Expression of Subtle Elements New Delhi (भारत)

“Expression of Five Elements on a Sahaja Yogi”. Delhi (India), 16 December 1998.
I have been telling them that the style of Indian knowledge is very different from the Western mind. In the West, you see, if you say something, then they want to have an experimental approval. They will go to the scientists or to other people who are equipped with knowledge to know what they said in these books is true or not. They will even judge Christ. […]

75th Birthday Felicitation Program, Put Attention To Your Spirit (भारत)

75th Birthday Felicitation Program. Delhi (India), 20 March 1998.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
So much has been said and really my heart is full of gratitude for all of you to come here, all the way, and the way people have described about Sahaja Yoga. To understand Sahaja Yoga, we should know where are we today in this Kali Yuga. What are we facing today? It should really make you feel quite disturbed to see the way things are going on in every country, […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (भारत)

Birthday Felicitations. New Delhi (India), 21 March 1995.
The great son of India, Mr Seshan, all the respected friends and guests, all My children Sahaja Yogis: It is true that Chaitanya organizes many things which are most unexpected. I have been a great admirer of Mr. Seshan. I saw a new rising sun, hope for Me. As you know My past that My father, My mother, sacrificed everything to get freedom in this country. Also, as you know about My life how I worked very hard as a young girl. […]

Talk To Yogis Madras (India)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Madras 1994-01-17
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[Transcript Scanned from Divine Cool Breeze]
Today we are lost in the Shabad Jalam We say mantras, we read books, there are Shaivaites and Vaishnavities. All these things to us have been important also because we thought by following these methods, we will achieve our moksha, our last goal. This way I must say that Indians are very alert and basically spiritually minded. They also know what is wrong and what is good. […]

Advice on Gudi Padwa (भारत)

Advice Given By H. H. Shri Mataji, Gudi Padwa, March 24, 1993, New Delhi, India.
Synopsis, translated from Hindi
First version:
Today is the first day of Satya Yuga (Age of truth).
Nature will tell you that Satya Yuga has started. Sahaja Yoga has brought forth Satya Yuga. You are self-Realized, you should have confidence and faith in yourself. You should have faith in the working of Sahaja Yoga. What work is being done in your enlightened faith? […]

How We Should Behave (two talks) पुणे (भारत)

1989-12-27 India Tour – How We Should Behave
It was very interesting I was thinking about you all and about the people who have done so much for Sahaja Yoga. It is impossible really to say how many have worked for Sahaja Yoga with such interest and dedication. And this dedication is directed by divine force that’s why I think you people are not even aware how much you have worked so hard without getting any material gain out of it. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Value Systems (भारत)

Two Talks to yogis. Ganapatipule (India), 26 December 1988.
We have to understand that we have risen above our human awareness and at that level we were different and at this new awareness we are different people and all our priorities must change. Our value system has to change, and if it has not changed automatically we have to little bit deliberately work it out. Or else we have to see that we become really the Spirit and no more of all the falsehood of human awareness should be attached to us or we should be bothered about it. […]

Address to Sahaja Yogis, The need to go deeper Sydney (Australia)

(सहजयोगियों से बातचीत, प्रश्नोत्तर, बरवुड, सिडनी (ऑस्ट्रेलिया), 6 मई, 1987)
आज मैंने आपकी उन सभी समस्याओं को सोख लिया है जो कैनबरा में थीं और बाद में उस कॉफ्रेंस में थीं और उसके बाद यहां पर भी थीं। ये सभी समस्यायें मेरे चित्त में आती हैं और मैं उन पर वर्क करने का प्रयास कर रहीं थी। मेरी वर्क करने की शैली एकदम अलग है क्योंकि मेरा यंत्र अत्यंत तीक्ष्ण और प्रभावशाली है। लेकिन इसके लिये मुझे इस पर अपना चित्त डालना पड़ता है और कभी कभी मुझे थोड़ा-बहुत कष्ट भी उठाना पड़ता है लेकिन कोई बात नहीं।
आपके लिये भी यह महत्वपूर्ण है कि आप भी इन गहन भावनाओं को…. […]

Raksha Bandhan and Maryadas Montague Hall, Hounslow (England)

(परम पूज्य श्रीमाताजी निर्मला देवी, रक्षाबंधन, मर्यादा, लंदन, 1984)

यू.के. के इस सुंदर दौरे के बाद मुझे भरोसा हो चला है कि सहजयोग ने अब अपनी जड़ें पकड़ ली हैं और उनमें से कुछ पौधों को उगते हुये भी आप देख सकते हैं। यह हैरान करने वाली बात है कि जैसे ही मैंने घोषणा की कि यह मेरा यू.के. का यह आखिरी दौरा होगा तो सब कुछ क्रियान्वित होने लगा है। जहां-जहां भी हम गये हमारा दौरा सफल और अच्छा रहा खासकर कुछ स्थानों पर तो यह अत्यंत चमत्कारपूर्ण भी था। आपने उस महिला के बारे में तो अवश्य ही सुना होगा जो अपने घर से बाहर निकलती ही नहीं थी …….. […]

