Mother’s Day Puja: Talk on Children University of Birmingham, Birmingham (England)

Seminar, Mother’s Day Puja, Talk on Children. Birmingham, England. 1985. 21 April 1985.
Please be seated. Gavin has not come? Gavin is not there?
The ladies with the children also must sit down for the puja. They haven’t yet arrived? Someone must go and tell them.
Yogi: Somebody with a car please get up to the main point and tell people that they should arrive. Preferably a gentleman with the car.
Shri Mataji: What are they doing? […]

Seminar, Mahamaya Shakti, Evening, Improvement of Mooladhara University of Birmingham, Birmingham (England)

Mahamaya Shakti seminar, evening, Birmingham, (UK), 20 April 1985

Shri Mataji: Please be seated.Is it all right this one?Are you recording all right?Sahaja Yogi: Yes MotherShri Mataji: So, this is how Mahamaya plays. They had planned everything. They had all the arrangements made and the sari was missing. All right. So, they came and told Me that, “The sari’s missing. So, now what to do?” You can’t have puja without the sari, according to them. [Laughter]

So, […]

Seminar, Mahamaya Shakti, Morning University of Birmingham, Birmingham (England)

Mahamaya Shakti. Seminar in Birmingham (UK), 20 April 1985.

I knew English were the most intelligent people, but I must say they have also very sharp and pure intelligence to get to the right point.It is said that at Sahasrara the Goddess incarnates as Mahamaya. Because the job She has to do is of a very different nature. At the heart chakra, Anahata, She has to just defend, just defend the seekers from the clutches of the evil forces which are also not so subtle. […]

The mystery of seeking the Spirit Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

Public Program. Birmingham (UK), 19 April 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I’ve been many a times in Birmingham before and today I find there are so many people whom I know very well, and gradually we are all increasing in size, understanding our Spirit.

Now, the seeking of the Spirit is not a new thing. It’s a very ancient pursuit of human beings. They have been seeking the Spirit and many a times many prophets, […]

God Can Be Proved Scientifically Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

Public Program. Birmingham (England), 3 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. When Bala says that I can give you realization in a split of a second I have to tell you that it is you who get it. You are built in that way like a seed; when you put it in the Mother Earth it sprouts. Whom will you give the credit – the seed or the Mother Earth? Without the Mother Earth the seed cannot sprout and it does not mean that if you put a stone in the Mother Earth it will sprout. […]

Confusion: the Subtle Slavery Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

Public Program, “Confusion: the Subtle Slavery”. Birmingham (UK), 9 July 1982.

One has to realize that modern times are the times of confusion. You don’t know what you want. You don’t know what you want to ask. You don’t know whatever you are doing is right or wrong. Confusion is necessary. Without confusion, we are not desperate. Without desperation we do not seek. But confusion is only visible when a person reaches a certain area of awareness, […]

Shri Krishna Puja: There is a war going on Tamworth, Birmingham (England)

Shri Krishna’s Birthday Puja, Bala’s home, Tamworth, Birmingham (UK), 15 August 1981
… they dictate the information about their attack, how they’re attacking about. Now, we have to know that there is a war on between the satanic forces and the Divine forces. Now you are the people who have chosen to be Divine.
But, even if you have chosen that and God has accepted you, and has given you your own powers, still you must know that you are still vulnerable, […]

The Scientific Viewpoint Birmingham (England)

Public Program. Birmingham (UK), 14 August 1981.

Bala is a scientist and like him there are people who are charmed by science. The whole modern world seems to be very much influenced by science. But a scientific attitude has to be a very, very open minded attitude as he has told you.

We have to reach certain conclusions first of all within ourselves. Secondly you have to understand that if there is a hypothesis put before you it has to be first seen, […]

What are we inside? Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham (England)

What are we inside? Public Programme, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX (England), 9 August 1980.
I’m really sorry for being late but your Grand Hotel here only delayed me. We had ordered for a tea for forty-five minutes and they couldn’t prepare tea for us! Now what’s happening to us here? We have to understand that people are not normal in these modern times. There’s something going wrong with them somewhere. And maybe something serious is happening within us, […]

The Force within Birmingham (England)

Public Program, “Sahaja Yoga – The Force Within”. Birmingham (UK), 12 April 1980.

[Introduction by Mr. Bala Kanayson]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m glad you could all come down this evening, we are all very glad, all of us in Birmingham and the other Sahaja Yogis who have come tonight, that Shri Mataji has graced us with Her presence and as you have probably noticed we have also had very good weather today and the sun has shone and kept it quite warm.Now Shri Mataji has perfected a technique known as “Sahaja Yoga” whereby one attains one’s Self-realisation. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

Conversation in Dr. Johnson’s House, Birmingham, UK, 17June 1979
This talk is the same as  the previous one:

Now, I think this is such a big subject that I don’t know how will I be able to give the complete idea about it. But so far, I think I have explained to you that you have a purpose in life, and there are milestones of your evolution placed within you as centres, subtle centres, which you can see with your eyes pulsating and can feel through the stethoscope. […]

This is not the work of mediocres Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

“This is not the work of mediocres”, Public programme, Dr. Johnson house, Birmingham (UK), 16 June 1979.
I am really sorry we got here, reached here, on a train that was late. Things have to be done according to the timings of the Divine, you cannot plan out your own things. And that’s how sometimes one has to be later and sometimes one has to be earlier.
But one thing is definite: the time has come for the final happening of your being. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Bala's house, Birmingham (England)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Bala’s, Birmingham (UK), 16 June 1979.

Shri Mataji: Are you better now?

So all the centres which are in you or in anyone, are reflections of the centres of the Primordial being. Alright?

Supposing that Primordial Being takes a Human form, ?? That the completion of that was done when Krishna came ?? Sampurna?. But still for human beings it was necessary to be resurrected so his son was Christ, his own son, […]

Conceive something beyond Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

Public program in Dr.Johnson’s House, Birmingham (England). 31 May 1979.

[Introduction by a yogi]: [unclear]spiritual personality and who has reincarnated on Earth and She has given many of us here realization of our true natures and I hope you’ll all sit here with an open mind tonight and try and receive what She has to give you. And all I can ask is you just hold out your hands towards Her, relax and listen to what Mataji has to say. […]