10th Day of Navaratri, Dassehra Celebrations Sydney (Australia)

Dassehra. Tenth day of Navaratri, Sydney (Australia), 21 October 2007.
Mother looks at yoginis, smiles and says ‘Very happy’.
Please sit comfortably.
Today is the (indistinct) great day , isn’t it (ji) Dassera.
[Yogis organize a microphone for Shri Mataji]
Is it coming?
So today is Dassera, is a very big day in India.  They say on this day Ravana was killed. He was the worst enemy of human beings, and he was killed.  But whatever it is then, […]

6th Day of Navaratri, On Drinking Sydney (Australia)

Sashti. Sixth night of Navaratri, Sydney (Australia), 17 October 2007.
Shri Mataji: This is too small. (speaks in Hindi) You can get a good hall here, very easily. Actually I never knew that there’s a programme otherwise I would have told you.  Here also, come along, there is room here. Can you hear me there? (Yogis ‘YES!’) Come forward, here put the piano that side in the corner? Why is she crying? What has she got, […]

2nd Day of Navaratri, Satisfy the Swadishthan Sydney (Australia)

Second day of Navaratri, October 13, 2007, Sydney, Australia
Come here also, come in, sit here, another one also (talking to people), come forward. There are people who could not sit. Can you go and see if every one is inside?
Sorry, I didn’t know you were all here. Now she said. So, I said, “All right”.
Shri Mataji: You can hear Me there?
Sahaja Yogis: Yes, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: All of you?
Sahaja Yogis: Yes, […]

How the mind is controlling us? Darling Harbour, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program, Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, 4 March 1996.

[Till 3.38 yogis singing devotional song ‘Jai Shri Ganesha

4.40 to 9.45 devotional song ‘Mother’s Joy’

10.12 to 33.55 Welcome address, background on Sahaj Yoga, introduction to Sahaj System and Chakras

34.00 to 42.12 yogis sing devotional song Sitting in the Heart of the Universe

43.20 to 50.25 yogis sing Sri Jagdambe

52.07 to 1.00.34 yogis sing Udaya Udaya

58.20 Shri Mataji comes in

1.01.20 to 1.03.58 Introduction of Mataji


I bow to all the seekers of Truth. […]

Mahashivaratri Puja: Motivate your attention Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

“Motivate your attention”, Mahashivaratri Puja. Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia), 3 March 1996.

Today we are going to do puja to Shiva, Shri Shiva. As you know, Shri Shiva is the reflection of Sadashiva within us.

I’ve already told about the reflection. Sadashiva is the God Almighty, the one who sees the play of Adi Shakti. But He is the Father who is watching each one of His Creation or Her Creation.

His support to Adi Shakti is entirely, […]

Farewell Talk Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)

Talk at the Airport. Sydney (Australia), 28 February 1995.

We have had really a very beautiful Shiva Puja here. It was never so good before, and so many people there. Everybody’s heart was opening.  It was really, in the land of, as if Shiva we were in there.  So I’ve told you about what is to be done, to develop detachment, and to understand.  I know lots of things from your Kundalini, and some people still have problem with agnya, […]

Achieving the last breakthrough of our evolution State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 21 February 1995.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset we have to know what is the truth. There are so many seekers of truth in these modern times which has been predicted that there will be many people who will be seeking the truth now as ordinary householders. Their life will be completely transformed in these modern times. They call it in the Koran as Kiama. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Listen to Me and also try to follow what I say Sydney (Australia)

Farewell Talk. Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia). 7 April 1994.

So, thank you very much for the greetings on this day. It was a Easter Monday when I got married that day, and also My baptism took place on Easter Monday. But you know our Easter Monday always changes according to the Monday it comes.

So it was quite a big venture for Me to marry. Actually, I did not need it at all. But as you know in India, […]

An Ancient Knowledge Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 6 April 1994.1I bow to all the Seekers of TruthI am very thankful to Mr Henry Tsang, for addressing you and introducing me to you, that’s verykind of him. It is the one the very rare occasions, where I have seen people in authority haveunderstood my work and have tried to help me.Whatever he said is really very remarkable, that all these greater people like Lao-Tse, who startedTaoism, Buddha, who was teaching Buddhism, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Lane Cove National Park, Sydney (Australia)

Lane Talk at Lane Cove National Park, near Sydney, Australia. 5 April 1994.
What a beautiful place to come to, isn’t it?
I have been here before also. You have such nice places on the outskirts. On the outskirts you have really very nice places in Sydney and this picnicking has helped you to make your collectivity better.
That’s how they started having picnics and in the picnics they developed the collectivity, which is very beautiful to be one with the nature, […]

Easter Puja: The responsibility on you is much more than on Christ Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

Easter Puja. Sydney (Australia), 3 April 1994.

I’m happy to know so many of you have come here – and I feel this is a very important Puja, not only for Australia but for the whole world, because it has the greatest message which we have actualised now in Sahaja Yoga.

We have to understand the message of Christ. There are many people in this world who try to show off that they are very great rationalists and that they have a right to pass any remark they like about Christ. […]

Talk, Money in Sahaja Yoga, Eve Of Easter Puja Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

Talk before Concert at Bundilla Camp. Sydney (Australia), 2 April 1994.

