Shri Ganesha Puja: The Importance of Chastity Brighton Friends Meeting House, Brighton (England)

Shri Ganesha Puja: The Importance of Chastity 04-08-1985Brighton Friends Meeting House, Brighton (England)

Today we have gathered here on the right occasion and very auspicious day to worship Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is the first Deity that was created so that the whole Universe is filled with auspiciousness, with peace, bliss, and spirituality. He is the source. He’s the source of spirituality. As a result of that all other things follow. Like when it rains and is windy you feel a coolness in the atmosphere. […]

Radio Interview Brighton (England)

Radio Interview. Brighton (UK), 26 July 1984.

Interviewer: This time show. Now nowadays there are many people who reach a state of depression, unsure which way they should turn, often taking drugs to compensate, looking to religious or alternative lifestyles to shed a new light on their lives when now apparently a silent revolution has been growing, led by a spiritual leader, Shri Mataji. I am pleased to welcome Her to the studio now. Hello, Shri Mataji. […]

Talk to doctors: the fourth dimension and the parasympathetic Brighton (England)

Conversation: Shri Mataji talks to doctors. Brighton (UK), 26 July 1984.

Shri Mataji: The fourth dimension that they mentioned about, what do they mean by that? That is the thing.

Warren: They call that transcendental state.

Shri Mataji: But what?

Warren: They can’t describe it.

(Here Mother says again “What?” while Warren is saying the word “describe”)

Shri Mataji: They can’t describe it, you see. Supposing somebody has a low heartbeat, low pulse rate or has a low consumption of oxygen or anything. […]

You have to take to it little seriously, Workshop Brighton (England)

1984-07-24 You have to take to it little seriously, Brighton, England, DP-RAW

I don’t know how she {unclear}, I said alright, we just pray and give her a bandhan. Now the prayers work. Because when they go home, they find the mother is in a different mood, father in a different mood in a very loving manner. You can change people and we are surprised (of) how they start liking you, they are quite amazed. You are so much {unclear: eased} You give-up your habits completely because your own master. […]

Talk to New People after Meeting Brighton (England)

1983-0527: Talk to New People after Meeting, Brighton, England

[This section comes from the audio sent by Derek from UK.]Shri Mataji: Hello! Freedom of the world, isn’t? I told you it is more like it. A lot of people did not come today.Sahaja Yogi: … and she is from Rottingdean along the coast [a little way]Shri Mataji: Is it? How far?Sahaja Yogi: A couple of miles,Shri Mataji: That’s all?Sahaja Yogi: That’s allShri Mataji: Did you feel anything yesterday?Lady: Not very much.Shri Mataji: Not very much, […]

We can get Self-realization so easily Brighton (England)

Public Program

I went to your radio broadcasting and people told Me that, “It is very difficult to believe, that we can get Self-realization so easily.”

Also that, “The whole thing sounds so fantastic, so great and how can we human-beings get our realization so fast.” We must know that we have not created ourselves and we cannot create ourselves either; We can destroy but we have not created ourselves. Some energy, some force – call it God, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Call it the Life Eternal Brighton Ashram, Brighton (England)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, “You need to have big ideas”, ashram in Brighton, UK, 1980 (lunch time)

Shri Mataji: But they don’t know cooking they said.Sahaja Yogi: They know a little bit. Ricardo knows a little bit of it.Shri Mataji: Does he know you are his side?Sahaja Yogi: Yes, yes, he knows.Shri Mataji: Then that really is very, very, they are very much playing there.[About the baby] Now, she’s singing. We should not show that we are paying attention to her, […]

Radio Interview Brighton (England)

Radio Interview, Brighton (England), Friday, May 27th, 1983

Weeks ago on Gioanna’s program and Gionna was actually here, Jillian Copeland came in to discuss a new, well new to us, anyway, yoga, called “Sahaja” I think that is the correct pronunciation. Well at that time Jillian wanted to know if it is possible for her to bring Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi back, I think I‘ve pronounced all that correctly. And we suggest we would be delighted, […]

Evening Talk Brighton Ashram, Brighton (England)

Evening Talk
For the flowers? This is mummy has done for you? It’s very sweet one. This one is? Wood. No, no, no, it started now. You see a little bit of… Just the thing that we feed. See these flowers. Are they nice? The flowers… Are they nice flowers? Such a smiling baby. Such a sweet baby. Such a nice baby. You must smile. You must smile. Are they still like a nervous person? And… […]

Shri Buddha Puja: Birthday Puja of Lord Buddha Brighton (England)

Shri Buddha Puja, 37 Stanmer Park Road, Brighton (UK), 26th of May, 1983.

