The Knowledge of the Roots St David's Hall, Cardiff (England)

Public Program, “The Knowledge of the Roots”. Cardiff (UK), 8 August 1984.

St David’s Hall, Cardiff (England)

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It gives Me immense pleasure to come to Cardiff again for this programme of Sahaja Yoga. They must have explained to you what is Sahaja Yoga. That is, ‘Saha’ is ‘with’ and ‘Ja’ is ‘born’. It is born with you, and all of us have a birthright to get this spontaneous yoga, […]

Why Are We Here Cardiff (England)

“Why Are We Here?”, Public programme. Cardiff, Wales (UK). 20 July 1979.

… a lady from this place and she told Me that: if there were some film stars coming or some film was to be shown then there would be many more people, the whole place would be packed out, but people have no time for God.It never amazes Me, it’s very true. We have taken everything for granted but we cannot take it for a longer period. […]