Sickness and its cure New Delhi (भारत)

Sickness and its cure. Jangpura, New Delhi (India), 9 February 1983.
I wanted first of all to tell you something about the sickness of the people which perhaps I have not elaborately told you about, how to cure people and how people suffer from different sicknesses.
As we are now on the principle of the being, we must understand that sickness also comes if there is something wrong in the principle that builds up the human beings. […]

Guru Puja Evening, Dr Singh Address (England)

Dr Singh Address
Mother talks in Hindi.
Mother: Sit down. Others are there? Please come. They are coming Warren says.
Mother: Just call all of them. Mother talks in Hindi.
All of them have come? Mother asks.
Mother talks in Hindi then She asks where is this group from Spain?
Someone answered but it is unclear.
Mother: I told them he is coming. Why should they have not come?
Someone: they’ll be back in couple minutes
Mother: Alright, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Open Your Heart, Seminar 4th Session (भारत)

योगीयों से बातचीत लोनावाला (भारत), 25 जनवरी 1982
सारी दुनिया से इतने सारे सहज योगियों से मिलने और उनसे बात कर पा कर बहुत खुशी है। वे मुझे विश्व में सबसे अच्छी समझते हैं|, इस पूरे विश्व में एक ऐसे व्यक्ति के साथ जो की सहज योगी नहीं है तालमेल होना असंभव है| यहां तक कि अगर आप उन्हें आत्मसाक्षात्कार भी देते हैं, यदि वे सहज योगी नहीं बनते हैं, तो उन्हें अपने स्वयं के अस्तित्व की सूक्ष्मता भी समझने में मुश्किल हो सकती है। आज, […]

About self control, dedication and behaviour New Delhi (India)

Advice to sahaja yogis, regarding self control, dedication and behavior. New Delhi (India), 11 March 1981.
* Translation of Shri Mataji’s advice given in Hindi at New Delhi on 11.3.81. Also see NIRMALA YOGA
Vol. 3 (May June 81). […]

The Meaning of Yoga London (England)

Lecture “The Meaning of Yoga”. Dollis Hill Ashram, London (UK), 11 November 1979.
“Saha” means with; “Ja” means born, Sahaja, is something that is born with you, that is innately built in you that sprouts by itself in you, which manifests itself. Like you can see a seed sprouting into a tree. This is what is Sahaja.
Now all other Yogas, which go along with it are part and parcel of Sahaja-Yoga. They cannot be separated from this yoga. […]

Seminar Day 1, Bija Mantras, Shri Lalita, Shri Chakra Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Wokingham, Bracknell (England)

सेमिनार प्रथम दिवस ,बीज मंत्र,श्रीललिता,श्रीचक्र

(ईस्ट हैम्पस्टेड पार्क कॉन्फ्रेंस सेंटर,वर्किंगघम, ब्रैकनैल, इंग्लैंड)

14 अक्टूबर 1979

जब कुंडलिनी जागृत होती है,वह ध्वनि उत्पन्न करती है।और जो ध्वनि विभिन्न चक्रों में सुनाई देती है निम्न रूप में उच्चारित की जा सकती है-ये उच्चारण देवनागरी की ध्वन्यात्मक भाषा में प्रयुक्त किये गए हैं,जिसका अर्थ होता है ‘देवों के द्वारा बोली गई भाषा‘।

मूलाधार पर जहाँ चार पंखुड़ियाँ हैं,ध्वनियाँ हैं ÷ व् श् ष् स्

जिसमें से अंतिम ‘ष’ और ‘स्’ […]

Talk about Gandhi New Delhi (भारत)

Talk about Gandhi. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 11 March 1979.
बिल्कुल सामने आ रहा है ,जो बताया गया है ,  विशुद्धि चक्र के बारे में I अब इसी विशुद्धि चक्र से ही collective conciousness की  सीढ़ी है Iमैंने कहा था कि कृष्ण को पूर्ण अवतार माने क्योंकि ये विराट है विराट वो शक्ति है जिसमें संपूर्ण समावेश है ह्रदय में शिव जी की शक्ति है और पेट में गुरुओं की शक्ति है और स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र में ब्रह्मा देव शक्ति है ब्रेन में ब्रह्मा देव की शक्ति है आप कह सकते हैं और जब विराट जागृत हो जाता है जब  विराट का सहस्त्रार खुलता है तब इसके अंदर बसे हुए अनेक cell का पेशियों का भी सहस्त्रार खुलता है I
Bible मैं कहा जाता है  परमात्मा ने मनुष्य को अपने जैसा बनाया अपना इमेज बनाया है और ये बात सही है जैसे विराट हैं वैसे ही संपूर्ण आप हैं, […]