How to get the light of the Spirit in our heart? Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program

[INAUDIBLE] Thank you!

[INAUDIBLE] [ALL CLAP] Vishwa Vanditaa Nirmala Mata Sarva Pujitaa Nirmala Mata Brahma Swaroopini Yoga Nirupini Shubhdaam Vardaam namo namah Vishwa Vanditaa Nirmala Mata Sarva Pujitaa Nirmala Mata [MUSIC] [MUSIC] – aa, aa, aa, aa – Very low now. That’s better. – Jagat Janani Nirmala, Moola Prakriti Akhileshwar ki – Still Nitya Satya Sanatana – Parashakti Parmeshwar kii – [UNCLEAR – COIL IT UP?] – Vishwa Dharini aa, aa, aa; Mangal Kaarini aa, […]

Arrival Talk Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Informal Talk to Yogis. Melbourne Airport (Australia), 19 February 1995.
I never expected you all here but, very happy to see you, that our, Melbourne has grown so much so beautifully. You all look so nice. It was, quite a struggle to begin with, but it had worked out and we all have come together now, in such a beautiful way. There were many in Ganapatipule I couldn’t talk to you directly, that time. How many got married in Ganapatipule? […]

Picnic Maroondah Dam, Melbourne (Australia)

Picnic , Maroondah Dam, Melbourne (Australia) 31-3-1994

That time I used to be so happy that you people all have joined together, the collectivity is good and that you are helping the leader, who is very capable, I must say, you are so lucky to have such a leader who is so capable, educated, wise and I can’t understand how people do not enjoy his leadership.

If you have any problems, tell Me – no harm. […]

Know your inner self fully Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program, Melbourne (Australia). 30 March 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot change it; you cannot transform it; you cannot conceptualize it. It is what it is; it was what it was and it will be what it will be.

Whatever, I want to tell you today, I have to request you, to keep your mind open, […]

Kundalini Gauri Puja Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Shri Kundalini Gauri Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 16 February 1992.

Come inside, you can, all of you can come inside, there is space. Every body, do space for these people, just move. This side.Don’t sit in the sun.

[Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi.]

I’m sorry today I have to speak about something unpleasant to begin with, before the Puja. Later on we’ll have the Puja of the Kundalini, the Gauri. All right?

The unpleasant things are – […]

Informal talk Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Otherwise, they will not having so much authority because of this economic problem now [UNCLEAR]. As it is Ganesha’s country, I think it should start first here. This awakening among the media (?). Media (?) is the most difficult thing [UNCLEAR].
(Addressing a Yogi) You should get all the cuttings for me?
In India, they don’t mind this – I mean at least at the time of the Congress [UNCLEAR]. […]

What is a living energy? Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 2. Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia, 12 April 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday, that truth is what it is. We cannot understand it, you have to feel it. We cannot conceptualize it, and you cannot feel it also at this human awareness. We have to become a subtler being, as described in all the Scriptures, that you are to be born again and that you have to become the Spirit, […]

We cannot buy the truth Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 1, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia, 11 April 1991.

Please be seated. I think I’ll stand up and speak, would be better now.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualize it, we cannot change it, we cannot buy it, and also unfortunately at this human level we cannot know it. The truth is that you are not this body, […]

Press Interview Melbourne (Australia)


Interviewer: Is this your first visit here?

Shri Mataji: Oh no.

Interviewer: No?  How many times have you been here before?

Shri Mataji: Beg your pardon?

Interviewer: How many times have you been here?

Shri Mataji: I haven’t counted.  Must be how many times?  From 1974.

Interviewer: Right.

Shri Mataji: Practically every year.  Sometimes I missed one or twice.

Interviewer: And what is the main emphasis in your teaching?

Shri Mataji: To convey that within us lies a power which we call as Kundalini in the triangular bone and when awakened, […]

Virata Puja: Appreciation Should Be Practiced and Informal talk Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Virata Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 10 April 1991

Because of distances and also we had no ashram in Melbourne all these days, I found that the collectivity is not yet properly woven here and so I think best thing is, today, we must worship the Viraat.

