How the mind is controlling us? Darling Harbour, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program, Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, 4 March 1996.

[Till 3.38 yogis singing devotional song ‘Jai Shri Ganesha

4.40 to 9.45 devotional song ‘Mother’s Joy’

10.12 to 33.55 Welcome address, background on Sahaj Yoga, introduction to Sahaj System and Chakras

34.00 to 42.12 yogis sing devotional song Sitting in the Heart of the Universe

43.20 to 50.25 yogis sing Sri Jagdambe

52.07 to 1.00.34 yogis sing Udaya Udaya

58.20 Shri Mataji comes in

1.01.20 to 1.03.58 Introduction of Mataji


I bow to all the seekers of Truth. […]