happens. It is done in such a manner that you cannot even see it with your naked eyes. Of course, if you had some sort of a camera which gives you delayed actions – and things, then you might. But with your human eyes you cannot even see that. And there are thousands and thousands of such things happening.

Now your Self-Realization is the most important thing and has to happen. The time has come. You are created for that, you have to have it. The blossomtime has come and all of you have to become fruits. The time has come. It has to work out. Only thing what you have done through your effort you’ve spoiled the flower.

The other day only I was reading about Raja Yoga that people are doing. I’m not against Raja Yoga by any chance. But Raja Yoga is a happening within yourself. With the Kundalini awakening – you see, when the Kundalini is awakened, then all these happenings take place, all these closing up of certain [bandhas ?] and all that, that takes place and the Kundalini rises. But it happens in such a short time, in such a split of a second you can say, that you cannot feel it’s rising – in Sahaja Yoga, in this modern Sahaja Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is also the same. Is the way how you cleanse yourself gradually and then the Kundalini rises. Say I have to come to Delhi. That means this is the Yoga, the union. As long as I am away from Delhi, I’m away from Delhi, whether it is one mile, two miles or three hundred miles. When I meet that’s the point, that’s the Yoga. And that happening is absolutely spontaneous. Whether you come by train or a bullock cart, it depends. Now ours is a jet style. All these things happen within yourself spontaneously. If you start doing it, if you do Hatha Yoga, you are one.

Some Realized Soul who is a guru, he knows what chakra you are catching, of course that’s a very different style of thing. That’s Ashtanga Yoga you have to be in the jungle, absolutely celibate, unmarried before twenty five years of age. You have to do all the ashtangas, not only one for making yourself slim, or something like that, to be a cinema actor. It’s the union with God. If you pay so much attention to your only body, physical being, then you are an imbalanced person, you’re just spoiling the whole thing. Unless and until it is a Realized Soul, who is of a very high quality and who lives in the jungle, as your father he works on you before you are exposed to this worldly life. While our so-called Hatha Yoga means only you create cinema actors out of them.

Today only I had a Hatha Yogi, today in the morning. He’s not come today, I think. Poor fellow he got a heart attack – it is inevitable. Every Hatha Yogi is going towards that. Because when you start using too much of your right side, then the left side, which is the Spirit, in the heart, feels unhappy. Why are you paying so much attention to your body, this material being? So it is so unhappy that you get the catch. So he was told Hatha Yoga to overcome his heart.

So how do you get it is not the point, we just get it. The Kundalini rises, it does, I can show you, it will pulsate, you will see in the triangular bone. And the most what we can do, what is required to be realized, what sort of an instrument is required. For example, children get it so fast, because they are so uncomplicated, so simple, they are not artificial. Secondly, the people who lead a simple, dharmic life in the center. Those who are married, have got children, leading a very simple life, satisfied people. They are the best. Villagers are the best. City dwellers are not so good. City dwellers are horrid. They give such a headache. They will give it to you also when you will be realized. Because you have so many complications in your heads. Moreover they read such a lot, that the reading goes into their head and they are nowhere, they are lost in the reading. Without seeing the reality they have already got an idea about reality. So they dwell upon those ideas not on the reality itself. So such people are difficult.

But normally we have seen now even in the city, horrid city like London, we have been able to do [Yoga]. Quite a lot of people, now about three hundred Sahaja yogis are first class there. But apart from that, thousands of them, I should say, have got it in different places. So in – such a country where, you see, materialism has come to its verge of collapse, it’s easier to work out because now they know that there’s nothing in materialism. It’s much better to work out there. Here we are now supposed to be advancing and we are developing ourselves, getting into the same bitch into which they are. What I’m saying, we can short-circuit – we can short-circuit through Sahaja Yoga.

So it happens, you will see for yourself, the Kundalini will rise, it will break through and it will come out of the Sahasrara. What is the other question?

Audience: Mother, what is Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja. Saha – means with, ja – means born. Sahaja means it is born with you. Yoga is born with you. So that you have the right, it is your birthright to get union with God. It’s your birthright. You are born with it. Sahaja – it has a double meaning, as you know, sahaja also means easy. But actually the word sahaja comes from this – sa-ha-ja – saha means with, ja means born. Born with you. And sahaja in our talking it says: sahaj [mein ? hindi word. – ed.] means easily, because it is born with you. We are breathing now so easily, because it is born with us, it is sahaj. Supposing for breathing if we have to stand on our heads, or we had to, say, read books, we would have been dead long time back. It comes sahaja – spontaneous. We cannot do anything about it, it’s all done for you. Unnecessarily we are breaking our heads here and there. Just wait and see – it will work out. The time has come. This is Sahaja Yoga – is the Mahayoga as they call it. They call it as the Mahayoga because this is – this is the highest of all, where the Kundalini rises just like that.

