Christmas Puja


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Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 2003.

Today is a great day because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. He was such a great spiritual personality, who had to suffer on the cross. This is what many people don’t understand, that why a man of his calibre, of his standing, of his spirituality, should have to go through so many ordeals in life. It is very easy to understand that he was born in a circumstances which was against him, which were against divine force. So to overcome that people tried to destroy Jesus Christ. And he did not feel the pain, he didn’t feel the absurdity of those people. On the contrary he went through all that ordeal with such courage and such dignity.

So for us, what is there to see is that if you are divine and if you have powers of divinity, then you should have courage, and with that courage you can face all kinds of ordeals. On the whole, whenever you are on this earth there are problems of different types. You may belong to royal families, or maybe a poor person, there are always problems facing you. But Christ has shown by his life that, though he had to suffer so much, he was so patient and courageous. His life has given us an example, what we should be, how we should behave when we are facing problems because of ignorance of people.

But today is a happy day because it is his birth date and we are all celebrating because he has shown us a new path of spirituality in which one has to suffer, because of the ignorance of many who are there, he suffered so much. But today it’s not so bad, people understand spirituality and divinity. And you are so many together now. In these sufferings Christ never cried or wept. He went through it in a very resolute manner. So what we have to learn from his life is that we should not be afraid. Whatever might be happening to us, we should not be afraid. But times have changed and people don’t torture anyone because of your spirituality. It’s not there, it’s finished. Christ wiped out all that from human minds, and people respect you for being spiritual. This is the message of Christ’s life, and we all should be very happy that he has shown us this path of ignorance.

The message of Sahaja Yoga is the same: that you take your realisation, you take to spiritual life, and everything will work out because all the divine forces are with you. They are working out everything for you and you are so many who can say that you have witnessed it.
So this kind of life that Christ had, you don’t have to go through, he has done for us. Your life will be very, very safe and peaceful and joyous. That is without my telling you, you must have experience. These days there are also very cruel people, very absurd and extremely aggressive, but still, no-one can harm you. Life has become very different. And we thank Christ that he has gone through all that to save us from those ordeals.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi