You cannot purchase the person who is going to give you your ascent Massey Theatre, New Westminster (Canada)

Public Program. Vancouver (Canada), 11 June 2000.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we should know what is the truth? And what are we seeking? In all the scriptures, it has been said that “Know thyself”. You have to know yourself. If you do not know yourself, your seeking will go on for ever. And that is the main problem, with the modern seekers, who are going from places to places, […]

Press Conference Vancouver, Sutton Place Hotel (Canada)

Press Conference. Sutton Place Hotel, Vancouver (Canada), 27 June 1999.

QUESTION: My first question to you is what is yoga?

Shri Mataji: Yoga is actually it means that union with the Divine, with the Divine Power which surrounds us. We are not aware of it, but it is described in all the religions that there is an all-pervading power of Divine Love and that is what one has to get connected to. That is real yoga.The other yogas that people talk of Patanjali are for thousand s of years, […]

Public Program Hindu Temple Burnaby, Burnaby (Canada)

Talk at the Hindu Temple (Hindi). Vancouver (Canada), 27 June 1999.
Translation from Hindi:
My salutations to the seekers of Truth. We go to the temples to see the God. And we want to achieve him. Not only that, we have several desires in our heart, which we think that god will fulfil. We go to Temples, for several reasons, thinking that the environment of that place will give us peace and satisfaction. It is true that all these things can happen, […]

Something is missing in us and what is that we have to find out Vancouver, Canada Place (Canada)

1999-06-26 Public Program in Vancouver

am delighted to convey my warmest greetings to everyone celebrating
the arrival of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Canada. I would also like
to join with you in welcoming such a distinguished visitor to our
country. Canadians take great pride in our individuality and at the
same time are unified by our shared ideals and values. The
preservation and enhancement of heritage and culture are unique to
Canada’s vision of nationhood. […]

How to be connected to the Torsion area? Toronto (Canada)

Public Program, Toronto canada

I bow to all the seekers of the truth. It is very important for us to know what is the truth .instead that we get lost because we are all seekers.we are seeking because we are not satisfied with our life , with life of others ,with the life around ,some or other reasons .I donot know what is the matter. Now some have become the ardent seekers very ardent seekers and they are trying to find out what should they do ?how should they find out the truth .There are also so many people in this world who come down from all over the world to tell you about the truth ,to talk about the truth,Some are not real Most of them are not real atleast [unclear] they are into some sort of business even the religion has become the business if you see every religion is nothing but a business. […]

Arrival Toronto, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada)

1999-05 -26 Arrival at Airport Toronto

[Yogis waiting for Shri Mataji Shri Mataji arrived. Yogi giving flowers to Shri Mataji.]

Shri Mataji: All Canadians are very tall Yogis: Laugh!

Shri Mataji: vibrations still good, I have given realization at least 6-7 people inside. Canada has been really so fast, I do not understand. Now also America is improving, I really amazed. And also in America, they accepted Sahaja Yoga.[Shri Mataji speaking Hindi with yogis]Shri Mataji: its running in you, […]

Oh Mother! Take me out of this webs of words Toronto, University of Toronto (Canada)

Public Program, Canada, 1997-0622

Yogi: Can you turn the house lights off, please?

Good evening everybody and welcome to this [UNCLEAR] of program on sahaja yoga, in the presence of Her Holiness, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We shall now going to have, now have a brief introduction on the different aspects regarding sahaja yoga and basically it is going to be an introduction to ourselves that after Shri Mataji comes and She begins Her discourse, we are going to try to have before that a background in our minds uh.. […]

Public Program Vancouver, St. Andrew's Wesley Church (Canada)

1997-06-20 Public Program, Vancouver, Canada

I bow to all the seekers of Absolute truth. At the very outset, you have to know that truth is truth. You cannot change it. You cannot transfer it and you cannot describe it. Truth is to be experienced as told by all the saints, all the incarnations. You can not purchase it. You can not pay for it. It’s a funny psychology when people say that we can’t believe you because you don’t take money. […]

Awakened Kundalini integrates your personality Toronto, Convocation Hall (Canada)

Public Program. Toronto (Canada), 19 September 1996.

Unless and until you become the pure Spirit, you will not know the truth. Only through the purity of your Spirit you can know the truth. We see here beautiful flowers, [unclear: very] beautiful flowers, and we take them for granted. We never even think how miraculous it is that different kinds of flowers are grown by the Mother Earth and how she has created all these colors and how they maintain their heights, […]

Arrival Toronto, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada)

Arrival at Airport Toronto, September 19th, 1996

[Yogis waiting for Shri Mataji]
[Shri Mataji arrived]
[Yogis giving flowers to Shri Mataji]

Yogi: Shri Mataji, this is “Welcoming letter” from our prime minister

Yogi: I am sure Shri Mataji you will get it peace award, we all pray for it

Shri Mataji: They were really very open, and Mr.Shrivastava talked to them, that is what we want, all the superficiality is useless, Mr Shrivastava said to me nobody done work like you around the world. […]

Arrival: Shri Mataji working on some yogis Toronto, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada)

1995-1014 Arrival at Airport Toronto

[Yogis singing a welcome song][Shri Mataji arrived]Shri Mataji: I must say we had a very good meeting yesterday, and so many people, very surprised, they all got their realization in 5 minutes. I hope this will happen again here as well. [Hindi]Shri Mataji: How are you all?Yogis: Very good![Yogi giving flowers to Shri Mataji.][Hindi][Shri Mataji working on some yogis.]

