What Makes People Happy? Stratford, London (England)

What Makes People Happy?, Public Program. Stratford (UK), 13 November 1980.
I have already told you how it works out. Now what are you living for, you have to think about. Is it just for earning money, earning more, putting some money in the bank, or for insurance? Are you working for that? If money was everything, then you will have been the happiest people here because even if you are not working, you can get money in England, […]

Seeking That Which Lies Beyond Stratford, London (England)

Public Program. Stratford, East London, London (UK), 13 June 1980
They could not have been false. They could not have lied to us. For example
let us take the case of Socrates. Socrates has told us that we have to leave our body for the second life and that when we live on this world, when we live as human beings on this earth, we have to keep ourselves in such a way that we do not spoil our being. […]