Guru Nanaka Jayanti


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Guru Nanaka Jayanti

“…They didn’t talk of Kundalini; that’s the only trouble. And they all, that time they were all fighting. Because of that fighting nature nobody had patience to tell them ‘baba, you don’t fight now’. because when there is fight going on you can’t talk to them. But with Sahaja Yoga.., Sahaja Yoga has given you a complete freedom.”

Hindi: – “there were many true nice saints but nobody ever talked about the Kundalini, nobody talked. Every body talked about the self realization. But in you that Kundalini is seated.”

“None of them talked about Kundalini. There had been very great gurus. Very great gurus. But that time every body was quarreling, nobody was listening. They were all fighting. So they never talked about ‘basic is the Kundalini’. See the trouble. All of this. They were not friendly with each other. This is the problem. That time they fought. They didn’t talk of Kundalini and self realization. They were all very evident but because of this gap the problem became wider and wider. None of them talked of Kundalini. Can you imagine! They say it is; some mentioned about it in the Sanskrit language but I have not seen, have you seen! So they all knew the same thing but they didn’t say. So, so many got separated and there was a big (drift/rift) within each other. Because the truth was; there is a Kundalini. And this one was not said critically….”

Shri Mataji – “… She is very good at music. She writes poems, and she gives tunes to all of them. She is very capable. We have all kinds of experts. And I know they will come up and spread Sahaja Yoga. They can. Now there won’t be any mistakes. Even Guru Nanak could not say much about Sahaja Yoga. In a way He has spoken, but nothing clear. But now you are (familiar?) about. And you know what is Sahaja. And how it can help the whole world. Can solve the problems of the whole world. Of course whatever problems you have, please write it down and give it to Me. I would like to attend to it. …”