First we must feel the reality Hammersmith Town Hall, London (England)

Public Program. Hammersmith Town Hall, London (UK), 14 September 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot mold it. Also we cannot know it at the stage when we are human beings, with human awareness we cannot know it. So we have to become a super human being, a higher personality. What is said that you have to be the Spirit, […]

Public Program on William Blake’s Birthday Hammersmith Town Hall, London (England)

Public Program: William Blake talk. Hammersmith Town Hall, London, 28 november 1985.

It is such a honor for all of us to pay this homage to the great poet, printer and a prophet that was William Blake.When I first came to England, they have been telling Me that England is a place of scholarship and you can see lots of museums and exhibitions and suddenly I told the Sahaja Yogis that I would like to go and see Tate Gallery for William Blake’s paintings. […]

Evening Program Hammersmith Town Hall, London (England)

1985-11-25 Musical Program, Violin Flute Tabla, London, UK

On behalf of all the Sahaja Yogis and all the guests present here I would like to thank the great artists from India Mr Dutta and Mr Kulkarni and Mr Kothari. All of them have been so much engrossed in creating a joyous atmosphere for you that I really got lost in today, the ecstasy of the beautiful melodies they play …I have no words really to express because after this nothing can be said any more …But just to be enjoyed as [unclear /name of someone ] has said that you have to go into a pensive mood to enjoy all these beautiful moments…that we have today witnessed …May God bless you all! […]