Public Program Universiada Hall, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Public Program
I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know the truth is what it is. We cannot cheat it and we cannot conceptualize it. Also unfortunately at this human awareness we cannot know it. There is something more that has to happen to our awareness. Whatever I am telling you today you need not accept it blindfoldedly But you should keep your minds open like scientist. Treat it as a hypothesis and if proved you have to accept it as truth. […]

Public Program Day 1 Universiada Hall, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Public Program. Sofia (Bulgaria), 24 July 1990.
I bow to all the seekers of truth. We have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot conceptualize it and we cannot know it with our human awareness. All this growth outside of our civilization is like a big tree but we have to know our roots how to be found out and they are within the human being. Whatever you have been told about the roots within ourselves, […]