Sahasrara Puja Evening Talk Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Thredbo (Australia)

Sahasrara Puja Evening Talk. Thredbo (Australia) 3 May 1987.

I hope today’s lecture did not shock you very much. I had to tell you about it, otherwise you would not know your importance, your greatness, your responsibilities. But I must warn you about the ghost as I told you, because a mother has to warn about the ghost to frighten the children, that’s important; and the ghost is materialism, as I said, which has become so important. […]

Sahasrara Puja: The Ghost of Materialism Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Thredbo (Australia)

“The Ghost of Materialism”, Sahasrara puja. Thredbo (Australia), 3 May 1987.

Today is a very great day for all the Sahaja yogis. It was a long time back that I desired Sahasrara should be opened out. But waiting for a right time. It was important to do it at the right time.

A boy in Aurangabad, quite young, asked Me a question, “Mother, this All-pervading Power of Brahmachaitanya is beyond senses, you cannot feel it through senses. […]

Pre-Sahasrara Puja Talk: Accept the Truth as it is Thredbo Alpine Hotel, Thredbo (Australia)

Evening before Sahasrara puja. Thredbo (Australia), 2 May 1987.

Talk after singing (not on video).

So very nice to see you all here, all my children. Your love out beats me. I really find no words to express my feelings. The way you have taken to Sahaja Yoga and the way you have established yourself in Sahaj Yog. I know it is very difficult to spread Sahaja Yoga. Everywhere it is difficult because you know these are the times of kaliyuga. […]