Public Program: An Ancient Knowledge Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 6 April 1994.
I bow to all seeks of the Truth
I very thank full to Mr Henry Sank for addressing you and introducing me to you, that’s very kind of him it is the one the very rare occasions where I have seen people in authority have understood my work and have tried to help me. Whatever he said is really very remarkable that all these greater people like say lao-Tse who started Taoism, […]

Public Program Day 2 Sydney Town Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 3 March 1992.

[Sahaja Yogis
sing the great mantras then the song “Vishwa vandita”]

[Talk starts at

I’m happy that they could sing all

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

[No sound up to

… absolute Truth. Now, the truth is
that there is an All-pervading power of God’s love which does all
the living work in this Universe. The second truth is that we are not
this body, […]