Horoscope of Shri Mataji by T. Y. Chaudhari from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 14 (March-April 1983), Pages 24–28

THE horoscope discussed in this article pertains to Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Srivastava, who, to Her innumerable Sahajyogi devotees spread all over the five continents, is an incarnation.
Her Holiness Mataji is reported to have been born at 12 noon on Wednesday, the 21st March 1923, at Chhindwara (Lat. 23°.3′ North and Long. 78°.59′ East). The following is the horoscope prepared in accordance with the principles of Krishnamurti Padhdhati: Ayanamsa used 22°.41′ (K.P.)
In the case of a divine personality the spiritual aspect of the horoscope has to be ordinarily considered from an examination of the Lagna, and the 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. The planets to be studied are Sun, the Atmakaraka, Moon, the Manakaraka, Jupiter and Ketu indicating spiritual knowledge and Saturn for tapasya. In Krishnamurti Paddhati, spiritual realisation is inicated if the sub-lord of the cusp of the 11th house signifies houses 5 (initiation), lO(sadhana) and 11 (siddhi).
The Lagna in the above horoscope is powerfully aspected by Saturn by his 10th aspect and Jupiter by his 9th aspect. Mercury, the lord of Lagna, is powerfully aspected by Jupiter. Saturn as sub-lord of lagna and lord of 9th by his aspect on Lagna confers the faculty of perfect concentration and meditation and makes the personality fit for divine action. Saturn is in the star of Mars, lord of Aries, and in the sub of Rahu, representing Sun in the 10th. This assures success in meditation and awakening of the soul. Jupiter as lord of 10th is posited in his own star, in the 5th house of intelligence and love and is in the sub of Ketu (indicating spiritual knowledge) in the 9th house. This shows the expansive divine love, the HolyMother radiates as also peace,harmony and divine wisdom, as an attribute of spiritual knowledge. The aspect of strong Jupiter lord of 10 from an airy sign, on the intellectual planet Mercury, lord and sublord of Lagna and also on Lagna and the Moon, clearly indicates true wisdom beyond mere human intellect, and intuition of a very high order. The Holy Mother is indeed knowledge beyond human comprehension, knowledge of the infinite, of divine incarnations and of the Kundalini.
The Ascendant falls in Gemini owned by Mercury, that is to say, in the star of Rahu and in the sub of Saturn. The sublord Saturn as lord of 9 is posited in a friendly sign Virgo in the Star of Mars, lord of 11 is aspecting Lagna powerfully. Mercury and Saturn have got parivarthana by sign position. The aspect is indicative of a life dedicated to tapasya, dharma and to matters of spiritual nature. Mercury stands for electrical energy and from the point of vibrations represents vayu or locomotion and its symbol is wings. Mercury is in the star and sub of Jupiter, the lord of divine knowledge and dharma himself. Mercury is in acquarius and this sign is symbolised with one pouring water from a vessel. This and the airy sign occupied by Lagna, Jupiter, Mercury and Ketu explain, the cool breeze (Chaitanya Lahari) that always ema nate from the Holy Mother or Her photograph. The divine energy or cool vibrations endlessly flowing from the Holy mother or Her photograph results in creating thoughtless awareness in the devotees.
Rahu, the star lord of Lagna, is posited in 3rd house in the Uttara star ruled by Sun, the Atmakaraka, occupant of 10th house and is aspected by Mercury lord of Lagna from the 9th house. Rahu is in the sub of Moon in the 11th house. The sub-lord Moon is conjoined with Mars, lord of 11th and both Moon and Mars are powerfully aspected by Jupiter. Rahu is thus connected with the 5th, 10th and 11th houses, all beneficial houses indicating spiritual realisation. Rahu is also connected with the planets Mercury, Sun and Moon representing intellect, soul and mind. Rahu therefore, promises honour, status and success as a spiritual leader and as a Teacher of of matters spiritual. Rahu represents the Kundalini or the serpent power in the human body. Rahu is the female and that is why Kundalini is referred to as the She Serpent (See Hatha-Yoga Pradeepika and Shiv Samhita). Kundalini which is absolute divine knowledge is, therefore, the source of spiritual enlightenment. It may be incidentally pointed out that in every non-realised person, Kundalini lies in a dormant state coiled up, in the triangular bone, at the base of the spine and is the residuary divine power in every human being. It is the store house of absolute divine knowledge and arises and manifests to perform its functions at the will of Bhagwati; but only at the appropriate time, according to the Karma of the individual. This has been verified through K.P. in several cases.