But many people have used Sahaja Yoga just as a greater convenience, you see, without using the essence of it. I mean you can give any name to anything, and they do all a-sahaj things. You don’t have to do anything whatsoever. Nothing! Those who are realized here, people, will work for you. It is simple like this. Supposing you are trying to learn swimming, or you are getting drowned. The person who’s trying to save you will tell you, “Keep quiet, don’t beat your hands here and there. Just keep quiet.” And the one who knows how to swim will lift you out from there, put you on the shores and can teach you swimming. Then you can help others. It’s very simple. It’s like one light, which is enlightened, can enlighten another light. But that light has to be all right. So it is that simple. It’s absolutely simple.

Now how do you light one light into another light? How?

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s how! A light, which is already there enlightens another light. Now you, this light doesn’t take any credit for that. Nothing! It’s just your own. You have to be enlightened, it’s your own right, you have to have it. But you want to have some sort of a difficult situation for everything. Can’t eat food like this, you want to go round and round. Why not eat like that? Then go ahead! If you don’t want to eat straight away then what would I say? That all right, you go ahead. Break your necks, come to Me later on – I’ll put them right, now what to do? There are many who come like that to Me – very difficult cases.

So be simple, be like children and have it. No problem. At least here seventy five people are realized. At least seventy five persons.

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: Fifty? Why these are not realized, that’s all?

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: All the rest are. Doctor is realized, then who else?

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: Ha? Here and there. Who´s not realized here? These got his Realization yesterday. Everybody is realized.

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: Isn’t it correct? (Laughter)

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: Those who are not realized, can be realized in no time.

What is the second question? No question. He wants it and that’s it. That’s it. That’s like a real seeker. Ha.

There’s one more question, which you are not asking, which you are feeling it. That you have known that Kundalini awakening is a very difficult thing. Isn’t it true? So. It may be difficult for people who do not know how to do it. Which is not for Me. Is the easiest for Me. My nature is to awaken Kundalini. So for people who do not know the job it may be difficult, it may be very, very difficult. They must be doing all upside things.

Supposing I do not know how to operate this, I may burn My hand. And then I’ll say, “My Kundalini was awakened – I burnt My hands.” How can that be? Kundalini is your own Mother. Everybody’s mother. Can you imagine God can instill something in you which will burn your fingers, which will give you headaches, which will make you jump like a frog? How can it be? But there are mad people like that. One gentleman came and he was sitting with both feet towards Me. So these people said, “You can’t sit like this”. He said, “No, my Kundalini is awakened, and I jump like a frog”. So, we said, “Why do you jump like a frog?” He said, “My Guru said, it is written in the book, that when your Kundalini is awakened you start jumping like a frog.” I said, “After Kundalini awakening you become a super person or you become a frog?” Now the human being has to become a frog or a chicken, or I don’t know what it has to become? According to these people? Ha? So it is quite silly, you know, the way people have written, such big books they’ve written – all silly. I can assure you: when you’ll get your Realization, you’ll be laughing at it. It’s a big joke. Everybody cannot talk of Kundalini awakening unless and until you know about it.

Seeker: [We are new people. How would we know that our Kundalini is awakened?]

Shri Mataji: You see, what you will feel once the Kundalini is awakened? In Sahaja Yoga as I said, if the instrument is perfect it happens just like that. You see like a very, we say, very smooth landing – so the Kundalini lands up very smoothly. For people who are simple they just do not feel anything except that they feel absolutely relaxed and from their hand they feel this Chaitanya flowing, these vibrations start flowing. Now, once this get it – supposing I give you pounds, and you do not know what is the value of pounds is you must spend it. Then once you start using them then you realize how powerful they are.

