The Real Becoming, Seminar Old Alresford Place, Alresford (England)

The Real Becoming Old Arlesford Seminar, Near Winchester, Hampshire, England, 1980

These mixtures, now think of it. This is only because I have given you birth. Nobody could have done before this, I tell you. You can cure others; you can give speeches on Sahaja Yoga. You can know your own problems; you can cure your own parents. You can cure your own surroundings. You can clean yourself and others. Only with Realization it starts. It’s all in a bundle. […]

Preparation for Becoming, Evening Seminar Old Alresford Place, Alresford (England)

Seminar in Old Alresford 1980 (England), 17 May 1980.

Face yourself for becoming. Then the preparation is done to become something and on the whole, when you know that it is your ego and superego which are loading you up, you have to scan them out with vibratory awareness.

Now there are two types of attention we have to pay. First is a constant attention that is a routine of a Sahaja Yogi, and the second one is the emergency attention.I have been saying that all the Sahaja Yogis must start writing their diaries: one with every day’s experiences, […]

What is a Sahaja Yogi, Morning Seminar Old Alresford Place, Alresford (England)

What is a Sahaja Yogi, Morning of Seminar, Old Alresford (England), 17 May 1980.

We must know that Sahaja Yoga is a living process. It is the same type of a process by which a seed sprouts into a tree. It is a living process. So it is God’s job. I mean He has to do it. It is not your job. To sprout the seed is His job.

But the problem comes in because, at this stage where human being is the seed, […]