[After greeting finished Shri Mataji going toward her car and leaving the airport.]

[Yogis farewell to Shri Mataji.] […]

Achieve the state of self knowledge Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

1994-09-26 Public Program in Vancouver

I bow to all the seekers of truth at the very outset We have to know that Truth is what it is You cannot change it You cannot describe it Unfortunately at this human awareness, you cannot know it Whatever. I am going to tell you today Please do not accept it Blindfolded We have had lots of problems With this blindfolded failed so far so best is to keep your mind open like scientist and Treat my talk as a hypothesis and if you find it That what I am saying saying can be proved then you must accept it Because it is for your benevolence It is for the benevolence of your family It is for the benevolence of your city many Valence of Your country the Benevolence of the whole world So what is the truth the truth is? […]

You Are To Be Connected Toronto (Canada)

Public Program. Toronto (Canada), 5 October 1993.

[Tape began in mid-sentence] You cannot change it, you cannot transform it, you cannot conceptualize it, unfortunately, at this human state you cannot know it. Whatever today I’m going to tell you, you have to listen to it, please don’t believe blindfolded. Keep your mind open as a scientist. If it is proved, then as honest people you have to believe, because it is for your benevolence, it is for the benevolence of your country, […]

How to transform the human awareness into another dimension? Vancouver (Canada)

1992-09-13 Public Program in Vancouver

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. It is something that we cannot know with this human awareness, we cannot think about it, we cannot conceptualize it, we cannot read about it. So, this human awareness has to be transformed into another dimension, then only we will know what is the truth. We have to know the absolute truth, […]

Hamsa Chakra Puja Vancouver (Canada)

Hamsa Chakra Puja, Vancouver (Canada), 13 September 1992.
Today we are going to worship the Hamsa Chakra. So far we have been always worshipping a Deity and this is the second time you are worshipping this centre of Hamsa. Now this chakra is, it is, you know, placed between the two eyebrows and two eyes represent the left and the right side. So this centre is very much guided by our eyes, by our ears, by our nose, […]

Canadadesha Public Program (Evening) Vancouver (Canada)

Public Program “Canadadesha”. Vancouver (Canada), 11 August 1990.

Some people who cannot sit can come down here if they want, could be comfortable. Please. I think Sahaja Yogis should give them way. Please come, there’s lot of room here, on the stage please.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to understand that truth is what it is. We can not conceptualize it. We can not organize it and we can not know it at human awareness. […]

Shri Mahasaraswati Puja: Vishnumaya a very fiery personality (Afternoon) Lions Bay, Ashram in Lions Bay (Canada)

Shri Mahasaraswati Puja. Vancouver (Canada), 11 August 1990.

When they asked Me what puja we should have in Vancouver, I had heard about this ashram that it is placed in very beautiful surroundings of nature and, as nature is being created by the power of Saraswati, I thought best would be to have the Puja of Saraswati here. Another thing is that when people live in nature, they become extremely creative, their delicate feelings are preserved and they are never in a rush; […]

The essence of all the religions: Seek the Eternal Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

Public Program, Vancouver (Canada), 17 June 1989.

We have to be the Spirit, we are not this body, we are not this channels either, we are not the subconscious and we are not the supraconscious. We are not this ego, or these conditioning and these habits because we say, ” I have got habits.” So who is this I? ” I have got children”, who is the I? “I have got two eyes”, who is this I? […]

Shri Mahakali Puja: Let us get very powerful Ganesha Shakti Vancouver, Ambleside ashram in West Vancouver (Canada)

Shri Mahakali Puja, Vancouver (Canada). 17 June 1989, morning.

So, today, in the city of Vancouver, we have gathered here to pray for the country of Canada, and also for the Canadian people. Also, we have to know that there are lots of negative forces working, and there has to be some puja to be done, to the Mahakali force. And so, I thought today, ‘Let’s have the puja for Mahakali’. So, Mahakali puja is the same as you do the Devi’s puja, […]

Enlightenment of your central nervous system Toronto (Canada)

1989-06-15 Public Program in Toronto

YOGI: Shri Mataji has arrived and I would like to tell you that I have been with Her for about thirteen years and I have seen the miracles that She has performed in giving people the experience that they have sought for lifetimes. She is renowned in India as the greatest living saint, She is known throughout Europe. In Italy, they have recognized Her as the Mother and I hope in North America you recognize who She truly is. […]

CKLM Interview with Edita Frazer Toronto (Canada)

1989-06-15 CKLM Interview, Toronto

Interviewer Edita Frazer: First of all I’ll just talk to you about what it is I’m talking about on the show and then we can do the recording. It should be about 10 minutes.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Edita: And, um, on the show for the past year I’ve been doing it, I keep talking about all these world problems, you know.

