Intro to Sahaja Yoga Leeds (England)

Public Program “Intro to Sahaja Yoga”. Leeds (UK), 22 July 1979.

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the problem of Sahaj (unclear) is that perhaps one has to reach a
minimum (unclear) searching for God. (unclear)

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solved. Basic problems are solved ( unclear)

enhance your attention by going to the subtler side.

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Talk, Questions and Answers Jim Proctor's house, Leeds (England)

Talk, Questions and Answers, Leeds, UK – 18th of June 1979
Shri Mataji: […] Most of them. He has done three for you, I don’t know how we could do it.
YOGINI: [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: Now we can do it perhaps just …]
ANOTHER YOGINI: [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: It’s also near, this fellow said, that we can’t do so …]
Shri Mataji: Now what have you done, My child? Why do all lament about you? What have you gained? […]