Viraat is the Primordial Father you can say, or the One who is in our brain, acts for our collectivity. As the Kundalini rises ultimately She ends up by piercing through the fontanel bone area. […]

I will ask Mother for Yoga Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 2. Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne, Australia. 7 March 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. This last song that you have heard was written by poet called Namdeva in the year 12th century. And it says that I will go and ask Mother for my yoga, for the union with the divine. For so many years this is a folk lore, people have been singing in the villages of Maharashtra, this song and has described so clearly what I will do when I will go and ask for my yoga. […]

Address to Sahaja Yogis, about leaders Melbourne (Australia)

Address to Sahaja Yogis, about leaders


just she can’t have it, you know, under [UNCLEAR] Only thing is she should give it to God, you see, that’s the point is. [UNCLEAR] try. Hmm She’s much better now. Hmm, good – alright? What more? You are alright. [HINDI – Haan theek hai.] [MARATHI] Keep a candle for her on her left Swadishthana and the left hand towards the photograph, sit on the ground, […]

What have we to achieve by leading this human life? Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 1, Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne, Australia, March, the 6th, 1990

[The music group “Nirmal Sangeet Sarita” is performing while Shri Mataji arrives at the program and asks them to sing “Namostute” along with Australian Sahaja Yogis. Shri Mataji gets up from her chair, stands near the mike and starts.]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. So far, we have been seeking, so many other things. Some felt that by seeking money, […]

Music Program and Dance Melbourne (Australia)


Sahaja Yogi: This is the recording Shri Mataji 

Shri Mataji: Alright…

Sahaja Yogi: This is the broadcast microphone.

Shri Mataji: It is such a joyful day today,  that we have now Sahaja yogis for Musicians [unclear/from India . ] They have come to this country of Shri Ganesha to meet you all and to sing to you the praise of Sahaja Yoga. On their behalf, I have to say something that they are very happy, […]

Interview With Greek Journalist And Talk With Sahaja Yogis Greg and Cheryl Bradshaw's house, Melbourne (Australia)

Interview with a Greek Journalist, at Greg and Cheryl Bradshaw’s house, Melbourne (Australia), March 4th, 1990

Shri Mataji: What lotuses! Very surprising! Interviewer: I’ve heard that You’ve been brought up in some of – I’m a Greek descendant myself, I was born, my life birth [unsure] in an island in the Aegean Sea. And I’ve heard that You’ve been to Greece. Shri Mataji: Oh, Greece is tremendous! Tremendous people, Greeks. You see, they’re very traditional. They’re very traditional people and they understand this, […]

Airport Arrival & Talk to Sahaja Yogis: For our ascent is very important to be collective Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Informal Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Melbourne (Australia), 4 March 1990.

Very happy to be back here in Melbourne, after such a long gap, and everybody’s grown up so much; nice to see you all so healthy, beautiful and joyous. Of course I feel sad about the ashram that we have lost, that we should not have lost the ashram. But whatever has happened you can’t help it; but it’s important for Sahaja Yoga that we have to live together. […]

With the children at Airport, Miracle of the Biscuit Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)


Note: This where the ‘Miracle of the Biscuit’ took place. Shri Mataji was waiting for Her flight at Melbourne airport at the end of Her Visit, Abraham (the youngest one) offered Her his partly eaten biscuit. Shri Mataji then gave a piece of the biscuit to each of the children and returned the biscuit to Abraham in exactly the same partly eaten form in which he had given it. […]

Talk and Departure Melbourne (Australia)

Talk and Departure Melbourne (Australia) Thursday, May 14th, 1987

Shri Mataji: Thing, he was telling me that they haven’t yet given any permission, I don’t know what are they doing about it, I don’t know what’s all the things going on but you are coming back to England now? Is she here? [UNCLEAR Enn]

Sahaja Yogi: She is in Sydney Mother.

Shri Mataji: She is in Sydney. I wanted to talk to her about it, so I will talk to her in. […]

Interview for ‘The Age’ Newspaper Melbourne (Australia)

1987-05-13 Interview with Newspaper ‘ ‘The Age’ Melbourne NITL HD

Interviewer: Have you had a chance to look around, or everyone looking at you only, all the time?

Shri Mataji: (Laughing)No I have been looking around also and I went round to see places, but I have been to Australia before, four years so I have seen it quite a lot.

Interviewer: What are your impressions?

Shri Mataji: Ah, it’s a.. Australia has great potential I think and as far as the country’s abroad are concerned, […]

You have to achieve the Absolute Freedom Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 2. Melbourne (Australia), 13 May 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday I told you what is the truth and that is what we are seeking today. In all our seeking we may run after the mirage of money, of power, of friendship, of carnal love but ultimately we have to know, that we are running after the truth that is the Spirit. Yesterday I explained to you how the truth manifests itself through your finger-tips and you can find out about any disease or any trouble that is within you and without. […]

Conversation Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)


Shri Mataji: Really?