Simple things happen: first you get thoughtless awareness, which is called as Nirvichara Samadhi. You are listening to Me but you become absolutely thoughtless. There is no thought – you become blank. When the Kundalini crosses this – when it crosses this, you start getting this in the hand and the whole thing becomes absolutely relaxed. Now, after Realization, you have to steady yourself, that is the most important thing, where we fail. Because though you are brought to the boat, still you are just going like that, because you have come from the wobbling system. So, after that, you have to settle down. And that settling takes some time. And if you could devote your time to that settling, then you can be a very good Sahaja yogi, you can give Realization to people. Just like that, moving your hands, just like this. Children can give Realization – this child can give Realization – she’s a born Realized. Then, you can make out people who are realized, who are not realized, you can make out people who have written the books if they are Realized people or not. You can make out the temples which are really Swayambhu or not. All absolute questions can be answered with Sahaja Yoga, because you start getting these vibrations, you can ask any question which is absolute, even like, a question like, “Is there God?” Immediately the vibrations will start flowing in the hand. And you will start feeling that cool. These are very soothing vibrations, absolutely soothing, they soothe you completely. And if you put your hand on somebody after Realization, that person also feels that soothness, and the whole thing starts melting away. You find the whole thing melts.

When the Kundalini rises in some people it can show also if there are obstructions. Like if it is – at the Nabhi chakra if there’s obstruction, you can see the Kundalini absolutely there, on the triangular bone. But supposing at the Swadishthana it is, then on the sides you see the Kundalini bursting out. You can ask the person, he might be suffering from uterus, he might be suffering from liver or something like that. Then, if the person had a bad guru or somebody who has misled him, the Kundalini comes and throbs here, throbs very badly. And when it throbs there, you can make out that the person had a wrong guru who has misled him. Then here you have to awaken the guru in him.

Then it comes up to this – if you have suffering from sense of insecurity, then also the Kundalini can stop at this point. Here you have to awaken the Jagadamba, then you come up here – it is the Krishna’s chakra at the back. When the Kundalini stops there, then maybe the person has been smoking or has been saying something. See, there are many complications about it, because there are sixteen thousand – sixteen thousand nadis attached to this one. So this is a very important, very, very important chakra. Moreover, if you have been using any mantras, then this is spoiled. Because mantra has a big shastras – you should not accept any mantras from anyone. Because nobody can give a mantra. When they give a mantra, you should ask them, “Why are you giving me, why, what is the wrong, what is wrong with me. Why this chakra, why that chakra?” They don’t know anything, I can tell you.

The example of this is – there was one yogi who had come from – so called yogi – from South Africa. He gave such a horrible mantras to the English boys there and some of them told Me like, “Inga, pinga, kinga”, sort of things. (Laughter) So even an ordinary Indian can understand that these are all rumble-tumbles. He did not even know Sanskrit. So Mantra Vidya, if you know, then you know the whole Vidya. But Mantra Vidya can only be known after Realization. Not before that.

(Hindi words:) [“Yeh to ho gaya kam, aa raha haath mein thandak sa paar ho hi gaya baithe baithe” ][“This job is done.” Shri Mataji asks whether you are feeling the cool in your hands. So you are paar while sitting – ed -].

Just put your hands like this. All of you should get it. All of you. Now don’t look at others, you have to look at yourself for a change. [Aankh band karo. [Close your eyes – ed -] Now if you can’t close your eyes, then you keep your eyes open. [Aa raha hai, thandak aa raha hai. [It’s coming, coolness is coming – ed -.]

Please close your eyes, please. If you have come here for Realization, at least close your eyes.

[Aankh band kariye bhai sahib, haath dono meri or kariye, aankh band kariye aur haath meri or kariye. Agar namrata aap mein nahin hai to kabhi aapki Kundalini nahin uthne wali. Aa[ janam janamantar ki cheej mangne aaye hain. Uske liye bahut namrata ki jaroorat hai. Agar namrata nahin hogi to Kundalini baithi rahegi neeche main bata rahi hoon. Yeh koi dukandari nahin hain. Aap apni Maa ke yahan aaye hain, namrata [poorvak sweekar Karen. Isko ekdam halka chor den ek dam halka. Jyada se jyada apne haath ki or dhyan de Kitaaben pari bahu sari. Bilkul shant hokar baithe. Hilna Dulna nahin. Shantipoorvak baithna chahiye. Agar aap dhyan mein 5 minute bhi shanti se nahin baith sakte to kaise Kundalini Uthegi. Aa raha hai aapko kuch thanda sa. Jis jis ke aa raha hai haath upar Karen. Thora sa. Aap jara kale moje utar deejiye. Kala rang nuksan karte hain.

