Makar Sankranti Puja: The Internal Revolution

Mumbai (India)

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Makar Sankranti Puja, The Internal Revolution, Mumbai (India), January 14th, 1984

I welcome all the Sahaja Yogis from abroad to this great country of yoga. It gives me immense pleasure; I have no words to express, to see Sahaja Yogis coming from all over the world, all over the country to celebrate this special occasion today. It’s so auspicious today that you all should be here; because you are the chosen ones, the soldiers who are going to fight till Satya Yuga is established on this earth. Is the day of revolution. „San-krant” means: „san” means, you know, auspicious, „krant” means revolution. Today is the day of holy revolution.

I’ve told you about the rebellion that in rebellion we move in a pendulum from one to another end as a result of inertia. But through the ascent, when we achieve a higher state, it’s only possible when there is a revolution and revolution takes spirally. The movement has to be spiral to land up at a higher position. So, this is the revolution which is the holy revolution.

We have known of many revolutions so far; we have had revolutions in our country. In other western countries also we have had revolution on the political grounds, on the grounds of disparities. Many other things have been fought through revolution, but still, the ascent has not been achieved within. I am talking about the revolution within ourselves. In this revolution you are very much helped by your own Mother, the Kundalini, and you evolve in a very sweet manner; in a spiral ascent to land up as realized souls.

You have been very kind to come to this country because this country does not have the comforts and the facilities you have in your own country; so one has to be prepared for the roughing out, which may be difficult for some people to do so.

I had to buy a present for some gentleman when I came to Bombay and I thought what should I buy? I’d better go and buy some ivory piece for him.

So, I went to the shop and I got a beautiful ivory piece called hitopadesh where Shri Krishna is sitting on a beautiful chariot of ivory and giving the hitopadesh, the sermon of Gita to Arjuna.

It was very easy to buy; it took only half an hour for me to go and buy the thing. But to buy the wrapping paper I had to waste two hours in Bombay. Because you can’t get a sensible wrapping paper here; and then the ribbon and then the flowers, is an impossible situation. So I didn’t know what to do. I got absolutely, according to my husband, a third class wrapping paper.

I brought it back home; he said, “You can’t wrap with this nonsense; it looks so horrid.” I said, “Now, if you want, I can get silk to wrap it in this country, but a wrapping paper is a problem.”

So, when the gentleman was presented, I told him very frankly, „I’m sorry, in Bombay I couldn’t get a good wrapping paper, but ivory I’ve brought for you”, and he was so enamored by the present.

So, in this country, you have to see that we can get ivory, but we cannot get wrapping paper. And those who are used to wrapping paper find it difficult to adjust because we are used to convenience of wrapping paper.

So, one has to realize that the wrapping paper, of which we are so much fond of or we are used to, is of no importance; while you cannot get ivory in the western countries. If you have to get an ivory piece, I don’t know, you’ll have to move for years together to an ivory piece, but the wrapping paper you can get it in five minutes. So, one has to realize this is a country, if you have to know about it, you have to go deep down into it.

You have to develop a deeper understanding of this country. If you see the bathrooms and if you see the roads, if you see the houses all black, dark, dirty, according to all the, all the common standards of life. Forget it; forget it. You have not come here to see this, that all you can see in your own country, and you have seen it. But what you have come to see here is the depth, the love, the affection, the human beings.

And you’ll be very happy because you’ll find very rare experiences, which will really enthrall you with joyous memories for all your life. Also, this country, especially Maharashtra, is a special country because the Kundalini of the universe resides in this triangular plane. Or we can say this is the Patt-haar (plateau) – the triangular raised platform – and hence the vibrations in this country, this part of the country, are very great. Now, to come to for Maha Yoga, as the Sahaja Yoga today has become Maha Yoga, you have to come to Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the great nation.

So, I’m sure you are expecting lot of things to happen to you, but keep your minds open because it’s a revolution. It’s not just a pendulum that from comfort you are coming to discomfort. One thing you have to realize, it has nothing to do like an anti-culture stuff. You have come here to jump into your subtler and subtler sensitivities; so, the grosser sensitivities must be neglected and negated so that you can feel your subtler sensitivities. Once you start understanding this basic principle of enjoying here, I’m sure the whole venture will be extremely fruitful.

Because all over the world we realize that Sahaja Yoga is the only way for human emancipation; is the only way we are going to transform this world into a beautiful place. For that we have to get into a proper understanding geared up; absolutely like soldiers into a disciplined life, so that whatever we want to do, we can do in our optimum capacities.

So, to allow your full capacities to manifest, try to negate, to overlook your gross sensitivities, whichever come in-between.

You have to cut it short sometimes. You’ll have to get up early in the morning; you’ll have to bathe in a funny way, and it will be a difficult thing. But if you try to adjust with this noble idea that you are a part and parcel of the great Virata and that you all have to join together in such a way that in your sensitivity you become equally the same, that you understand each other very well, I’m sure you will enjoy the love and hospitality of your hosts here.

This revolution starts on such a day today I’m very happy. So we have to have the revolution acceptable to us. You know, when French Revolution took place, how people lived; when in this country people fought for their freedom, how they lived. I know, my father sacrificed every single farthing he had; he, we had to live in huts while we lived in very great comforts ourselves. He sacrificed everything. My mother went to jail five times. My father went to jail three times, and every time he was in the jail for not less than two to three years. So, you can imagine, with so many children, how they sacrificed everything that they had to achieve this freedom.

Now if you have to achieve the freedom of the Spirit we must have the sense of sacrifice. But it doesn’t mean sacrifice with complaint; but sacrifice that can be enjoyed, sacrifice of which you have to be proud, sacrifice that you don’t feel, sacrifice that ennobles you. That is the Spirit with which this revolution has to take place.

So far, if you know, we have not sacrificed anything. Of course, ego and all these nonsensical things you have sacrificed, no doubt. But that you never wanted in any way, none of you liked that ego. Even Indians had to sacrifice a lot, they have given up many habits which are very deterrent or injurious to healthy growth of this nation. As Sahaja Yogis, they have also come up so high, they have become very honest, extremely sweet and hospitable people.

In the same way, I would say that my children abroad have really done marvelous feats to give up some things, which I thought will be difficult for them to give up. They have changed their moral values, they have accepted a very strict moral code. And they enjoy that morality and that virtue.

I don’t know how to congratulate you for this. You may say, „Mother, your love has done it”, but I just don’t know. I think it’s your own capacities, your „purvo janmas” (previous births) „sanchitas” (good deeds), whatever you have earned in your previous lives has done all this. Otherwise, it is impossible even to change one person. All this change has come for the good, for the enjoyment and happiness. You don’t have to change much more; you don’t have to change, but now you have to enjoy the change. And the enjoyment of the change comes when all the tags that you have from India, from east or from west, are pulling you down; just throw them away and come up. All of you together should enjoy together the joy and the bliss of your Father.

So, today is a great day. This „sankramana” (internal revolution), that has started, requires serious effort. We cannot play about with that. It’s very great emergency. I can feel in the atmosphere the emergency: all the Gods and Goddesses are there to help you to work it out. You are on the stage and you have to create that great drama of revolution.

We have to show to this world that it’s only the Spirit that can save the world, nothing else. And so, from today we start our journey towards that subtlety and that sensitivity, which you can feel; which you can feel Nirananda. Nirananda, your Mother’s name is Nira, and at Sahasrara you feel the „ananda”, the joy of Nira.

May God bless you all.