Sahaja Yogi: [UNCLEAR/Yes].

Shri Mataji: The whole mind is conditioned.

Sahaja Yogi: I mean, absolutely. It is like a record. Like a gramophone record going on.

Shri Mataji: Yes. I have seen this in China when Mao was there. See, the girl used to tell us anything like a record. Just she was saying it, without even thinking about it. See then I felt that this is some sort a possession this girl has got. […]

Interview Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Interview with Shri Mataji, Melbourne, Australia, 12-05-1987

Interviewer: Thank you for the invitation. This is an interview with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on the 12th of May, 1987. Interview begins 5 seconds from now. 

Interviewer: Shri Mataji, we’ve been told that there were three thousand people at your program in Sydney and the hundreds rushed forward after the program to speak to You and to shake You by the hand. This is a very unusual thing in Australia. […]

The Purpose is to know the Truth Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 1. Melbourne (Australia) 12 May 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

You are all here to seek the truth. One has to realize that truth is what it is. We have to know the truth; Truth does not have to know us. And the truth lies within us, within our being and the instrument of knowing the truth is what he has described it to you today. Now if you have got your eyes, […]

Address to Leaders Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Address to Leaders. Melbourne (Australia), 18 March 1985.
Shri Mataji: Better teach them how to manage this. But we have experienced now your wife should not be in charge. No woman should be in charge. If you want an assistance take another gentleman but not any woman whatsoever. While I think they don’t understand. If they go in administration they go off their heads. So best is to have another assistant, if you want somebody, ask your leader here or someone and then arrange. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: I depend on you very much Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Talk To Sahaja Yogis: I Depend On You Very Much

Farewell Talk. Melbourne (Australia), 18 March 1985.

Shri Mataji: There are some children to be blessed.Sahaja Yogi: Any of the children yet to be blessed.Shri Mataji: Those who are to be named. There are three, four children?Sahaja Yogi: It could be.Shri Mataji: Ah, this one. Hello, what’s his name?Sahaja Yogini: Shane.Shri Mataji: Shane. Call him Prashant alright? Prashant is a good name, meaning the peace that is being enlightened. Alright?Sahaja Yogini: Thank you, […]

Kundalini is the pure form Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 3 and Workshop 1985-03-17 Melbourne, Australia

Warren: [UNCLEAR] has really nothing to do with ultimately the process of Self-realization. It is a manifestation and it is that to tell our egos shut up. That’s the end of it. We needed some physical manifestation in our central nervous system consciously, to know that the process has started, so that, this rational thinking, mechanic, mechanistic brain would start to quieten down – start to quieten down. […]

Birthday Puja: Our maryadas Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Birthday Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 17 March 1985.
I am very joyous today to see all of you celebrating my birthday as well as having the national programme same day. It’s a good combination we have in the month of March. It’s regarded as springtime in India – madhumas (मधुमास). That’s what you sing, madhumas. And as you know 21st March is the equinox, so it is a balance and also the centre of all the signs you have in the horoscope. […]

Evening Program with Conversation After Marriages Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Talk After Marriages in Kew Ashram. Melbourne (Australia), 16 March 1985.
SRI MATAJI: Beautiful, beautiful, is really. It comes from the heart. The whole tune, everything so beautiful. Beautiful, absolutely. Is all the description, isn’t it? I don’t know what has happened to Christians now, where have they gone. Singing all these songs, feel so lost with them. It’s rather heavy, better take it out here.
DR. WARREN: No, no, I want to show you…
PETER COX: We wanted to show you Shri Mataji. […]

Marriages Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Marriages in Kew Ashram. Melbourne (Australia), 16 March 1985.
Shri Mataji: … ask all of them to stand at the back so all the people have to stand at the back so the girls can stand up. And bring their garlands and you have to … one garland to the boy.
[too much background noise to hear Shri Mataji]
They should all stand up and move back. All of you will have to stand this side. […]

Where are religions leading? Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Second Public Program, Melbourne (Australia), 15 March 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Everyone has been talking about truth; since long we have been hearing that we have to find out the truth, and there has been a evolutionary process even in our spiritual seeking. As you must have seen how gradually we are built up and how the divine personalities came on this earth to give us a new awareness, a new dimension, […]

Talk to Sahaja yogis before Marriages Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Talk Before Marriages, Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia), 15 March 1985.
Tomorrow we have decided to have the weddings in the evening time so, there are, how many people are getting married? Can you give Me the list of people? Yes. So many people are getting married. Now tomorrow, as the time is very short, as we have, they’ll be arriving tomorrow morning and they’ll be all be sleeping off, all the brides and bridegrooms, and I don’t know… […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Talk to Yogis, Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia), 14 March 1985. Late night, after public program.

