Birthday Puja


1992-03-21 Birthday Puja, 36' Add subtitles:
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Birthday Puja. Delhi, India. 21 March 1992.


I had to speak in Hindi language because most of them understand only Hindi language, not English. Whatever I have said is very simple that because you have got your realisation you can absorb the essence of all the religions and once you understand that essence of all the religions is same and that we worship all the incarnations and all the saints there will not be any more fundamentalism left. It is the end of fundamentalism. Because we believe in all the religions. We believe in all the incarnations. With Sahaja Yoga the transformation of human beings has taken place so the problems which are ecological, economic, political and all that are automatically solved as soon as you get your transformation. Moreover it is very creditable for you to become something. I have not become anything. I am like this. I have been like this and I will be like this. But you have become something. So it is very creditable. And moreover Sahaja Yogi does not know, how great he is. How beautiful he is. He does not know his glory. He is not like other people who shoot others, who kill others, who are thieves, who plunder others and in the name of God they murder others, make money, torture others in the name of religion. They are very unkind. You are not like that. You are changed completely. You cannot do that. Moreover people are extremely immoral. They talk of God. They will go to church and temples while they will have eyes on other’s women and they will have very immoral attitude towards life. And they will deceive their husbands or wives and do all kinds of things.
But those who have come to Sahaja Yoga now have got very innocent eyes, very pure. Their life has become so pure now. You are not even aware of it. Many people say that I cured so many people and I don’t take money. But I would like to tell you that you also do the same. You also don’t take any money for doing Sahaja Yoga work. You spend your own money and work it out because you are enjoying it. So what a great thing it is that you have become the spirit. These religions are not spirit oriented. They are power oriented or money oriented. They are no religions. They are nowhere near what they have been preaching about, nowhere near their religions and they call themselves religious. They are not.
So the fundamentalists are really anti-religion. While we are the people who have found the essence of all the religions, the same. And that’s how we have finished this problem of fundamentalism. Once it happens we will have no problem at all, of these people, fighting each other. Like I was told that when these Ajarbaijan people were killed by the christians-Armenians, they used to read Bible first and do that. And Ajarbaijan had also done the same that they would read their Koran, do their namaz and then go and kill people. How can that be connected with righteous people, who believe in God and who believe in the Truth? The love also that is being told everywhere, the kind of brotherhood, that is also absolutely with you. Spontaneously you are so kind, nice and affectionate to each other. I don’t have to tell you anything. How nicely you organise everything among yourselves just as if its one body that’s organising itself. So beautiful it is and such understanding, such wisdom, such maturity. I am very proud of all of you, all over the world.
May God bless you all.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi