How to install the Android app for Amruta

Dear Sanga, we are happy to announce you the Android app for Amruta.

We wanted to publish it on Google Play Store and we asked the consent to the NIPC… well, we are still waiting for it. In the meanwhile, we are happy to share the fruit of our hard work and we hope you will find it useful.

These are the steps for the installation. The first thing to do is clicking on the following link when you are using your Android mobile or tablet (NOT on a laptop or desktop computer): Amruta Android App.

In some cases, after the file is downloaded, you can just click on it and then click on the “install” button.

In other cases, you are warned that the app could be dangerous because it is not downloaded from the Play Store. Of course our app is not dangerous, it is just a usual precaution of the mobile. In this case, these are the steps:

  1. Click on open
  2. In the second screen click on OK
  3. Then click on Settings
  4. In the Settings page, enable the “Unknown source” switch (tap on it, it should change color from grey to something else)
  5. Click on “install” in the following screen
  6. After the app is install and ready to use, open it and then click on the X of the black box (it is the cookie consent)
  7. Enjoy!

This behaviour comes from a Samsung device, on other devices it can slightly differs: just always click OK 🙂