This is the best you can give to your friends, instead of giving them parties, dinners. That’s how you become permanent friends.

So the children are enjoying themselves preparing the next occasion. Going to sit down with Modi today, and finalize the marriage program. All right? So I would like to have the names of the people who are getting married. […]

We are living in a relative world Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

First Public Program, Melbourne (Australia), 14 March 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.I bow to them because they are a special category of human beings which is described by William Blake as the men of God who will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. This is what is described by many other seers in India also.

All over the world people have talked about the resurrection time. Mohammed Sahib in His Koran has described that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. […]

Radio Interview Melbourne (Australia)


Interviewer: Right we’re going to talk about a kind of yoga, Sahaja Yoga if I’ve pronounced it correctly. And we’re going to talk to a lady called Shri Mataji. Hope I’ve got that right too. Sahaja Yoga is now a recognised religion and it’s catching on at a great rate here in Australia. In fact, the religion has just been granted permission to open a school here in Victoria and that school is situated at Kew. […]

Practice of Sahaja Yoga is more important than precept Melbourne (Australia)

Conversation with yogis. Melbourne (Australia), 13 March 1983.

Warren: They are just asking questions, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What kind?

Warren: Just practical.

Shri Mataji: Practical? That’s good, practical questions are very good.

Warren: Would you like to talk to them for a while?

Shri Mataji: First I talk to them and then ask the questions.

I am overjoyed to see you all here. Actually the whole night I was working on Melbourne seekers, that they should come today and should establish their realisation very well. […]

Sea Puja Shoreham Beach, Melbourne (Australia)

Unique Sea Puja on the beach. Melbourne (Australia), 12 March 1983.

Salutations to him who is All pravading
Salutations to him who is the support of all the being
Salutations to him who is pure and innocent
Salutations to him who is the self of all Being
Salutations to him who is the causes growth of Being
Salutations to him who’s nature is purity

Salutations to him who is the supremself
Salutations to him who is the highest of those who has attained..[UNCLEAR]… […]

Talkback Radio Interview 3UZ Melbourne (Australia)

Talkback Radio Interview 3UZ, Mebourne (Australia), 10 March 1983.

3UZ TALKBACK RADIO with Barry Everingham (first quarter of an hour was not recorded)

BE: Thank you George. Joan? Is Joan on the line. J: Yes.BE: Now you want to speak to the Mataji about the curing of alopecia?J: Yes I do.BE: We’ll, we’d better explain to the listeners what it is: it’s the falling out of hair in clumps. It’s not baldness.J: Well yes that’s…BE: Is that right?J: It’s areas of baldness.BE: Areas of baldness? […]

Radio Interview 3DB Melbourne (Australia)

Radio Interview 3DB, Melbourne (Australia), 10 March 1983.

Q: … Right now. Actually to be more specific, She’s in the studio with me right now … Shri Mataji and we’re going to talk to her. Good morning.

Shri Mataji: Good morning.

Q: How do I address you, do I call you.

Shri Mataji: Mother, you can call it, it is better to call Me Mother.

Q: All right thank you, Mother. Mother, now you are India’s living saint, […]

Your own guru within yourself — is your Spirit Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Day 3. Melbourne (Australia), 10 March 1983.

Introduction by Dr. Warren:

Again, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you again Mataji Nirmala Devi. For those of you who have been coming regularly to the series these last two nights and tonight, I think many of you will have experienced Self-realization. For those of you who haven’t, don’t despair, because it can be worked out in everyone. Not everyone keeps that gift of Self-realization, […]

The sensitivity to reality Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Second Public Program. Melbourne (Australia), 9 March 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. May God give you wisdom and understanding about the truth and about Himself.

Doctor Warren just now brought out a point that if somebody is doing this work in a split of a second, even on the television when it was only one minute, if it works out, then there has to be somebody special. All this kind of talk is not necessary in India, […]