Look East BBC TV Interview Cambridge (England)

TV Interview, Cambridge (UK) 13 August 1984.

Interviewer: She is here over the last few years who according to their followers have the one true message. Well, the latest to visit the Eastern counties, 62-year-old Indian woman Shri Mataji who lays claim to the title of India’s greatest saint but her brand of yoga doesn’t only lead to a serenity that can transform people’s lives. It even produces a cool soothing wind out of thin air. […]

The awareness of the Kingdom of God Cambridge (England)

The awareness of the Kingdom of God, Public Program. Cambridge (England), 13 August 1984.

Will You sit down Mother or stand up?

– Have you finished or not?– Yes, Mother.– Please continue.– No, no they’re very anxiously waiting for You, Mother.– Oh, I see. They all see and I’ll get up and talk. I’ll stand up. Please be seated. 

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We came on this earth without knowing why are we here and when we grew up, […]

It is you who has to enjoy it Cambridge (England)

“It is you who has to enjoy it”, Public Programme, Cambridge (GB), 9 October 1982

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.When we say we are seeking, we must know that we are a special category of people.People were seeking before also. They were seeking power, money, possessions, affluence, every sort of thing.Still they are not satisfied, those who have got it. And so those who are seeking the truth are the highest, highest of all in the evolution.They are the ones who are going to jump into that higher state which is called as Self-realization.If you are not seeking, […]

Meeting with French Yogis Cambridge (England)

Conversation, songs, with Shri Mataji, Cambridge, England, 24/03/1982


Shri Mataji: May God bless you.


So, you hurried
up too much. Will you have something to eat or not?

Sahaja Yogi: No,

Shri Mataji: You
had your breakfast?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes,

Shri Mataji:

So, I wanted to
talk to you about France, the programs.

Oh God! What is it here? It’s a tree! It’s a tree, is it?

Sahaja Yogi: A
very small tree. […]

Guru Puja: Detachment And Sharing Cambridge (England)

Puja. Cambridge (UK), 5 July 1981.

Many now, many of us are there and we are increasing in number. And we are going to increase more and more, no doubt about it. You have to realize that you have become something. Not that an organization is developing but every person inside this has got something, something very great that has a transformation power. And hence it is necessary for us to know that we have entered into the kingdom of God. […]

The Search for Truth Cambridge (England)

Public Program. Cambridge (UK), 3 July 1981.

All the seekers of truth, I am very much thankful to you for giving Me this opportunity to meet you all over here .You are here because you are seeking and the seeking is so innately expressing itself that you cannot get over this feeling of seeking even if you want to. But perhaps I do not know if you know what you are seeking; why you are not happy; […]

The Wonderful Message Cambridge (England)

Public program. Cambridge (England) 15 July 1980.

Don has already spoken so authentically about Self-realization, that some of you must be wondering what sort of a gimmick we are up to. But one has to understand that only a person who is there can talk that authentically, or a person who is a complete hoax. It has to be two extremes. A person, who says maybe, may not be, perhaps, it is so or somebody who sings about his separation and his pains are definitely not there, […]