[Close your eyes, brother, put your both hands towards Me, close your eyes and put your hands towards Me. If you don’t have humility, your Kundalini is not going to get up. You have come here to ask for the thing of many, many previous births and humility is very essential for that. If there is no humility, to Kundalini will not rise, I am telling you. This is not the business. You have come to your Mother’s place. Accept it with humility. Leave it totally without any weight. Maximum is put your attention towards your hands. Have read so many books. Just sit down in silence, total silence. No shaking. If you cannot sit in silence for five minutes, how the Kundalini will rise? Are you getting the coolness? Raise your hands who are getting it. Little bit. Please remove your black socks. Black color harms you – ed -].

Are you getting any cool breeze in the hand?

Yogi: [Yes ?]

Shri Mataji: You are – in both hands. Here? All right, yes. Keep your eyes like this. It should work out. [Aa jayega [It will come – ed -] Are you wearing black socks? [Hindi ?]

Are you wearing black socks? Socks? I think better take them out. It’s better. Yes. Just let it loose to your feet. Hm. Better.

[Aap logo kea a raha haath mein thanda [Are you getting any coolness – ed -]

Slightly? Better? Just wait, it will work out.

[Bahut punyas the janam janamantar ke. Aapki kya halat hai? Kuch nahin [Good deeds of previous births. How are you feeling? Nothing -ed-].

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: [Hindi?] What has he got? Catching on?

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: Hot? No vibrations? Kundalini not rising?

Yogi: Void, Mother. Void.

Shri Mataji: Also Void. [Accha Beta aap jaayeye, hamara bas ke nahin. Mushkil kaam hai. Aap jayeeye sab disturb ho raha hai. Accha. Ok.Aap kal aayega. Aap jayeee. Jo log par hona chahte hain unko hone deejeye. Aap jayee Meherbani. Who aankh band nahin karenge, meri or haath nahin karenge, what do do ? Yeh meditation hai na, aap lecture mein theek hain.

[I cannot do. It is a difficult job. Everybody is getting disturbed. You come tomorrow. You go. Those who want to get, let them get. We will be very thankful. Let him go, let him go, He will not close his eyes, will not put his hands towards Me, what to do? Today is meditation. You are all right in lecture -ed-]

No good. Good. [Hindi ?] You have to tell them out. [ Hindi ? ] Also you are all getting now.


Anybody who’s coming in a sanyasi’s dress tell them to change their dress and then come. We cannot give Realization to sanyasis.

Yogi: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: I knew that. If he goes away, he helps us a lot. These boys have got it now. Aapka ho gaya thanda na. [You have got the cool breeze – ed. ] Now what I would say that you take these boys together, and work out with them, because you …

[Tum log sahajayoga mein aaoge ke nahin, aayene, hamari madad karoge ke nahin, definitely ? Yahan par hazaro ko par karte hain phir pata nahin kahan chale jate. Aur phir aaye samajh mein nahin aata kam kaise hoga. Dhyan mein aana hoga. Har Friday hota hai. Mahine mein ek bar. But in your own place, kahan rahte ho tum. Aap sab milkar shuru kijiye. Yeh kam sabko karma hai.. Bara bhari kam hai. Isse samoohik chetna aa jati hai. Aapas mein prem barta hai. Aur tum young logo par jimmedari hai iski.

[Whether you will come to Sahajayoga, we will come. Whether you will help us. Thousands of people get it here then where they go don’t know. Then come again and it is difficult to understand how to do this work. You have to come in meditation. It is on every Friday. Once in a month. But in your own place, where do you stay ? So you all start together. You have to do it together this job. It is a very great job. It brings collective consciousness. Love is increased among yourselves. You young people are responsible for this – ed -].

Put your left hand on your liver. Liver. Please tell him… (Shri Mataji asking about everyone whether he has got it. – ed -)

[Hindi ?] What about you?

This gentleman – he’s got vibrations? Getting cool.

Yogi: Mother his finger is sweating.

Shri Mataji: Which one, right… All the fingers.

[Hindi dialogue ?]

Shri Mataji: Only in one. And the rest you are not getting?

Seeker: [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: All right, keep it for a while, we’ll see you again – [accha ?]. What about you?

Seeker [ ? ]

Shri Mataji: We’ll work it out. All right? We have to clean that out first.

