Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Call it the Life Eternal Brighton Ashram, Brighton (England)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, “You need to have big ideas”, ashram in Brighton, UK, 1980 (lunch time)

Shri Mataji: But they don’t know cooking they said.Sahaja Yogi: They know a little bit. Ricardo knows a little bit of it.Shri Mataji: Does he know you are his side?Sahaja Yogi: Yes, yes, he knows.Shri Mataji: Then that really is very, very, they are very much playing there.[About the baby] Now, she’s singing. We should not show that we are paying attention to her, […]

Evening Talk Brighton Ashram, Brighton (England)

Evening Talk
For the flowers? This is mummy has done for you? It’s very sweet one. This one is? Wood. No, no, no, it started now. You see a little bit of… Just the thing that we feed. See these flowers. Are they nice? The flowers… Are they nice flowers? Such a smiling baby. Such a sweet baby. Such a nice baby. You must smile. You must smile. Are they still like a nervous person? And… […]