Talk to Sahaja Yogis: We are very close Chiswick - St Georges house, London (England)

Address to Sahaja Yogis, Chiswick, London (United Kingdom), 2006-0802 Shri Mataji: We have to realize that we are very close, all of us.Sir CP: They are.Shri Mataji: We are very close.If that was realized, then finished! Then you don’t have to bother about anything else. [Applause from Sir CP] That is you are real brothers and sisters, that’s a different point, but this is- it means in Sahaja Yoga you are. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to Sir CP]Sir CP: Hum? Nothing.Thanks to all. Thank you. (inaudible) workVery very clear.

There is Some Meaning Chiswick - St Georges house, London (England)

Public program in Chiswick, London (England), 23 August 1980. PUBLIC PROGRAM, THERE IS SOME MEANING, CHISWICK, LONDON (UK) 1980/08/23 First of all I must apologize for being late, has been kind of … and I was really enjoying their happiness. [UNCLEAR] has told you in short what happens after Self Realization, on which the Spirit grows an understanding. Because I think – the trapped people – people have been told on a gross state where their attention is. If you suddenly start talking about the spiritual life, the stars emitting, you can just get trapped and this is something that can go beyond that so much. Open your heart. But when I am talking to you, you have to know that whatever I am saying is not to be an [UNCLEAR accepted truth?]. It’s not to be. Nor is it necessary for you to be [UNCLEAR rigid?]. I am here to prove all that is said about God, about beauty, about Spirit – that’s your Atma – and also to quick fix yourself. This is my job. When Kabir was telling you about this I was looking at your faces and I was wondering, first is God and if such a fantastic [UNCLEAR] could be living in us and people might say that “how can it be?”. But let us think about the great Universal Being, how human beings are created, how we are seeking God. There must be something about it. And even if it starts [UNCLEAR to protest] Read More …