Puja Bogota (Colombia)

1992-10-12 Puja in Bogota
I’m very happy to be with you all here.
Estoy muy feliz de estar con todos vosotros hoy aquí.
As if you already know about Sahaja.
Como si todos vosotros ya supierais sobre Sahaja.
Today I must tell you that the Goddess took her birth nine times on this earth.
Hoy sé que la Diosa nació nueve veces sobre la tierra, antes.
And today is the seventh day of her worship, of the nine. […]

Shri Jesus Christ Puja Bogota (Colombia)

Shri Jesus Christ Puja. Bogota (Colombia), 26 June 1989.
Today I would like to tell you about Christ and Christianity because that’s very important, because this country is very Catholic and even if you are Protestants or Catholics, the church has not fulfilled what Christ wanted them to do, which you can see very clearly.
If you read Bible you’ll find that Christ has been described as the son of Mother Mary, born out of immaculate conception. […]

Public Program Hotel Dann Colonial, Bogota (Colombia)

Public Program. Bogota (Colombia), 20 July 1988.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
When we talk of truth we have to know that the truth is, was and will be. We cannot organize it, we cannot change it and we cannot conceive it. We have to understand it as it is. But the truth that we know only through our sensitive central nervous system, like I see you all sitting here and also you can see Me sitting here through you eyes is the truth. […]

Sahastrara Puja Bogota (Colombia)

Sahastrara Puja, 1st Puja in South America. Bogota (Colombia), 20 July 1988.
That’s is a such a great pleasure to be here, in Colombia,  which was mine greatest desire,   long time back , that not how,  if I could come later to  this country  I maybe be able to start Sahaja yoga here, because I did feel at that time  there are  a lot of seeker and very good people  in Colombia , they are the  seekers of truth and  want to rise higher in theirs awakenings. […]