This time when – there was no rain, so we went to the sea in Melbourne. I told that would be great if we go to Melbourne, and we went to the sea and I made a Ganesha and they made a Shiva there and they worshipped Me.

Sahaja Yogi: Do we have some towel for Mother? For Mother’s hands.

So, and they made a Kundalini also there. […]

Lord Buddha Brighton (England)

1983-0526 Public Programme, Brighton, UK

Today it’s such a pleasure to be here again, in Brighton; and, slowly and steadily, I find Sahaja Yoga is settling down in this place. When I first came to Brighton just to visit, I felt there must be many seekers in this place, who might have been lost and always had a great hope that one day they will be able to come to reality. Today specially is a very great day because today is the birthday of Lord Buddha. […]

Havan after Shri Lalita Puja Gillian's House, Brighton (England)

1982, May 15th – Havan after Shri Lalita Puja

exchange between Shri Mataji and yogis]

this should go to the…

you very much. [UNCLEAR]. I can use for all the … Keep it. This one
you should give to Bai. [UNCLEAR], I never vibrated it. That is from
where? Alfa Libra, the name of this. Alfa Libra, Bombay. Can you

it to Bai.

Mataji comments on giving and taking prasad] Take it with the right
hand, […]

Shri Lalita Puja: Understand your own importance Gillian's House, Brighton (England)

Shri Lalita Puja. Hove, Brighton (UK), 15 May 1982.

I am really a proud Mother to see so many sahaja yogis. And one must understand that even if you get few people as newcomers, they may be few, but one has to realize that each one of you is now a realized soul. Each one of you have grown so much that you can create a nucleus yourself. And after growing in a collective way together, […]

The Creative Power, Central Channel Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

Public Program day 3. Brighton (UK), 15 May 1982.

I am sure Phil must have explained to you the mechanism of our evolution. As you see before youself that therea re different centres at the different level of the body and all these centres denote or different stages of our evolution. These centres cannot be seen. There are subtle centres placed in the medulla oblongata, means in the spinal cord, and also in the brain.As I told you yesterday that God has created us that purpose and the whole thing has been done very beautifully, […]

Advice on Right Side Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

Public Program Day 2. Brighton (UK), 14 May 1982.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I would suggest that first let them ask questions today. So I keep myself there…If you have any questions, it’s better to ask me first. So that your mind is at rest. I’m glad to stand…better to see people better. Am I better here or on the ground?

Now, first of all it’s better to ask the questions because yesterday when we started this question session people got little deviated. […]

The Left Side Problems of Subconscious Christchurch House, Brighton (England)

Public Program Day 1, “The Left Side: Problems of Subconscious”. Hove, near Brighton, UK, 13 May 1982.

[First three minutes are without sound]But as I told you there could be good conditionings. In the way, in the same way, you can have good habits and bad habits. If habits inhibit or obstruct your ascent, they also can help to stabilize you. The conditioning comes to you from the matter with which we are dealing every day. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Brighton (England)

Talk to sahaja yogis. Brighton (UK), 12 May 1982.

And first you have this background, that they are seekers, they are misled, they are your brothers and sisters, and they are been really taken into the clutches of negativity. You have to move very, very carefully about it, very carefully. First of all they must feel your love and concern. That is very important. So instead losing temper with them or getting angry with them you should really have compassion, […]

Shri Krishna Puja: Increasing Collectivity Gillian's House, Brighton (England)

Shri Krishna Puja. Increasing Collectivity,  Gillian’s House, 11 Vallance Road Hove (Brighton),  UK, 12 July 1981.
For attention, two centers, which is very important for Sahaja yogis and also as the situation is, one is of left Vishuddhi and one of heart itself. Just now when I was coming, I knew there were lots of left Vishuddhis everywhere and in the car also I felt the same thing. I did not know what to do. Because there were people who were thinking, […]

The Four Dimensions Within Brighton (England)

Public Program. Brighton (UK), 11 July 1981.

