There is an alternative Alpheusdal, Antwerp (Belgium)

1993-07-18 Public Program, Antwerp, Belgium

I am sorry there was an accident on the way and it took us so much time that they were delayed and we were also delayed. I hope you will excuse us.

[Shri Mataji explains the bhajan written by Saint Namadeva ‘Nirgunanchi Bheti Aalo Sugunasange’]

“This song, this song is an introduction very much because it’s a song which was created in the sixteenth century by a very famous musician – I should say a very famous poet – called Namadeva. […]

It is so invaluable, that you cannot pay for it Auditorium General Motors, Antwerp (Belgium)

1987-10-08 Public Program Day 2 and Q+A, Antwerp, Belgium

PART I (Talk)

I am sorry the hall is so far away, you found it so difficult to come here.
I bow to all the people who are seeking the truth. Yesterday I explained to you that truth is what it is, will be the same. And a simple truth is that you are the spirit. You are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these conditionings, […]

How do we get to the roots? Antwerp (Belgium)

Public Program, Brussels 1986-0919

In the world today, we find an uncertain fear of a great shock. (I think little louder, they are not hearing) It could be from the atomic explosion, could be from some financial catastrophe, but the destruction is now going to come through our inner being. We have paid attention to the outward world, but we have paid no attention whatsoever to our inner being. In the west, the search has been outside, […]