Guru Puja: The Gravity of Guru Principle Camping Borda d'Ansalonga, Ansalonga (Andorra)

Guru Puja, The Gravity of Guru Principle, Ansalonga, Andorra, July 31st, 1988

Today we have all gathered here for worshipping your Guru. As you know that the principle of Guru resides in the Void. This is the principle which gives you balance, which gives you a gravity. The gravity that we have in the Mother Earth is expressed through your Guru Principle.

The first point of gravity is that you should have a personality, a character and a temperament [such] that people would see that you are a personality who doesn’t get dissolved into worldly things. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Eve of Guru Puja Camping Borda d'Ansalonga, Ansalonga (Andorra)

Lecture on Evening before Guru Puja, Ansalonga (Andorra), July 30th, 1988

Tomorrow is a great day for all of us because it’s the Guru Puja Day, and perhaps you know that Guru puja is the greatest day for all the sahaja yogis, also for Me.

Of course, Sahasrara is the day, which is very important, which makes a big history in the spirituality and also in the evolutionary process. But for us the sahaja yogis and Myself – it’s very remarkable that we are here to know something and to teach something. […]