Yesterday I told you about the organized way we are inside ourselves. How God has it organized within us our system by which we get our realization spontaneously, automatically. Today I’m going to describe the mechanism that lies within us. As I told you before, you should not have blind faith about it, but you should not also be people with closed minds. That’s not being scientific. If you’re scientific people, […]

Radio Interview Brighton (England)

Radio Interview, Brighton (UK), 10 July 1981.
Broadcaster: Now, a little while ago with John Gribbin, we were being conducted on a whistle-stop tour of the external universe, but now we hope to probe a little deeper.  A spiritual leader, who believes that every country in the world is linked to a particular part of the body, but who scorns religious gurus, who preaches that the essence of life lies within the [??SOUNDS LIKE evidual/Ovidual. Does he mean ‘individual’?] awakening yet [not sure here if the ‘comma’ comes before the “yet” or after, […]

The System Within Brighton (England)

The System Within, Public Programmme, Brighton UK, 1981-0710
I must thank Kingsley [Flint] for giving such a nice introduction.
When I went to Australia, people asked me, are your disciples all scholars?
I said, they come from all walks of life, there are very few who could really be called scholars but I think after getting realisation, you being the complete knowledge, new venues open within you. You start knowing so many things, like when you enter in this room and it is absolutely dark, […]

The Force That Lies Within Brighton (England)

“The Force That Lies Within,” Public Program, Brighton, UK
Only you can feel your Spirit.This energy has been placed in the triangular bone at the base of the spinal cord, has been there for ages, for many lives, has been following us.
She is our Mother and She’s born with us every life, every time, waiting for an opportunity where somebody who is authorised to awaken Her. She takes birth with us again and again on this Earth. […]

The Meaning of Puja Pamela Bromley's house, Brighton (England)

“The Meaning of Puja”. Brighton (England), 19 July 1980.

Now for puja, one has to understand that without Realisation, puja has no meaning, because you are not ananya. Is, you have to become aware of your whole.
Krishna’s description of Bhakti is ananya. He says, “I will give you ananya bhakti”, He wants ananya bhakti, means when there is not the other, means when we are realised.
Otherwise He says “Pushpam, phalam toyum” (Bhagavad Gita verse 26)  “A flower, […]

The Light of Truth Brighton (England)

The Light of Truth, Public Program. Brighton (UK), 18 July 1980.

Last time when I spoke to you I told you about the power that resides within us in the triangular bone called the sacrum which is called as Kundalini and which is responsible for giving us our second birth. In modern times the search for truth is so wide spread that it had to happen. It was all as if planned out that in modern times only the people who are seeking, […]

What is Seeking? Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

What is Seeking? Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (UK), 31 March 1980.

I told you yesterday how you feel your seeking, why you feel your seeking, what is in us that works out this seeking. And this yoga is spontaneous. There is no other way you can get your Realisation. Because if you have to germinate a seed it has to have germination! In the same way, if you are to be germinated into your new awareness, it has to be through your awakening of Kundalini, […]

Seeking the Spirit Brighton (England)

Public Program. Brighton (UK), 30 March 1980.
…again to Brighton. I always had a feeling there are lots of great souls in this place who are sincerely seeking. And long time back I had wished that sometime I may be able to come to this place to meet them, and I’m so happy to be here.
We have heard and learnt and read that we are not this body, that we are not this mind, we are not this ego or superego but transcending all this is the Spirit, […]

The Significance of Brighton Brighton (England)

Public Program, “The Significance of Brighton”. Brighton (UK), 15 November 1979.

The name itself is so beautiful – Brighton. It has to brighten the whole country. I have been here twice before also, and I always felt that if a chance is given to Me in this place, we can really start Sahaja Yoga in a big way and can one day this become a pilgrimage. There are mixed vibrations in Brighton. You have the sea. […]