You must grow fast Bramham Gardens, London (England)

“You must grow fast”, Brahmam Gardens Hotel, Brahmam Gardens, London (England), 3 November 1981.

I said certain things that day, [about] how to meditate. That is important: how to meditate. And that day I… did you hear my tape about it? How to meditate?

Marie: I have not translated it to them yet because the tape was running, but I have the tape.

Shri Mataji: All right. Is it hard to translate?Marie, [French translator]: No, it’s not, […]

Practical session, Guided meditation on Prana and Mana Bramham Gardens, London (England)

Practical session with Sahaja yogis, Bramham Court Ashram, Brahmam Gardens, London, UK, 29th October 1981.
Shri Mataji: All right? Good, good. How are you? How is the Baby?
YOGINI: It feels good.
SHRTI MATAJI: [Shri Mataji laughs] Hmm. Yeah. How to keep the [INDIST.]. Hallo! We give a Bandhan. Really I have forgotten. What was that about? Hmm? [to the Baby:] No, no, no, nolu, nolu, hoho. Hoho, oh ho. [all laugh] Oh. Oh. Oh. Haha. […]

Diwali Puja Talk: Lakshmi Principle Bramham Gardens, London (England)

Diwali Talk, Lakshmi Principle

(Shri Mataji holds a baby in Her lap) You are very happy (Mother laughs) What’s that? What is happening to you? You are very happy. All the joy. Really. All are catching here, all they (baby is sucking left Vishuddhi finger). Left Vishuddhi. Ah, all right, take him. Have they come?

(Asks about some people if they have come) and we have to wait for Gavin also. (…)

Come along. Hallo. How is Magda? […]

Advice on Ekadasha Rudra Bramham Gardens, London (England)

Advice on Ekadasha Rudra. London (UK), 4 September 1981.

[the first audio us part if the 50 min audio which is not fully transcribed. first 4-5 min is not transcribed. though this part is very unclear. and then next 25 min is transcribed but again after 29 min again it is not transcribed.]

Now if you have left Agnya, that means there’s possession on it. That means all of you have got something of that kind, […]