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1983-03-28 Public Program, 135' Add subtitles:
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Public Program

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset, I would like to thank [UNCLEAR revered] Dr. Nagendra Singhji for being so kind to grace this occasion. Actually I have always treated him like my Jyeshtha elder brother of husband), and find it difficult even how to express my gratitude the way he has been kind to get this time, come over and talk to you about me, whom he had known for so many years.

The day I knew him, I knew that he was a very very great soul. But as is in the bureaucracy, you are not supposed to discuss religion. Neither you are supposed to discuss anything that lies beyond your job. But when I was studying minutely the various permutations and combinations of human problems, I was really always very much encouraged to know that there are people like him also. His greatness you will know very soon; and his sister about whom he was saying, herself, is another very great soul and the time I spent with her, I was really so much enamoured and encouraged to see such a learned personality. Like her brother she knew so much of beautiful things about God, and beautiful things she said from ‘Raghuvansha’ and Kalidasa.

I found myself very lonely always, where I could not talk of God and His greatness and His kindness for human beings in the company of people who were doing work other work than of God. It was such a solace and such a hope that people who apparently appear to be in the charge of helm-of-affairs, are also in charge of the helm-of-affairs of God. A day will come, when they will take up their new roles, when they will become aware that it is God who rules them, it is He who does it, it is He who has created everything and it is He who enjoys everything.

For this awareness, as you have very kindly said Sir, it’s important that you have to be fortunate seekers. The seeking ultimately has to come to human beings. Because all that is done through mental projections and conceptions has one good point that it is always exposed and comes to an end. Every set enterprise of human beings only moves in a linear way and at a point it drops down. That is why, all our conceptions and all our ideas are challenged after some time.

In politics when we talk of communism or of democracy or capitalism, we are talking of a concept but not of Reality. For me, I am the greatest capitalist I think, because I know my powers and my properties, and I own them. I am the greatest communist, that despite having everything in life, I cannot enjoy my life without sharing it. ‘Every’ moment of it, ‘every’ moment of it.

So the meeting point only comes when all these ideologies become one at the lotus feet of your Spirit. Spirit is the only thing that is at the centre, and at the periphery if yon look at things, they look as if they are separate and different. But if you can approach somehow into that state where your Spirit resides, you will be amazed to see that everything integrates, everything co-ordinates, and there is no difference, say, in Mohammad Sahab, Dattatreya, Raja Janaka or Shirdi Sai Nath. There is no difference in their principle, if you can just get your Spirit. But this is a very major step for human beings. It is a very major step for human beings. Because they want to live with concept and not with reality. This is one of the problems which we have faced throughout in Sahaja Yoga, all of us have faced it.

Even about compassion we have a concept. For example, if some body has a hospital and goes to the hospital regularly and treats some patients and does not take money, we think he is a very compassionate person. This is also our concept about compassion. Actually when reality expresses itself as compassion, then you don’t do anything about it. For example, to say that I raise your Kundalini, also I don’t know if I do that. Because you are all ready, you are all like candles. I am a candle which is enlightened, and if this candle enlightens another one, I do not think I have done a great job. Because if I am enlightened and then if you are ready and if I enlighten your candle, then it is just done. This is what reality is. There is no question of having any humility about it, but that is a fact ! I really do not do anything. You are all made ready for this purpose. God has prepared you like this, and you just have to accept yourself, and if this works out in a simple straightforward manner, you get your realization.

Many people think that I have cured people so I have done any sort of a good deed or may be some obligation. But to be very frank, that is also a concept. Because what do I do to a person ? When I cure that person, I don’t do anything. The reason is : when “I feel that I am yourself, you are a part and parcel of Me,” it is not that / feel from my brain, but actually it is in my ‘central nervous system,’ ‘actually’ 1 feel, that you are a part and parcel of me. When Doctor Sahab’s sister was sitting next to me, I ‘myself’ felt the pain within Myself; because her body is part of Me and I am part of her. And I asked her, “have you got a pain in this portion ?” She said, “Yes, how do you know?” I said, I cannot tell you at this stage, but you will also know the same way.

So when nobody is the other, then where is the compassion ? Because supposing this finger is paining, and if I try to rub it, am I doing any compassion to this finger?—Because it is a part and parcel of Me.

So, the difference between the reality and the concept is this: That with concept we develop egos or we develop another system by which we feel obliged or anything. But with reality you just do it. It just works. You start speaking in third person. Like you say, “It does not work out.” “It works out”. What is this ‘It’ that is working it out ? Then you realise that you are working for that great power of God which is His Divine Love, which is all pervading, which is doing all living work and you have become part and parcel of it.

Same thing I found about the concept of ego, which has gone to such an extent that in the west if you go, you will recognise it much more than you recognise in India. Because we are very good at hiding it. We may be very egoistical, but in our every day-to-day life we are extremely humble to express it.

If you go to a party,—simple thing I will tell you,—and if you don’t drink, every body will say “why don’t you drink, you must drink,” or they force you, go on forcing you. You say, “Baba, I don’t drink.” You have to tell ‘some’ lie. You have to tell for this, to hide this thing from others, to achieve a greater goal, you have to give up some lower goals, of telling lies also. You have to say that “Doctor has told me not to drink.” “Oh! forget the Doctor.” Then if you say that “Now you-see, the problem is I have allergies, I get into trouble”. Somehow, you escape. But if you even ‘once’ say that, “Why do you drink?”—Then: “You are a matron. You are very ego-oriented. You are very interfering. You are trying to show off.”

See the concept of ego is just … !—To be virtuous is a problem these days. If you are virtuous, everybody will attack you. But if you ‘even’ mention about virtue, you are out for a crucifixion, or you are out for poisoning, or something people will do. Because of the concept of ego.

