England has to become Jerusalem Reading (England)

“England has to become Jerusalem” Public Programme, Reading (England), 22 June 1982.

It was very nice to come to Reading again, and to meet very nice people like your Mayor and another nice person who was interviewing me at the radio station.

I am discovering new talents in this place which is really historically very important.

But in the history of spirituality, England as a whole has to play a very, very important role, which perhaps English people don’t realise. […]

The Higher Life Reading (England)

“The Higher Life,” Public Programme, Reading, 1979
This is The Living Power that I am talking about. It has so many more facilities and also capacities to work out that no camera can replace. And there are so many eyes we have gained without any effort, without any money being paid for. Only we realise it when we have a problem with our eyes. In the same way if you have to achieve something higher, […]