Radio Derby Interview BBC Radio Derby, Derby (England)

Radio Interview

Interview: You feel it on your hands. You feel it emitting from the top of the head. You feel it flowing over the body but that’s not the only thing. This is an outer experience because your central nervous system becomes enlightened by these vibrations but inwardly you start to feel a very joyful person. You start to feel the silence. You know that what is happening inside you is transforming all the things that were negative or undesirable within yourself into something positive and what’s more, […]

The Work of the Divine Guildhall Theatre, Derby (England)

Public Program. Guild Hall, Derby (UK), 1 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It’s a great pleasure to come to Derby, and I must extend My apologies for getting late as the train was late from London. We are here today to know about the truth, about what we are, about what we are going to be. All these questions relate to the unknown knowledge of our roots. Whatever we know from science or from any other mental projection is the knowledge of the tree. […]

Havan and Ajwan after the Bhoomi Puja Derby (England)

Talk before Havan after the Bhoomi Puja
[PROBABLY A PART IS MISSING] Sahaja Yoga is such a light that you start seeing things so clearly. You understand who is the person, who is the positive, who is the person who is negative. The other day as we were discussing the writers we could feel those people who were positive, who were realized souls and those who were now not and how some of the people were affected. […]

Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja Derby (England)

Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja. Derby (UK), 12 July 1982.

The Puja is celebrated outside, on a very windy and cool day. When Shri Mataji arrives, She looks upward towards the sky. Then Shri Mataji sits down on Her chair and takes a small girl in Her arms. She will keep her on Her lap during the whole talk.

Today I was telling Rustom that we should do of course the Puja of the Bhumi, because She’s angry actually, […]

From Heart to Sahasrara Guildhall Theatre, Derby (England)

“Heart, Vishuddhi, Agnya, Sahasrara – Becoming the Knowledge”, Public Programme, Derby (UK), 11 July 1982.

I’m happy that Dr. Warren could explain to you those chakras about which I told you yesterday, because in one short lecture you can’t cover all these points. And if you get your Realization and you progress well, then you can listen to My tapes which are in hundreds, and you can understand the knowledge is vast like ocean. As I yesterday told you that when you get enlightenment, […]

Talk to Doctors, Hormones Derby (England)

Talk to Doctors, “Hormones”. Derby (England), 10 July 1982.
Sahaja Yogi: Mullerian duct is something new about these two main lines that are in the [embryo].
Another Sahaja Yogi: Yes, it is the, reproducts it and the…
Sahaja Yogi: They reproduct in the kidney, they reproduct and [unclear] I would [unclear]. I have no idea. You see [unclear] in the embryo Shri Mataji, the first thing they develop, it’s very interesting, is the, the brain. Not the brain but the neuron placement. […]

From Mooladhara to Void Guildhall Theatre, Derby (England)

Public Program, “Mooladhara, Swadishthan, Nabhi, Void”. Derby (UK), 10 July 1982.

I thank all the Sahaja Yogis from Derbyshire and Birmingham for giving Me this opportunity to talk to the seekers of this place. We have seekers in the modern times, is something very unique. We never had seekers before, at least not so many.

There used to be people who would seek money, as there are many who are seeking these days, who would seek countries after countries, […]

Shopping Derby (England)

Shopping with Shri Mataji in Derby

Elisabeth says about it: “The shopping is in what was then “Debenhams” in the middle of Derby. The baby is mine… so I remember it well. Bala was there, also Douglas and Deviani. Barrie Brewster, Gavin, David and Hester Spiro… Rustum is in the Kitchen. The child is Gavin’s daughter Olympia. Warren is also there near the car.” […]