Visit to source of River Thames Seven Springs, Cheltenham (England)

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi visits the source of the River Thames, near Cheltenham (England), 31 July 1982.
location: Seven Springs, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 9NG and then onto Pittville pump rooms, East Approach Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 3JE
[Note: The video begins with Shri Mataji leaving the Sahaja Yoga seminar, and travelling to the source of the Thames (approx 0.15-0.33). Shri Mataji then travels to Cheltenham to visit the Spa.]
This video is not like the usual talk that we see at programmes and pujas, […]

Public Program Friends Meeting House (1903) (Demolished), Cheltenham (England)

Public Program, Friends Meeting House, Cheltenham UK, 1 August 1982.
Brian, you better be sitted. Let Brian be sitted first. So you are all right, Warren? Get up. Let him sit. He cannot see. Now, it’s all right. I know Chris has already informed you about the advent of Sahaja Yoga. As you know modern times, are great times, for spirituality. Never before, in the history, of this universe, there were so many seekers. Even if you go back, […]

Havan after Adi Shakti Puja Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)

Havan after Adi Shakti Puja 1982-08-01

Shri Mataji: Now, let’s understand the significance, all right? Now, he said a word ‘Swaha’. ‘Swaha’ is the capacity of the Nabhi Chakra. That is – it burns everything. The capacity! You can say ‘the essence’. It burns up everything. Whatever you put of the fire, it burns up. That’s one. Second it purifies. Say, if you have got mixed up gold and you put it in the fire, it glances. […]

Adi Shakti Puja Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)

Adi Shakti Puja. Cowley Manor Seminar. Cheltenham (UK), 1 August 1982.
[Informally, before the puja speech to some persons]
Shri Mataji: Just help him, one person can’t do it, somebody else. Marcus, Nick, anyone, just help him out, it’s too much for one person, just help him, please.
What’s there?
Alan, go and tell Bai to bring My handkerchief from My… I’ve got My pur- No, no, it’s all right, it’s here, with My purse, have you brought it? […]

Seminar, Dedication Through Meditation, Evening Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)

Complete Dedication The Only Way/ Dedication through meditation. Cowley Manor Seminar, Cheltenham (England), 31 July 1982.

Today, for the first time, I’m venturing to say something which I should have said much earlier.

As today I told you that it is necessary that you have to recognize Me. And that recognition is fixed, that condition is fixed. I cannot change it. As Christ has already said, that “Anything against Me will be tolerated, will be forgiven, […]

Seminar, Dedication Through Meditation, Morning Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)

Seminar, Dedication Through Meditation, Morning

(Transcript starts from 23:45)

Question: What to say to somebody who comes up and says very concernedly: ‘what is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and these…?’

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Man: What’s the difference between what You are doing and what these cults or these other gurus are doing? The all seem saying the same thing…?

Shri Mataji: ‚They are using the same language… Ah, you see, because in 1970 I was in America, […]