The cusp of the 2nd house, which indicates among other matters voice and speech, is jointly ruled by Moon as signlord, Saturn as the star lord and Mercury as sub-lord. The sub-lord Mercury discussed above, stands for higher mind and heart and indicates that the soft and melodious voice and the gospel truth the Holy Mother teaches, comes directly from the Universal Mind itself. Venus by its aspect on the 2nd house makes the speech sweet and genial. Mars aspecting the 2nd makes the speech forceful and vests it with divine authority. It is only when she refers to the damage done by the fake Gurus, or tantriks that Her voice assumes a harsh tone. In this respect she says that “these fake Gurus spoil the Kundalini of innocent people and rob them of their divine right to be spiritually liberated”. Venus in Rahu sub in the 8th house (which is the seat of Kundalini) aspecting the 2nd house shows that Her mere look is a blessing of the Kundalini power itself. It also explains why in the glow of Her eyes and the caress of Her voice, motherhood vibrates in the fullness of divine love, tenderness and sweetness, It seems that Goddess Parvati, the Supreme Mother of the Universe, represented by the sign cancer, is Herself showering grace after grace on the people.
The 5th house indicates poorva punya and spiritual transformation on initiation etc. It is jointly ruled by Venus as sign-lord and Mars as the star-lord and Venus as sub lord-Mars and Sun have been discussed above and is a great benefic and the chief source of spiritual transformation. Venus, the sign-lord is posited in Rahu sub in the 8th house and is stronger benefic to give effect of the Kundalini power. Jupiter is posited in 5th house, in his own star. All this shows the meritorious deeds done in previous lives and abundance of poorva punya. Jupiter, Venus and Rahu show that in view of the poorva punya the Holy Mother chose to take Her birth as a highly spiritual and enlightened personality, with all the knowledge and powers that the Mother Kundalini confers, according to the sacred texts.
The 9th house is jointly ruled by Saturn as a sign-lord, Mars as star-lord and Mercury as sub-lord. This Mercury has been discussed above. This explains the righteous conduct and divine purity of thought, word and deed, of the Holy Mother. Venus in the 8th indicates vegetable kingdom and it is but appropriate that the only offerings to the Holy Mother consist of the choicest of flowers. Venus as the lord of the 12th house and lord of 5th occupies the 8th house, the seat of Kundalini and indicates that the Holy Mother is a purified personality and is no longer subject to the cycle of births and deaths. The 10th cusp is jointly ruled by Jupiter as sign and star-lord and Mars as the sub-lord.
The 10th house is occupied by the Sun. Rahu alone is in the star of Sun. Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu are in Jupiter’s stars, Mercury, Ketu, Jupiter and Rahu are therefore, strong significators of the 10th house. The Yoga, the Holy Mother teaches, is the Kundalini Yoga, indicated by Rahu in the 3rd house, being 9th to the seekers. In the other Yogas, cleansing of the body and mind is a pre-requisite. In Sahaja Yoga, self-realisation is first and cleansing automatically follows. This is due to Mercury’s position, Mataji gives selfrealization to hundreds of people at one and same time. This is done by activating the Kundalini in the individual. It seems as if the Kundalini arises in Her presence as a mark of respect to the Holy Mother. In case of a person, who has lived a virtuous life, self-realisation is conferred by the Holy Mother in a matter of minutes. The process is extremely simple and effortless. As proof of self-realisation, one notices cool vibrations flowing through the fingers and palms and thoughtless awareness manifests immediately. The flow of vibrations deepens with the entry of the Kundalini in the limbic region and with practice, the devotee is blessed with deep contemplative sensitivity and doubtless awareness. Mataji says that “when the Kundalini gets connected with the Universal Unconscious, you can have direct communication with Reality, totally purifying and enlightening the mind’’. She teaches you also the ways and means of healing the body and mind including the causes of the various afflictions and the particular chakra on the Sushumna Nadi, that needs attention for remedying the particular affliction. No spiritual teacher, it seems, is known to have done such a miracle on so vast scale.
