Havan after Guru Puja Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Havan after Guru Puja

Shri Mataji: First we are going to have the “namaaz”. We have to learn how to do “namaaz” today, because it’s a Guru’s Day. Now where is…? – Come along! All of you who are here should learn how to do “namaaz”. Now stand here. Facing Me. Come along!

Gregoire: I would like that everybody sit down, so that everybody can see.

Shri Mataji: No, you have to stand up, because you have to do accordingly. […]

Guru Puja: Awakening the Principle of Guru Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Guru Puja, “Awakening the Principle of Guru”. Lodge Hill (UK), 24 July 1983.

Today you all have gathered here to do the Guru Puja.

Your Guru is a Mother first and then a Guru and that has given Me a greater help.

We have had before also many Guru Pujas, mostly in England. And you should wonder why Mother always somehow is doing Guru Puja in London.

The time falls in such a way that it is in Guru Puja, […]

Dance Program Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough, (England), July 23rd, 1983

[Shri Mataji is inviting journalists to come closer to watch the show.]Shri Mataji: The journalist from Ruth and the journalist from Mulhouse.From Brighton also? Who else is there?There’s a sit there, come and sit. And she can move these flowers here, wait, just a second. Now you can come here, come sit down.[Name unclear] you can come sit on the ground?Pull, pull, pull it forward.Just [Unclear], yes, sit here. […]

Guru Purnima Seminar Part 2: Assume your position Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Ritambhara prAgnya – part II, Guru Purnima Seminar of Lodge Hill (UK), 23rd of July, 1983.

Sahaja Yogis sing (Marthi 4) Bhaiya kay. taya to Shri Mataji

Bhaya kāy. tayā prabhu jyāchā re           (x4)

When we belong to God, what is there to fear?

Sarv. visarali prabhu may. zhāli              (x2)

We forget everything in the Divinity

Purna jayāchi vāchā re                             (x2)

And we become completely lost in God

Bhaya kāy. tayā prabhu jyāchā re         […]

Guru Purnima Seminar Part 1: Rutumbhara Pradnya Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Rutumbhara Pradnya part I, Guru Puja seminar, Lodge Hill (UK), 23 July 1983.

It is my immense joy to see all of you here from various parts of this world. When your heart is so full the words are too poor to carry the intensity. I wish you could understand that intensity, through your heart.

It’s all been arranged, I think, by the Divine, that we should meet here all of us in such a wonderful surrounding, […]