Guru Puja: Cosmic Consciousness Gmunden (Austria)

Guru Puja. Gmunden (Austria), 6 July 1986.

Please be seated.

I’m spell-bound to see all this beautiful expression of your love. Such attention and creativity. I must be the luckiest guru to get the outside nature reproduced here so beautifully. After seeing this, no guru can escape complete melting of his heart.

Actually, My disciples are very clever people. They can neutralize any guru. So that guru’s staff which is used for disciplining the disciple also melts away into a lotus. […]

Talk, Eve of Guru Puja Gmunden (Austria)

Evening before Guru Puja. Gmunden (Austria), 5 July 1986.

(Sahaja Yogis singing)

Shri Mataji: Beautiful! Now, we should have one joyous song also, after the victory of Christ.

(Sahaja Yogis singing)

Shri Mataji: May God bless you!

I find it difficult to express My joy and gratitude for all of you to come down here specially to express the thankfulness towards Austrians, who have arranged this beautiful spot for all of you to come for this puja. […]