Public Program, The last breakthrough of our evolution State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 21 February 1995.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset we have to know what is the truth. There are so many seekers of truth in these modern times which has been predicted that there will be many people who will be seeking the truth now as ordinary householders. Their life will be completely transformed in these modern times. They call it in the Koran as Kiama. […]

Public Program Day 2 State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program Sydney (Australia), 17 April 1991.

at 40:55

bow to all the seekers of Truth. You have been already told about
these centers within us. Their qualities and these three channels
which constitute them. But one may ask why all this instrument plays
within us? With what purpose? And why evolution has to go further?
The reason is you have to now become the spirit. Go beyond your
physical, emotional, mental being and become the spirit. […]

Public Program Day 2 State Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. day 2, Sydney, Australia, 8 May 1987.
Sahaja Yogi: We said on our National television to day that sahaja yoga is a respectable yoga because of some so called yogas that have gone before.
Shri Mataji has come to show us the truth because that’s what we all desire for. That we have a special reason for existence, it is to find the truth. And those of us who have been blessed to be with Her have found the truth. […]