Easter Puja, You Have To Grow Vertically Eastbourne (England)

“You have to grow vertically,” Easter Puja, Eastbourne (UK), 22 April 1990.

Today we are here to worship the resurrection of Christ; and also to thank Him for giving us an ideal life of a saint who has to work for the benevolence of the whole world.

We talk of Christ, we sing of Shri Ganesha, we say we believe in Him, specially Sahaj Yogis feel He is the eldest brother that they have. And a tremendous surrender I find, […]

Talk, Eve Of Easter Puja Eastbourne (England)

Evening before Easter Puja. Eastbourne (UK), 21 April 1990.
…in a very big way, maybe it will be difficult for us to really balance it out, but when we move horizontally we must also know that we have to move vertically. Otherwise what will happen, that we’ll lose in quality. Quantity may be quite a lot, but we’ll lack in quality. And if the quality goes down then you will see many will fritter away. So we have to look after our vertical ascent, […]