I’m very happy to see all of you here and that now we have so many Sahaja Yogis in Australia.

I think Australia has got the second position in Sahaja Yoga. Of course the first position if you exclude [interruption in recording] in the sense that if you exclude Russia and the Eastern bloc, then I would say maximum number of Sahaja Yogis we have now in Austria and the second is in Australia. […]

Final Talk of Australia Tour Sydney (Australia)

Final Talk of Australian Tour before Departure. Burwood Ashram Sydney (Australia), 5 March 1992.
So, the time has come to say farewell to all of you. I must say this time our Tour has been really very successful. There have been no obstructions no problems nothing, except for one stupid article, we had no problem and which they are going to look after. On the whole, we have learnt a lot this time and I think everybody has been feeling very much better because of Shivratri Puja. […]

The whole ocean of knowledge is within yourself University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia), 4 March 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. The absolute truth cannot be changed, cannot be conceptualized. Above all, unfortunately, at this human awareness we cannot feel it and we cannot understand it. Now, whatever I am going to tell you about yourself you have to take a scientific attitude and keep a open mind. […]

After Self-Realization you speak the language of the Chakras Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 2. Sydney (Australia), 3 March 1992.

[Sahaja Yogis
sing the great mantras then the song “Vishwa vandita”]

[Talk starts at

I’m happy that they could sing all

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

[No sound up to

… absolute Truth. Now, the truth is
that there is an All-pervading power of God’s love which does all
the living work in this Universe. The second truth is that we are not
this body, […]

Sensitivity to Spirituality is Important Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 1. Sydney (Australia), 2 March 1992.

Welcoming address by Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney Mr. Henry Tsang.

[Shri Mataji speaks from minute 16:26.]

I would like to thank you very much, the Deputy Mayor, sir, for your kind introduction to the subject of yoga. 

In Sahaja Yoga… Yoga means your connection with the all-pervading power of God’s love which we call as “Self-realisation” which is really very important because once it happens, automatically all those things that are promised in the yoga system of Buddhism or yoga system in Zen, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: You should never say that: “Mother said so.” Sydney (Australia)

Talk on Arrival at Burwood. Sydney (Australia), 27 February 1992.

. . . but all of you are not here. It doesn’t matter. There’s a certain thing I’m discovering, that you people always say: “Mother said so, Mother said so”, and making a fundamental thing out of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not proper. You should never say that: “Mother said so.” It’s not needed at all, why to say? You all have freedom, you have absolute freedom. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: What have I done for God? Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)

Talk in transit to Canberra, Sydney Airport. 11 February 1992.

We had this Ganesha Puja, and I really spoke very nicely on equilibrium. And the rain, expressed its equilibrium, but when they were singing, it was very quiet. And when it stopped for a short time suddenly it came with a complete gusto and sang some songs and went away again. Just for the aarti to start with. It’s very beautiful it was. So dramatic. Very interesting.So all preparations are done for the puja? […]

Selected questions and Answers from Public Programs in Sydney, University of NSW and Wollongongn Tour Sydney (Australia)

Selected questions and Answers from Public Programs in Sydney, University

Yogi: He says there must have been a state, in our lives where we were connected with this Power, how did we lose it?

Shri Mataji: We lost it long time back. That’s it. You were connected that’s true but, this Adam and Eve, that’s the point when we lost God. We had to take to this course of evolution. They wouldn’t accept, so we had to go through this long process. […]

Farewell Talk Sydney (Australia)

Farewell Talk. Sydney (Australia), 19 April 1991.
Now because there’ll be so many Sahaja yogis here and it will work out, not only for Sydney, but other places, like New Castle was a surprise. You’ve seen New Castle how it worked out. You have to go to other, smaller places which are around.
So, we have to know that Sydney people who are now coming to Sahaja Yoga and we have to strengthen ourselves by meditating also and also by spreading Sahaja Yoga across. […]

Dwijah – Twice Born University of Sydney, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. University in Sydney (Australia), 19 April 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we’ll have to know one thing that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot conceptualize it moreover unfortunately, we cannot know it at human awareness. I’m very thankful to you Sir for inviting Me to speak to young academic people here about, as you wrote to Me that you would like to know about every type of religion. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Preschool Talk Sydney (Australia)

Preschool Talk. Sydney (Australia), 17 April 1991.
Left anyone? All of them? Nice flowers, eh? Mummy got for you?
Ah, these are also? They’re from primary. Oh, that’s My hand! Thank you.
The whole place is a school, is it? Whole place is a school? School ashram. How many there are?
[Teacher: Shri Mataji, the children have made these paintings for You.]
Ah! They have great feeling. . She didn’t have any drawing before? […]

The purpose of the Kundalini State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 2, Sydney (Australia), 17 April 1991.

at 40:55

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

You have been already told about these centres within us. Their qualities and these three channels which constitute them. But one may ask why all this instrument plays within us? With what purpose? And why evolution has to go further? The reason is you have to now become the Spirit. Go beyond your physical, emotional, mental being and become the Spirit. […]

The truth is extremely simple State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 1, Sydney (Australia), 16 April 1991.

