The English Are Scholars, Seminar Totley Hall Training College, Sheffield (England)

“The English are scholars”, English Seminar, Sheffield (UK), 21 September 1985.

As I said yesterday, this is the field; field where the light has to come. With so many lights the field has to be enlightened. And this field which is enlightened is enriched by nature, too. And when you were singing I felt the clouds were catching the notes, weaving them within themselves and when it would rain, the rain will sing the song again; […]

Holy Ghost Memorial Hall Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield (England)

Public Program. Memorial Hall, Sheffield (UK), 20 September 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It was a thing of great joy to Me to come to Sheffield again. Always this name Sheffield created a kind of a mystery in My mind. The word Sheffield could be the ‘She Field’ and She is the Mother energy, the energy within you which creates this field within you and is in the Gita.
Shri Krishna has talked about the field that we all have a Pradesh – […]