Kundalini: The power of our true desire Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel, Bristol (England)

Public Program Bristol August 6th 1984

Seekers of truth, in these modern times we see so many people who are trying to seek something beyond. It was all expected that they would be seeking God, that they would be seeking unknown, that they would be seeking something they have not felt so much, because at human awareness we are very much confused, we do not know what is the truth, we live in a relative world and we have no absolute answers to anything. […]

Why we were made human beings? The Friends Meeting House in Bristol, Bristol (England)

1982-10-20 Bristol Public Program Part 1, The Friends Meeting House in Bristol, Bristol (UK), 20 October 1982

Why not come in front? It’s better.

Today again, I’m back. Here in Bristol, we had other programs also before. I feel people are not yet aware as to why they are on this earth and why there are so many problems with them, why this world is on the brink of destruction and what is their role as human beings to save it. […]

Many People are Seeking Bristol Folk House, Bristol (England)

Public Program. Bristol(UK), 9 July 1980.

Yesterday in Oxford I talked about the new way of seeking among human beings. There was seeking in ancient times also but not to this extent. Thousands and thousands of people all over the world are seeking. They are not satisfied with what they are. They have a feeling that there is something beyond they have to seek. There is some greater meaning to their being. They are not here only to earn, […]