… the chakra – if you give it too much of thinking or of thinking becomes your disease, which is a modern thing, you see, everybody starts thinking. You cannot stop your thinking. Then also the liver gets spoilt.

But the worst enemy of liver is alcohol. Absolutely it’s the worst enemy. I mean, if you want to die… best thing is go to a pub, take drinks and die. It’s like buying your death. Like calling a bull, «Come and hit me. I will give you money.» It is something like that. It’s absolutely self-destroying. And only after Realization you are so relaxed and you enjoy your company so much that it is very easy to give up.

Now, the another thing that is very important in this case is our eyes. Are very important, which play a very big part in this Swadishthana movement. Now, those people who move their eyes too much here and there. You see, I don’t know, this is the modern style also, too much to move, everything they must see…like that they are going on, mad people. I don’t know what is there to see like that, you see. Actually, in former days, when we were young, we were told to see the Mother Earth all the time, not to raise your eyes higher than that. The reason is the Mother Earth soothes your eyes. But if you want moving your eyes too much, the attention is moving, wobbling, all the time. Now the attention is sustained by liver. If your liver is not all right, your attention cannot be all right. So those people who have a habit you see – sometimes they’ll see through the back of their eyes, or from here – there – they think they are doing something great by doing these things – such people can never have good livers. So to keep a good liver, keep your eyes down. Don’t give them too much work. We are giving too much work to our eyes and that’s how it is keeping our attention all the time wobbled out, and if your attention is out, then you can never feel happy. So the liver sustains the attention and for you to be best Sahaja yogi is to put your eyes down, on the Mother Earth. Walk with less raising of your eyes. Respect your eyes. You’re not to waste your eyes on all the time anybody coming up your… I’ve seen even in meditation people can’t keep their eyes straight. You have to keep your eyes all the time in a mood that you’re enjoying yourself, and not enjoying others. But just enjoying yourself, you cannot enjoy others, you have to enjoy yourself, to enjoy somebody else’s vibrations. You can only enjoy others through their vibrations, not through their seeing. And because of this, once you have this kind of a habit, then your liver always gets into it. Then you curse yourself, you do all kinds of things… that’s no good. Just tell yourself, “[Hold ?] my eyes on the Mother Earth.” She sustains, She takes away all your problems and everything.

So liver I’ve told you today, and the same thing applies to other organs, which I will tell you tomorrow. One every day I am going to tell you about one organ – how to keep it all right.

Yogini: What about heart trouble?

Shri Mataji: Heart trouble. Now heart trouble comes just as a warning, because nature wants you to stop being silly. That’s it. Simple! Absolutely it is so simple as that. Heart is the temple of your Spirit. If you pay attention to anything else too much than the Spirit, you get a heart attack. Because the right hand side, Pingala Nadi, if you are using too much.

Aside: What’s happening? Head is hot. You have come before – [ Marathi dialogue – ed – ]

If you have used your right side, which is called as Pingala, Pingala Nadi, which is the right side sympathetic, doctors do not differentiate between the left and the right. But they are two different things altogether. The one that is on the right hand side caters for your mental activity. If you are doing too much mental activity, or physical activity, the left hand – just see the nature, how beautifully it is – the heart, which is not responsible for your thinking at all, stops. Or it gives you a push. Or it sort of – suddenly collapses. Or it gives you a warning: you get a pain.

On the contrary, if you are using your left side, see, left side is for your emotions. If you are too much emotionally built up. People are very emotional some of them all the time crying, weeping – all that. Such people – their brain goes out. See! The combination: the brain has nothing to do with your emotions. But the brain goes out. See the balance! How nature has built you up. So the heart says, «Now, it’s too much.» A person, who’s running too much after position, he gets a heart attack. Person, who’s running too much after money, he gets a heart attack. A person who runs too much after thinking that he’s doing a great job and that this is his responsibility, this thing. So the Spirit – the responsibility is that of the Spirit, is not of you. So you get a heart attack. If you overdo anything, physically or mentally the heart is the one that checks you. It’s very simple to get rid of it.

(note: …end of CD for Final Verification…)

It’s to raise your left, put it to the right. Raise your left, put it to the right. Twenty one times, every day you should do it. Immediately you’ll find that you’re, by raising your left, you are raising your superego, reducing your ego, and ego and superego both of them come down like that, and the Kundalini can open it out. Otherwise, in the conditions when the people are working very hard, the ego is actually on the left hand side, though…