Shri Krishna Puja: Awakening of Shri Krishna Within Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

Shri Krishna Puja. (UK), 19 August 1990.

We have arranged this Puja specially in England so that many more can come and work out the awakening of Shri Krishna.

Gita was written long time back, and it has been translated into so many languages, and lots of commentaries and criticism has been there. So this bookish knowledge of Gita has ruined many people, and even today you find there are many people who are selling the books of Gita all over and making it into a bookish knowledge. […]

Sir CP Presentation and Shri Mataji short talk Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

Sir CP Presentation and Shri Mataji short talk
Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich,England,1990
[Starts at 12:12]
Shri Mataji: I must say mister Srivastava’s speech was so embarrassing that I got frozen into the chair.
[Big laughter]
I don’t know what is the program now is, but I would like to know how many are going back this evening to the airport?
Hardly very few. Of course, you see, what I was thinking that you all could have your lunch and then we could come for the puja. […]

Shri Krishna Havan Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

Shri Krishna Havan, 1990-08-18

So we have today a special day for America and Canada this Havan I was thinking we should specially dedicate to the awakening of American and Canadian people. On one side all modernism has given us so many things for Sahaja yoga for example, this loudspeaker, this one, then we have little planes that I can travel, at the time of Christ nobody could think of that. Then we have television and one can give Realization on television. […]

Speeches in Honor of Sir C. P. Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

1990-08-18 Speeches in Honor of Sir C.P.

Transcript of Speeches in Honor of Sir C.P. 1990-08-18Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England) Shri Mataji: I said, “How?” They said, “See now, it’s a natural thing. Handmade”. 

[Sahaja Yogis laughing].

“And the grass? Is God made or man-made?” 

He said, “See we put the grass and do some [UNCLEAR]”. 


I mean, I thought some birds would come and pick it up and make it into a nest for themselves. […]

Pre-Shri Krishna Puja Talk and 2nd Evening Talk Hallowtree Scout Campsite, Ipswich (England)

Evening before Shri Krishna Puja. Ipswich (UK), 17 August 1990.
On the day of Sri Krishna Puja, I’m going to tell you about Sri Krishna. But before that, we should know how the whole thing evolved from Sri Vishnu’s evolutionary process. So, as you know there were ten Avataras, ten incarnations of Sri Vishnu. Now Vishnu is the one which grows to be the Virat, to be the macrocosm as they call it, and this Vishnu principle is very well established within us. […]