Workshop Euston, London (England)

Talk, Euston, London, England 23-11-1977

[1977-1123 Talk Part 1, Euston HD]

If you talk this to an Indian he will say to see they are aspiring to be like you

You are their model they want to be like you, you want to have less develop

Now everybody is making fun of even Gandhiji, you listen to that

Thank god saadak took his name otherwise they are saying that we must have a very developed country and we must do this and these are underdeveloped country and then.. […]

Workshop Euston, London (England)


[The workshop consists of four tape recordings. Sometimes there is a break between two sequential tapes, where perhaps the session is not recorded].

[Tape 1]

Shri Mataji: … see, but we take it for granted all right, our eyes – we don’t know how God has made it. And how marvellous it is.

In the same way, if this is a living process and is the most important thing, […]