Kundalini Gauri Puja Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Shri Kundalini Gauri Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 16 February 1992.

Come inside, you can, all of you can come inside, there is space. Every body, do space for these people, just move. This side.Don’t sit in the sun.

[Shri Mataji is speaking in Hindi.]

I’m sorry today I have to speak about something unpleasant to begin with, before the Puja. Later on we’ll have the Puja of the Kundalini, the Gauri. All right?

The unpleasant things are – […]

Informal talk Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Otherwise, they will not having so much authority because of this economic problem now [UNCLEAR]. As it is Ganesha’s country, I think it should start first here. This awakening among the media (?). Media (?) is the most difficult thing [UNCLEAR].
(Addressing a Yogi) You should get all the cuttings for me?
In India, they don’t mind this – I mean at least at the time of the Congress [UNCLEAR]. […]

Virata Puja: Appreciation Should Be Practiced and Informal talk Lake Road Ashram, Melbourne (Australia)

Virata Puja. Melbourne (Australia), 10 April 1991

Because of distances and also we had no ashram in Melbourne all these days, I found that the collectivity is not yet properly woven here and so I think best thing is, today, we must worship the Viraat.

Viraat is the Primordial Father you can say, or the One who is in our brain, acts for our collectivity. As the Kundalini rises ultimately She ends up by piercing through the fontanel bone area. […]