But in Sahaja Yoga, ego is not a concept but a reality. Because when a person becomes egoistical his Agnya chakra catches, so he comes to the Sahaja Yoga centre and says, “Now see, my Agnya has caught up” . He says, “I am suffering from ego disease.” Openly, without feeling shy about it ! Because it is like a saree which is now become black, so I better get it cleaned. He is not identified. Concepts give you all misidentifications with ‘everything.’ So whęn it comes to reality, all this misidentifications just drop out and that is why I have seen people transform so fast. I mean, you connot believe it, how people transform.

Now as Dr. Warren has told you that in west, we have lots of seekers, but the western civilization is the civilization of the tree. They are growing without their roots. While we Indians know about the roots, we are not bothered. They are not at all in the knowledge of their roots. The trouble is, they have become so ego-oriented that their concept of ego makes them forget that they have roots. Even to accept that they have roots, they find it impossible. Under these circumstances what happens, that the ego itself reacts on itself. And that is why all the western societies today are collapsing under that pressure of ego. But if you have to talk to them it is not possible to tell them. For example, in Sahaja Yoga we believe in a moral life. In a moral life, where you are married to a woman and lead a ‘very’ moral life. But we don’t talk about it till you get your realization. After realisation automatically you accept it.

But by chance if you say that you have to be moral, then they just get after you. They say, “We have achieved our freedom, and this Victorian Lady is telling us some out of date things, and why should we accept.” So the concept of ego itself is so funny that they do not know that they are catching on their Agnya Chakra.

In this great assembly of realized souls,— which is a very very great thing, to have so many saints sitting around,—you know that the ego means the catch of the Agnya chakra and it is a reality. Somebody may say, “I have no ego”. Alright you have none! Because better not say. But supposing he is a realized soul, he will say “Mother, I have got my Agnya chakra catching, you please take it away. Because it becomes a reality to him. And when it becomes a reality, you must know you are enlightened.

If it is all darkness, you do not see. But when there is light you start ‘seeing’ what is wrong with you. You start seeing that we are sitting under one roof. ‘Any’ problem to this hall is going to cause problem to ‘all of us’. And that is how you become ‘collectively conscious’ Within yourself.

This is also another concept people have. In the United Nations and everything I have seen, that it is only they are working on the concept which they got it from their Unconscious. But in reality they haven’t got it on their central nervous system, as you all have got it. They will say, “All right, you are brothers and sisters, we must help the nations, we must do this,” and all that. But when it comes to reality, when it comes to the working of it, you find they do not do it. They just do the other way round. Now, you cannot explain, you may write books after it and you may write dogmas very much. So many realized souls are sitting here today is the greatest honor for any Mother. My age is now quite a lot, as you know, and I ‘never’ felt ten years back, that within ten years I will see ‘so’ many people being realized. My father, as I told you, was a very great soul and he himself had told me that unless and until you find out a eń masse method of realization, you should not talk about it. Because unless and until it is en masse, people are not going to recognize God, nor they are going to recognize any saints. But today, when it has become the reality, when it is no more a concept ; God is no more a concept, it is the reality, the joy and happiness of your Spirit, Sacchidanand Sthiti the state of Truth, Attention and Bliss) is just manifested, and I am enjoying all that.

I do not know how to thank you for organizing the birthday of your Mother. Normally people don’t think of the Mother in Kaliyuga, they say. But I must tell you, there is one person sitting before you, Dr. Nagendra Singh, who was a great devotee of his mother, and his mother was a realized soul, a great realised soul. I met her many a times and I always made it a point to see her. And her children have got that from her.

And this is what one has to recognize, that in this world there are ‘many’ people who are basically very great Spirits. Only thing you have to approach them, find them out, understand them, and discover them.

Now Sahaja Yogis are not so much upset as they were about 10 years back. Now they know that there are many people in this world who understand Sahaja Yoga. But that is not sufficient. We have to give realization to many, thousands and thousands of people have to get realization. This is to prove, when you celebrate my Birthday, that this is not any more a Kaliyaga but KRITA YUGA has started, and that Krita yuga has to be finished now to bring the Satyuga, on this earth. 28

To my great country India, I bow, because She is a Yoga Bhoomi. And as Indians, you have a ‘special’ advantage, because as I told you that Ashta-vinayakas, all are here, all the Jyotirlingas are here, all the Adi Shakti’s Peetas are here, all the three and a half Peethas of the Kundalini are in Maharashtra. All of you know all about it. But there is something more we have to get from the West, and that is the great Saints that are born in the West. It is most surprising that they are ‘very’ saintly, and once they take to Sahaja Yoga, they really dedicate themselves and they think there is nothing more needed to be done. This is what their life is. The way they have worked in Australia, I was amazed! There are five centers, they have started, and ‘every centre, is doing so well, that it is amazing to see how these people,—Warren got his realization only two years back, can you believe it ! And he took Sahaja Yoga to Australia, and today you find ‘so many’. In a hall,—I spoke, there were four to six hundred people. Not only that, but all of them who got realization ‘settled down’ in Sahaja Yoga. Absolutely settled.

So the same way one has to feel. Though you being Indians get realization very fast, no doubt, much faster than them. You have much greater facility, because of your ‘Punyas’ (works of merit) you are born in this Punya Bhoomi. But still, one has to know that in Sahaja Yoga you ‘have’ to work out in such a way that this Sahaja Yoga becomes a Maha Yoga as predicted by Gyaneshwara.

I am sure with all your love and affection for each other, for me, ‘and’ for the whole humanity, in My lifetime I will be able to see that you have achieved that great state within yourself and without, that people would say that the Maha Yoga has really been accomplished by Sahaja Yogis.

May God bless you.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi