We don’t have to suffer University of Northampton, Northampton (England)

Public Program. Northampton (UK), 8 October 1982.

Shri Mataji: It’s quite.
Sahaja Yogi: Still quite, some more people are coming. Few people are still coming.
So, with Mataji’s permission, I will just say a few more words while people are still coming into the hall so that when She speaks that can be full attention. Because this is a subject where we have to really give our attention fully and not be distracted by what’s going on in the next seat or behind us. […]

2nd TV Interview University of Northampton, Northampton (England)

TV Interview
October 7th, 1982
Northampton, UK

… Her name is Mataji Nirmala Devi. She trained as a doctor in India and She is now married to a senior diplomat at the United Nations. She lives in London, but this week She’s holding a series of public meetings to publicize Her teachings. She believes that we all have a form of spiritual energy called Kundalini at the base of our spines, which can be awakened and sent flowing through the body. […]

1st TV Interview University of Northampton, Northampton (England)

TV Interview
October 7th, 1982
Northampton, UK

… wife of a United Nations diplomat. She lives in London now but has thousands of followers around the world, who hail Her as India’s greatest living saint. She teaches a state of self-realization and happiness, and says that with a spiritual force She can cure the incurable. She’s speaking at public meetings in Bedford tonight and Northampton tomorrow, and today She gave Her first television interview in England. […]

Seeking the Force That Drives Us Maria’s House, Wellingborough, Northampton (England)

Public Program. Northampton (UK), 17 July 1980.

Our life’s journey is also like this. We don’t know how to find our way. We are traveling and we are seeking. The seeking is the force, which drives us sometimes crazy. We don’t know what to do. We have to seek something. We are not satisfied with what we have. So we go on seeking. [Now, And] what are we seeking? We have no idea as to what we have to seek, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Illusions & Collectivity Maria’s House, Wellingborough, Northampton (England)

Conversation with Yogis. Northampton (UK), 5 June 1979.

… any dimension it must be, just think of it. Now the permutations and combinations are, as I said, are thirty-four, thirty-five, crores [Hindi word meaning 10 million] of permutations and combinations. So, I told our great mathematician, Mr Djamel, to work it out. He said, “Impossible!” And he told Me some number; up to that we can. But this is too much. How can you work it out? […]