The 11th house confers siddhi. The sub-lords of the cusps of the 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses show siddhi following initiation. As stated before, Rahu signifying the Kundalini is connected with Lagna and houses 5, 10, 11 and 12. Saturn and Venus in Rahu sub are equally strong. Jupiter as discussed above, is another strong sign indicator of houses 5 and 10. Mercury in Jupiter star and sub is however stronger. Mercury and Kethu occupy the 9th house, and there is no planet in their stars. It was on the 5th May 1970 during the dasa of Rahu, bhukti of Mercury, anthara of Saturn that the Holy Mother discovered her amazing powers about her mastery over the mysterious Kundalini. On that day, Rahu was transiting in aquarious in his own star and in the sub of Venus. Mercury, Kethu and Moon were transiting in Venus star and Saturn in Venus star, Rahu sub, over the natal Mars in the 11th house. The siddhi includes the power to cure diseases like cancer, paralysis etc. which defy modern allopathic medicines. This is indicated by Rahu, in the sub of Moon in the 11th house. The disciples also have the power to invoke the Kundalini to arise and many of them are at present busy throughout the five continents granting self-realisation to hundreds of persons and alleviating human sufferings. In fact the position and association of Rahu, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Venus have conferred on the Holy Mother all the gifts of the Spirit, the gifts of teaching, healing, mercy and all other attributes of divinity through the Kundalini power.
To the traditional astrology, the above horoscope would reveal the aristocratic surroundings at birth, pleasant childhood, marriage with a very high executive, happy married life and a command over wealth, together with the comforts that wealth ordinarily confers. It is only Krishnamurti Padhdhati that correctly reveals the immense spiritual siddhi of the Holy Mother, her mastery over the Kundalini power, and the royal ascetic life she lives. May Krishna murti Padhdhati, by the grace of the Holy Mother, illuminate the minds of students of astrology.
According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, one becomes a Sanyasin if, the sub-lord of the cusp of Lagna is in any manner connected with Saturn and the 10th and 12th houses. Saturn, the sub-lord of Lagna, is in the star of Mars and sub of Rahu, representing 10th and 11th house. But Jupiter is also lord of 7th and aspected by Moon lord of 2nd house. Mercury occupies the 9th house in conjunction with Kethu, an agent of Saturn. This connection with Saturn and 10th house indicates Parlok Sadhana and an aversion for worldly pleasures, while leading a normal family life. Mataji is not a Sanyasin in the sense the term is ordinarily understood. She does not advise sanyas or wearing of saffron robes for spiritual discipline. As a Mother, she encourages her disciples to enter into a disciplined married life.
Houses 2, 7 and 11 are considered for marriage, family life etc. Houses 2 and 7 are not occupied by any planet. Moon lord of 2 in 11 in the star of Venus and sub of Mars lord of 11 is very auspicious for a happy family life. Jupiter, lord of 7th, posited in the 5th in his own star aspected by Moon, lord of 2nd, and Mars, lord of 11, promises a very happy married life with children. The 7th house is jointly ruled by Jupiter as sign-lord, Kethu as star lord and Mercury as sub lord. Kethu is in the star of Jupiter, lord of 7th house in the 5th house. Mercury is in the star of Jupiter and Rahu is in the sub of Moon. This explains why Moon dasa, Jupiter bhukti, Rahu anthara gave marriage on the 7th April 1947, a Monday and a Swathi star day, Jupiter confers divine love and understanding in conjugal matters and this has been evidence ever since the date of marriage. Venus in 8th makes her a sumangali. Mataji is a very devoted wife, mother and grand mother par excellence.
The Holy Mother has been preaching Sahaja Yoga ever since 1970, when Rahu dasa, Mercury bhukti was operating. On the 25th January 1972 during Rahu dasa, Venus bhukti and anthara, (when Rahu was transiting in Moon star Rahu sub and Venus was transiting in Rahu star Venus sub) the Holy Mother selected twelve disciples and granted them self-realisation. The bhukti of Venus and Mars which followed witnessed a steady increase in the number of persons getting self-realisation and the establishment of centres for Sahaja Yoga. Jupiter Maha dasa started on the 6th Feb 1978 and will last till the 5th February 1994. By nature Jupiter stands for expansion. Consequently during Jupiter bhukti, Sahaja Yoga spread with great speed to several countries. The bhukti of Saturn runs during 24th March 1980 to 5th October 1982.
Saturn, although restrictive by nature, being in Mars star, Rahu sub, its bhukti saw thousands of faithful seekers getting initiated into Sahaja Yoga. The bhukti of Mercury runs during 6th October 1982 and 12th January 1985 and that of Kethu thereafter upto 18th December 1985, Mercury is posited in Jupiter star and sub; and Kethu is in Jupiter star and Venus sub. It is during these periods, that there would be further expansion of Sahaja Yoga on a very huge scale.