Shri Mataji: Yeah.

Edita: Um, The environment.

Shri Mataji: Ah. […]

Puja and Havan for new Yogis Toronto (Canada)

1983-10-10 Puja and Havan for new Yogis, Toronto, Canada

Shri Mataji: Now Shri Ganesha prayer first, just the names, just the prayer will do, just tell them that we have to first establish the innocence and innocence is Shri Ganesh who incarnated on the earth as Jesus Christ.

Sahaja Yogi: Perhaps you would like to tell them Mother.

Shri Mataji: Ah.

Sahaja Yogi: Maybe you would like to tell them

Shri Mataji: All right. We do two things today, […]

What is going to happen after Self-Realization? Toronto (Canada)

Public Program Day 3


[Dr Warren gives an introductory talk. The transcript of this talk follows the main program transcript]. 

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of joy. What Warren has told you is Absolute Truth; no doubt about it. But we were not so sure as to say these things out or not. Because it is not tactful sometimes, to tell these things to people. The Truth is too much, […]

See for yourself actually, what reality is Toronto (Canada)

Public Program Day 2

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. Yesterday we were talking about our seeking and the seeking is achieved or manifested by the third center, which we call as the naval center, within ourselves. As I told you yesterday, there are people who are seeking joy in money, in power, in so many things like that but ultimately they discover that it does not lie in all these gross things but there is something beyond they have to seek and when they reach that state, […]

What is love? Toronto (Canada)

Public Program Day, Toronto, Canada, October 7th, 1983

M.C.: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome all of you to this most auspicious program that is being held for the first time in university.

Shri Mataji: [Hindi words…] I cannot…

M.C.: You have been seeking…

Shri Mataji: Something wrong. Can’t hear.

INTRODUCTION BY MC: You have been seeking in the wild for quite some time.Here, I have introduced Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi-ji, who is a mother, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: He will be incarnated again as eleven Rudras Vancouver, West Vancouver ashram (Canada)

Shri Ganesha Puja, Vancouver (Canada), 6 October 1983.

In the West, you have grown very big outside like a tree has grown very big. But it must find its roots.Otherwise the whole tree can fall off without nutrition. Soyou must know the knowledge of the roots. Without the knowledge of the roots the tree has no meaning. So this may be a little new thing for you to understand but you must know, to know the knowledge of the roots you have to become subtle. […]

Awakening of Kundalini just takes split of a second Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

Public Program Day 2, Vancouver, Canada, 05-10-1983

[Sahaja Yogi gives an introduction of Shri Mataji]

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. I knew that in Vancouver there are many real seekers, seeking the Truth. But the time is so short and the world is so large. I have been traveling and traveling and am here only for tomorrow. Doesn’t matter, whatever may be the span of time, awakening of the Kundalini just takes a split of a second, […]

TV Interview Vancouver (Canada)

TV Interview

Shri Mataji:
…meaning Your attention with your spirit. That what Christ was said, that we are born again. And this born again it is not just certificate, it’s not something artificial, but it is happening within us, you can see it clearly, the rising of this power from your secret bone. Greeks knew the meaning of the word sacrum because sacrum means secret. And this power rises you can feel it, like a heart bit going up, […]

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet” Vancouver (Canada)

CBC Radio Interview “The Planet”
Presenter: [Missing part] come to Vancouver. But unlike some others this one is not after your money. As a matter of fact, She brands those gurus or teachers that are after your money as fakes. Shri Mataji Devi lives in London with Her husband, the United Nations diplomat. As a child in India She knew She was different, and Her character trait Mahatma Gandhi also recognized when he asked Her to stay and worked with him. […]

So the purpose of human life is only manifested when it is put to the Mains Vancouver (Canada)

Public Program day 1. Vancouver (Canada), 3 October 1983.

I bow to all the Seekers of Truth. Seekers of Truth are a special category of people, as just now Mr Graham has told you that we have centres within us, which is called as Nabhi centre or the Naval centre, which gives us the capacity to seek.

First, we seek in money, power, all ego stuff and then ultimately, we find that all these things do not give us the Joy, […]

An experience of a Kundalini Vancouver, Kitsilano Secondary School (Canada)

Public Program. Vancouver (Canada), 9 October 1981.

It’s very kind of you, all of you to have come today, to meet me. It was really a very short visit, the shortest that I have ever done, because somebody told Me that in Canada there is an ocean of seekers, there are many, many seekers here and very true seekers.

So I just wanted to see what was the situation, to have a look at it. I did not expect. […]

Morning Radio CJOR Interview with Rafe Mair Vancouver (Canada)

Morning Radio CJOR Interview with Rafe Mair

Presenter: Well, I have a very interesting last hour for you, and I should tell you that if you hear strange noises coming over your radio, is because I am surrounded by private television set, or television recorder, that’s recording this interview, and we have all kinds of people here that we don’t normally have. Reminds me of my first day in the year. My listeners may remember when they had all the television cameras in here; […]