I must apologize for being late but we were held
up in a funny way, watching a big ship passing through and the gate would not
open. I hope you don’t mind.

I bow to all, all of you who are seekers of
truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot organize
truth. You cannot conceptualize it. Unfortunately, […]

Easter Puja: Purity, Morality, Children Bundilla Scout Camp, Sydney (Australia)

Easter Puja. Sydney (Australia), 31 March 1991.

Today we are here to worship Christ as He was resurrected from dead. There are lots of theories about His death, but actually He resurrected Himself and then He went down to India and settled there with His Mother. After period of His resurrection is not described in any books, as such, but in one of the Puranas written about Shalivana, one of the kings of the dynasty I belong to, […]

Talk on Children and Musical Program, Eve Of Easter Puja Sydney (Australia)

Talk on Children and Music Program (by Nirmal Sangeet Sarita). Sydney (Australia), 30 March 1991.
I am so very happy to be in Australia with you all. Australia is one of the major Sahaja Yoga center, and people are very nice and they are really doing very well here, no doubt about it. I was told there are hundred-and-fifty children today, so now you are prospering otherwise also! They’re all born-realized children and they are going to come up very soon, […]

Departure Conversation with Yogis Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)

Conversation with Yogis, Departure Sydney Airport, Sydney (Australia), March, 21st, 1990
Now you have to be very careful, alright. And don’t allow collectitivty to be broken by anyone. I now feel that [Gibs?] was a very evil person, very evil man. He has harmed so many people, he has made so many people get out of Sahaja Yoga, also he tortured some people, he beat some people, not only he wiped himself but he was not a very good man, […]

Birthday Puja: Sincerity Curzon Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Puja for the 67° Birthday, Sydney (Australia), 21 March 1990.

What enthusiasm all over the world! The whole of Sydney, I think, has been drenched of all their flowers. And such nice things to say, the cards and the letters and the beautiful poems, the children are singing beautifully. Words fail to express the feelings of such jubilation and such sincere feeling of happiness.

You needed a Mother to look after you, to care for you and to be able to transform you with lot of wisdom. […]

Eve of Birthday Puja, Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Don’t create groups Sydney (Australia)

Eve of Birthday Puja. Sydney (Australia), 20 March 1990.

So my tour of Australia has come to an end.

Today is a day I can say it’s all very well done. We have had a very good response. I didn’t expect that much everywhere. It was tremendous. And very great things have happened, some miracles also, during this visit.

And one has to know that Sahaja Yogis have to be with great potential manifesting. If they are then it triggers very well, […]

Swadishthan, Thinking, Illness Part 2 Hilton Hotel Sydney, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 2, “Swadishthan, Thinking, Illness”. Hilton hotel, Sydney (Australia), 17 March 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I’m happy you all are enjoying this music and this dancing, and about these artists I have to say that after coming to Sahaja Yoga, at a very young age they achieved such mastery. Because, when the Kundalini rises, as I told you, She enriches your centres.

The centre about which I was going to talk to you today is the centre of creativity (Swadishthan) which looks after your power of action, […]

Swadishthan, Thinking, Illness Part 1 Hilton Hotel Sydney, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Day 1, “Swadishthan, Thinking, Illness”. Hilton hotel, Sydney (Australia), 16 March 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

You have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualise it with our human awareness. We cannot order it, we cannot manipulate it, we cannot organise it. It is what it is, has been and will be. And what is the truth? Truth is that we are surrounded or we are penetrated or we are nourished, […]

The Powers of Kundalini, Interview Shri Mataji with Stephen Taylor Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

The Power of kundalini (Interview) Shri Mataji with Stephen Taylor, Friday, March 16, 1990

Stephen Taylor: Shri Mataji, what is Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Sahaja. Saha means ‘with’.Ja means ‘born’. So it is born with you.’ The right’ to become ‘united,’ which is the yoga with the Divine.

Stephen Taylor: And this Sahaja yoga is something that everybody can have, is it? Is it something, everybody can practice?

Shri Mataji: Of course.

Stephen Taylor: And how does this connect with the divine take place? […]

Talk before Katak Dance: Three Gunas and Eternity Sydney (Australia)

Talk Before Katak Dance. Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia), 15 March 1990.

Shri Mataji: You see now she’s going to dance on a song, so she said space is all right for her. So to acquaint with you this kind of dancing called as katak, comes from the word katar, meaning the story telling. It’s said [INAUDIBLE] of the Northern Indian. Her guru is a very well known artist in this realm, and she has had a very intensive training in that. […]

Seek the eternal, and treat the transitory with all understanding about it University of Sydney, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program for Members of Department of Religious Studies at the University of Sydney (Australia), 15 March 1990.

Sahaja Yogi : Will you be standing up ?Shri Mataji: I think so, would be better. Or if you think it’s alright, then it’s alright. They can see me on the tips.[Long introduction to Shri Mataji by a Sahaja Yogi]Shri Mataji: Thank you very much.I bow to all the seekers of truth.At the very outset, we have to know one thing, […]