Shakti Puja



Shakti Puja. Kalwe (India), 31 December 1997.

English part

I was telling them about the shakti, is the woman. Man cannot do without the woman. She’s the power behind him. But how you treat your shakti is very important. How you look after your wife is very important.

I was telling them in the West marriages are broken, families are broken, the children are on the road and there is no discipline at all, no discipline of any kind. You can’t say what sort of children they’ll be tomorrow. They could be devils. They could be anything because parents have no interest in their children and parents have no interest in themselves.

So first of all, the family has to be all right. You must know that you have married. So many people got married now in Sahaja Yoga. So I have to tell them: at the very outset you must decide that you’ll see the good points of your partner. And you must promise and take a challenge that we are going to make a very happy married life. Very easy to find faults with others, because your eyes are outward. If you could somehow turn them inside, you’ll be surprised that you have many more defects then they have.

And it’s the responsibility of the women to look after the society. If something has gone wrong with your society it is because of the women, who don’t understand what is their job, what is their duty. And their attention has gone so low that they try to compare themselves with the cheap women, with the cheap actresses and also women without any ideals in their life. You being Sahaja yogis, you have to understand that you’re not like these horrible women. You are a special type. And you must not take to all the stupid thing that these women are doing for money. It amounts to prostitution, I think, the way things people are doing for money.

So be satisfied. And if you are satisfied, you’ll really enjoy yourself. You’ll enjoy your family life. The woman who is not satisfied always finds faults with others, always is demanding something, can never make a good wife and can never make a good society. And this society which she will make will destroy the next society.

Of course the men must respect women and respect the great qualities in them – their satisfaction, their patience, their understanding, everything must be respected. And they should not make fun of their wives all the time. I have seen, if that is done then women stoop down to the same level. That’s no friendship. In friendship, you must have respect. It’s all right, you can do this with your friends but not with your wife. And this is what I can’t understand, that how men use their intelligence in such a stupid manner. Because she is the mother of your children. If you make fun of her, children will also make fun of her. Of course she has to respect you because she receives her authority from you, but also you must maintain her authority. You must keep her in proper shape.

For small things, husbands give up their wives and misbehave. It’s more shocking that some of the senior people in Sahaja Yoga have done all kinds of nonsense about their married life. I am amazed at them. How could they do it? And this really shocks Me. I was told that this year, on coming here, will be Sahaja yogis who will go astray, they’ll do dirty things, bad things and, I should say, things which are not pure and they will destroy Sahaja Yoga. If they are predicted like that, you can imagine at this age of Mine, I’ll have to fight it. But you all can fight it by understanding that it’s not your life, this is not a Sahaja life and you have to live in a Sahaja manner, must bring a good name to Sahaja Yoga. Not artificially but really, people should say that if they have met any saints they are in Sahaja Yoga.

The other day also, I said that miserliness is not the quality of a Sahaja yogi. Because he knows he’ll get whatever he wants. Should go on distributing as much as you can. All this is going to work out in the favor. More than men, women are miserly. They’ll look after their children but not others’ children, not other people. So if the women become more socialistic, it would be a better idea. And it will help them a lot to do justice to their own shakti because she wants, your shakti within wants you to be generous, to be kind, to be loving. If you are not loving then it’s not going to work out.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi